Magic Night Organizer

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Key Features

  • Five removable trays
  • Nine adjustable card dividers
  • Ten adjustable token tray dividers
  • Supports sleeved cards and unsleeved cards

Product Description

Our Magic Night Organizer, compatible with Mage Knight, supports the base game and three expansions as well as sleeved or unsleeved cards.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 13.54" x 9.61" x 2.62"
  • 2 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Shades of Tezla
  • Krang Character
  • The Lost Legion

NOTE: Due to multiple printings some box editions are smaller than others.  The French version box is known to be larger than other versions.
 Please  verify that the organizer dimensions are smaller than the INSIDE of your box.

Not sure which box you have? Measure the interior of the bottom-half of the box and confirm that it can fit the following organizer dimensions:

13.6" L  x 9.7" W x 2.7" D (345mm L x 246mm W x 68mm D)

Game Compatibility

perfect for my needs


Sets up quick and fits every expansion available including the new Tezla one. No room for anything else but its a complete package up to now.

Easy Assembly & Loads of Space!


This is the thirds organizer I have purchased and built from the Broken Token. This one was really easy to assemble. Once completed it holds a lot of stuff! It makes my base game look rather scrawny. I am going to have to fill up the box now!

An excellent organizer for a great game.


I'm very pleased with the Magic Night organizer, which I use with my copy of Mage Knight. Setting up and playing the game is a lot more pleasant now!

A recommended buy, with some little problems


This was my first purchase from Broken Token.

I have all of the expansions for Mage Knight, including the newest (Tezla). If you are like me, then the Tezla expansion most likely made you throw up your hands in defeat and toss the original Mage Knight box inserts. My set was a mess... all of the enemy tokens were in one box, all of the crystals were in one bag, and cards were lumped together with elastics. I had characters in lunch bags.

This organizer changed all of that. Everything is organized in the box now, and I am very very happy with this product. Now, here are the negatives:

Weight: The box now weighs 2922 grams... yes, almost 3 kg (6.5 pounds)! Weight is to be expected with a wooden product, but don't store the game on anything breakable (It cannot sit on top of my Deadzone box, for example) or on flimsy shelves with 10 other games.

Dividers for monster chits: I found it great that I could set the size of my chit holder pockets-- but hold on! Once you put a divider in one column, you cannot put a divider in the next row at the same place, as the divider arms take up the whole groove rather than half. This just means that some chits have too much space and move around a bit more. Not a deal breaker, but some space is wasted due to this and it might end up being a problem in the future.

Extra dividers for Mage Knight product: To be on the safe side, I bought the extra dividers right away. I am VERY happy I did, as I used EVERY card divider I had available. If another character comes out, I will not have a place to put the cards. That being said, I am annoyed that I had to buy extra dividers in the first place. Maybe this is unreasonable, as the base set probably has enough dividers to cover the base set without any expansions. Regardless, the extra dividers came with only 4 card dividers and 9 chit dividers. After I was done building my set, I was wishing that I had one or two card dividers left over for expansion characters, while still having 6 chit dividers. My chit box has very little room left as it is, and with the chit divider problem mentioned above, that cramps how many dividers can be used in the first place. I wish they left off some chit dividers and made an extra card divider.

Out of space: this is completely beyond the Broken Token's ability to manage, but it should be said that there is no more space inside the box, with the organizer, for another expansion. I am out of card dividers, so no place for new character cards. The space not currently used by cards is taken by my crystals, still in a bag. The small container for the crystals has been utilized for something else (see below). We tend to have a small pile of crystals on the table and leave the rest in the box anyway, so I don't see this as being a problem. The containers for character chits are all taken up (yes, including the 8th, again, see below). The chubby hole for the land tiles is full as well. No place under the trays anymore either. Monster chit storage is pretty much maxed out as well. Stretching, with another card divider, I might be able to squeeze in another Krang sized expansion, but it would be a challenge. I think there is enough wiggle room for a card expansion, as long as no new types of cards are introduced.

Good: I got to recycle about 30 plastic bags and 40 elastics, and everything is pretty snugly fit and organized. Setting up play will be much faster, with unused items left in the box. Character markers went into the little 6 compartment container in the bottom of the box, so no more loose chits on the ground, just fish one out if you need it (the 7th character has his in the dice baggie which came with the game and is in the character box... there is a space for it in the 8th unused character box. The dice, the lost legion general's turn tab are in the same character box.

Overall evaluation: Totally worth the money, as long as you have the appropriate storage space.



Awesome product. Makes everything fit. I have the krang expansion, lost legion and the original Mage Knight game. Everything fits, and there is even more space for more expansions.

I do not have shades of tesla (read some bad reviews about this), but this should fit perfectly with this inset.

PS! Order extra insets, you will need them and you won't reget it.

Works with Star Trek: Frontiers


Great product -

Not difficult to build but takes some time so be patient. I bought the extra dividers as well which helps for the additional separation of card types. To get the ships in you can put 2 borg cubes together with two ships (stand the ships up and lay the borg cubes on their side - no issue with clearance.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback! Excellent information!

Not enough dividers


Excellent product, except for the fact that there are not enough dividers included to separate the different kinds of cards from the base game, which is very disappointing. :/

Since I live in Sweden, If I were to buy the extra dividers product now, it would cost me $4,99 + $10,20(cheapest shipping) + tax. And since I already coughed up more than $100 for two organizers I don't really feel it is worth it.

Except from that dissapointing fact, the product is fun and easy to assemble(need som glue) and well thought out.

Excellent product, very easy to assemble


I received it in less than a week (I live in France) and it took me 20 minutes to assemble it. I used glue and it holds perfectly.

Only (minor) complaint, and not BT's fault : the french version of the game must have a bigger box, and there are spaces remaining on either sides... Damn. Well, I won't complain : the trays are still great and I won't lose time sorting my cards and tokens ever again.

Great job.

Freaking Awesome!


Mage Knight is a new game to me, and the default organizer was a pain to use. This makes things so much easier.

Great Product


Works perfectly, fits everything well.

If you have the expansions, though, be sure to buy the extra dividers. You run out fast.

only complaint is mage knight sections


I was able to fit the cards nicely and I have lots of token space left over. This insert is replacing a Plano 3455 plus a bag for each knight. My only complaint is that the knight storage doesn't nicely fit the tokens plus skills plus level shields. In the pictures they are slopped in there but still fit in. This was not my experience. It's hard to fit all three kinds of token cleanly in that compartment. I ended up putting the shields in the token tray. So it's a minor downgrade from having all parts of a single knight together in one bag. Other than that, the other stuff fits great, the top has nice layout for the board, and I have lots of room for sleeved cards. Five stars if I could get back to handing a player a whole thing they could dump out instead of us each needing to dig tokens out of these compartments without disturbing the other knights.

Fits everything, sleeved, including Shades of Tezla


Just received this along with the new Mage Knight expansion. Everything from the base game, and now all 3 expansions, fits great in the main box using this divider. I love the way the tokens are all laid out.

Another reviewer mentioned issues with the trays that the Mage Knight's tokens/skills/etc go in, but I didn't have an issue getting them to fit.

As another review mentioned, I wish there were a few more dividers for the cards, but it isn't a huge deal.

A new era of peace and order


I had thought I knew what it was to organize a box. This organizer has shown me how wrong I was, how shamefully short my poor ambitions fell. I have been shown the light and my Mage Knight box no longer languishes in a miserable pit of time-sucking entropy and space-wasting ziplock bags. Thank you, Broken Token, for ushering me into a new era of peace, order, and enlightenment.

More seriously:

* 2 hours to build. Bring the wood glue, something thin to apply it with, and a knife. Most pieces on mine were a bit on the loose side, so I glued almost every tray together.

* I don't know how some of you are getting each knight's skill tokens, command tokens, *and* shields into one compartment of the D trays. I can't do it. The command tokens are in with the monsters, which (with all three expansions) makes for a completely full tray.

* The end result is beautiful and perfect ... and weighs like a box of rocks. Be careful picking it up!

Great insert.


I am really liking this. I have the base game plus lost legion and orang expansion. And I use dragon shield sleeves for my cards.

The assembly is a breeze and just required tape on the corners and some glue for the removable trays. Nothing crazy though.

If I were going to get the shades of tesla expansion I do not think the cards would fit in here if sleeved with dragonshield . As it stands now the cards are pretty tight and I even had to not use many dividers to get them to fit. There might be room for one more small expansion like krang since it had less than 30 cards.

Just be warned if you use dragonshield this is very tight but a solid insert. I will continue to buy from them if they make an insert for a game I own.



Awe man it's all so good and snug. base game plus the 2 expansions all fit nicely. It won't hold another big expansion, but definitely room for 2 more characters. As others have stated, a couple more big dividers is definitely need, but easy enough to get by. It doesn't add much weight and everything is packed nicely and is easily accessible. Beautiful product.

Wonderful quality product, very easy to assemble


The traditional insert for Mage Knight is extremely inefficient, especially the insert for the cards which forces the cards to essentially get damaged. Getting a custom insert for this game is a must. This is the first custom insert I purchased from the Broken Token and I was very pleased. The insert is incredibly easy to assemble. I spent roughly 10 minutes assembling it. I didn't use any glue as I didn't need any. The instructions recommended taping or gluing the corners but it is not necessary. The pieces fit together very tightly, and once you put all the components of the game in there is a ton of empty space left. I have one entire unused tray and if you don't sleeve any of the cards the 240 cards only take up about half of the card section of the insert. This is great as there will be plenty of room if you get an expansion. Also the tokens tray is only about 1/3 used up so plenty of room there as well. I sleeved the cards and they fill the card space up almost perfectly so that was nice. Also the raised portions on the top of the insert were a beautiful touch to ensure the manuals do not move around. It is possible to turn the box upside down but it isn't recommended. The shipping from the site was very quick. Even for the $5.99 shipping I received my insert in 2 days. The customer service is wonderful! They respond to emails quickly and they are always kind and are very informative. I will continue to buy all of my inserts from this company with pride.

Quality Product


I have had reservations about storing all of the components to the game and the expansions until i found this set of dividers. Everything from both the core game and the two expansions fits perfectly with even a little space in the various trays left over.

This is a definite buy if you own the game.

Tame the bear that is Mage Knight


I love Mage Knight. I also rarely get it to the table because of all the moving parts. I had been using a Plano box for tokens and such and some old tape cartridge cases to hold the different cards but it was still a hassle to set the game up. Not anymore.

As with all Broken Token kits (I currently have six), the design layout is great. A place for everything and everything in its place. I have the Lost Legend expansion and it looks like the other two would fit as well.

My only wish is that there were a few more dividers for the card rack as I would have liked to separate the various cards a little more thoroughly.

Another game organized and a smile on my face.

Excellent Product


This product was easy to assemble. Make sure to use a little glue on the token trays and follow the advise given by Broken Token and use some tape on the corners of the main box organizer pieces.

I've already played more games of Mage Knight since I got this than I have in the past few months. Setup and tear down are now much easier.

Everything from the base game and all of the expansions fits perfectly.

I would encourage the purchase of additional dividers so that you can sort all of your sleeved cards for each Mage knight.

Easy to Assemble


Setup was clear and simple (took ~20-30 minutes). No sanding. I would recommend using tape around the corner of all tray and both main inserts (as TBT recommends as well). Also, the 6 compartment tray that holds the mana tokens/crystals should have the sides glued to the base (as this was the only piece so far I have had "fall apart" when I went to remove it). The rest all seem to stay together great without glue.

What Mage Knight needed.


This is the insert I've been looking for. I really enjoy playing Mage Knight, but unbagging everything took forever. With this insert, it takes hardly any time before you're up and running.

My only complaint is that the main organizer is broken into 2 parts and both are very flimsy on their own. They seem to hold well together in the box, but once you start to remove all the components, it's not super sturdy. This insert also required quite a bit of glue to keep all the pieces together. It took a lot more effort than the Caverna insert.

Overall, I'm quite impressed and glad it will even fit the 2nd big box expansion.

My one quibble. . .


I love the insert with one exception: the areas to fit the tokens for the mage knights are too small. The pieces end up from one area to the next and, since the one section goes on top of the other, the top section will not lie flat due to the tokens overflowing in the bottom section.

Quality Product, But Two Small Suggestions


This does an amazing job of holding all my Mage Knight components (base game plus both expansions) with some room for future growth. Only one connection in the entire multi-tray collection needs glue, and pieces separated from the sprues with very little sanding required.

This is a fairly complex set of dividers to build, and TBT did a great job of fitting all the pieces onto as few pieces of wood as possible, but having to cross-reference between the sprue diagram hunting down the pieces on the sprues made the construction take much longer than it should have. For dividers like this, is it possible to burn the part letters onto the unused parts of the sprues for faster finding of pieces.

The trays are also just a tiny bit smaller than the box. I'd prefer inserts be made just big enough to easily removein the box during transit, but this is just a small nitpick on an otherwise great product.

Pure organized bliss


I spend a lot of time trying to get my games as organized as possible to save time on setup and clean up. I also try to fit expansions into one box when possible. This organizer answers the call in both instances. I have Mage Knight with both expansions, and everything fit wonderfully with plenty of room for the next expansion. I only wished it came with a few more dividers for the card and token areas, but support said they are adding additional dividers for this organizer this week, so all should be good!

Set Up Is a Breeze!


This insert makes set up of the game a really fast process. It keeps all the parts nicely separated ready for play, and protects everything from damage in transit.

It was pretty straight forward to assemble, but I added a little glue for the 2 base prices, holding them tightly in the box. As a previous reviewer pointed out, once you lift the trays out to play the base is a little flimsy, but once glued into the box it is fine.

Nice product, extremely helpful, and well executed.