Magic Night Organizer


Product Description

Our Magic Night Organizer, compatible with Mage Knight, supports the base game and three expansions as well as sleeved or unsleeved cards.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Im proud to show off MK because of this organizer.

Beautifully done wooden organizer, the self assembly is easy but a careful touch should be involved. Glues not included but reccommended. No need to sand at all but it gives it such a good feel. Grab a few sheets with a high grit.<br><br><br><br>If youre wondering if it fits all expansions yes, it does. Specially if its not sleeved.

Wow. Just WOW.

When I saw The Broken Token had a Mage Knight product I immediately ordered it as it's currently my favorite game. Setup was easy, I have yet to play it but with everything so easily separated I can't see any issues with play, and break down should be just as easy. I also like that EVERY figure is able to be placed in a container and stored. It allows for every expansion to be stored in the main box. This really helped cut down on the clutter I had in my game area.<br><br><br><br>Highly recommend this product if you're a fan of Mage Knight like I am.

So impressed

This insert is so beautifully designed. There is space for everything in Mage Knight, and it all fits in the box so beautifully. I was kind of dreading putting the inserts together, but the assembly instructions were super clear, and putting it together was actually...believe it or! <br><br><br><br>On top of that, shipping was very quick and I was kept informed of the package's progress the whole way to my front door (via USPS). It only took a week to get to me even though I live on the other side of the world (Australia).<br><br><br><br>I do wish it had come with 2-3 more card dividers, but you can buy those separately.

Amazing product; every MK player should have this

I can now fit the base game and the Lost Legion expansion in a single box - very handy when transporting the game. (It looks like there's space for more expansions, but I don't own other expansions at the moment, so I haven't tried.) There is almost no setup or tear-down time, and you could in principle play many of the components directly from the box, which also saves a lot of table space. The design is flawless, and the trays feel sturdy and look nice. I also love the smell of wood. :)<br><br><br><br>Assembly was quite easy once I got the hang of it. It took me about 2.5 hours altogether, but I had no prior experience of assembling something similar, and I'm sure I would do it much faster if I had to do it again. Most pieces fit tightly enough that I might not have needed glue, but I used glue on all joints anyway just in case, as recommended by the assembly instructions. I didn't need a hobby knife or sandpaper, but a hammer did come in handy.<br><br><br><br>My only complaint (and it is a very minor one) is that I wish that the product website had clearly mentioned the need for glue and tools. As it happens I didn't have any wood glue, so when I opened the package and read the instructions, I had to spend an extra hour going to the nearest open store that sold some. I don't mind having to buy glue separately - in fact I think it's a good idea not to include it, because most customers probably already have some - I just wish I had known in advance.

Remarkable for saving time with setup and teardown.

Love this thing. Saves so much time and organization! My shelves are also thankful that I managed to combine all the expansions into the base box. Seriously it's worth it for that alone. I loved this so much I got the betrayer one for my girlfriend's Betrayal at House on the Hill and one for my Lord's of Waterdeep game.

99% Perfect, Get the Extra Dividers

The insert is pretty much perfect. Everything fits precisely; I can store the box vertically, flip it around, whatever it my be -- things stay put and organized. The Extra Dividers are required to properly separate the cards from the expansions.<br><br><br><br>I will repeat myself because it caught me off guard: get the extra dividers, especially if you have the expansions! <br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review and that information, maybe we should say that in the description?

Great but a couple drawbacks

Sucks that you have to buy an extra divider. Hero token trays leave much to be desired - difficult to get pieces out of without dumping the whole thing. Besides that, excellent.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Glad you like it overall, and we understand that it's not always perfect. In this case expansions that came after the original design necessitated the extra dividers and sometimes we just have to work within the limits of physics. If you have some suggestions on how you feel the hero trays might be improved we love to hear from people that are using the product how it might be improved. Thanks! <br><br>Aminda - CS Meeple

Great Organizer

Good product, fun to assembly. I highly recommend if you like this game as it will keep it all organized for game night. I have all the expansions (w/ premium sleeves) and they all fit (barely). It goes together very tight, glue is not necessary but I would recommend gluing it. Taking it apart to glue it later would probably not go down well as the small tabs may break.

Great Product

This was easy to put together and is perfect for organizing my Mage Night and Lost legion expansion components. I got to rid myself of an extra box and a ton of sandwich bags I had used to organize previously.

Perfect Fit!!

Purchased this organizer after diving full on into Mage Knight. Everything fits including all expansions and the superseded cards (if I should ever want to play vanilla again). The cards are a little tight if you sleeve them, but using fewer wooden dividers for support and then index cards to keep it organized works just fine for me.