Long Winter Organizer


Product Description

You've survived the initial winter, but now darkness has fallen and dawn is nowhere in sight! Here to help you survive is our Long Winter Organizer, specifically designed to bring order to your Dead of Winter®: The Long Night box. Cards are neatly organized into designated sections with removable dividers, and supports sleeves. Your colony characters are safely separated from zombies, experiments and bandits with four removable standee trays. Two removable token trays contain your dice, tokens and extra stands. And start the night in style with our exclusive wooden "start player" knife token.

Please be aware that there is not sufficient space in the box to leave the plastic stands on every character or zombie experiment.  The boxes for the bandits and generic zombies do support leaving all of the stands attached.

NOTE: To allow room for the game boards, this organizer has been designed with 5mm of lid lift.

This organizer is designed for Dead of Winter®: The Long Night. If you're looking for an organizer designed for the original Dead of Winter® see our Undead Winter Organizer (ORG022).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

Dead of Winter®: The Long Night is a trademark of Plaid Hat Games™.  This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token and is not endorsed by Plaid Hat Games™.

Was expecting the quality of Undead Winter, but didn't get it

I bought both the Undead Winter and Long Winter organization boxes. I put together the first set and was pleasantly surprised. It was sturdy and had plenty of room for all the tokens. But after I set up the Long Winter box and began to place the tokens in some of the boxes started to fall apart if I tried to pick them up. And unlike its former you can't but all the standees in the spot allotted to them. Now I know they recommend putting tape and glueing the pieces together but I didn't have to for the first one. I feel that this box was simply rushed out just to be on the market. <br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: I am sorry to hear that your latest experience wasn't up to your expectations. The reason we recommend gluing is precisely because there are variations in the cuts and anything that is going to be handled repeatedly runs the risk of wearing down. We glue ours every time! We have heard the frustrations about the standees, it really just comes down to physics. At some point space is only as big as it is and if you gain one thing you lose another. I assure you we don't "rush" simply to get anything out there, I think people would be amazed how long it takes to create an organizer. I don't personally design them but my son, Derek Liam and the owner Greg Spence do and I watch them build, test, rebuild, playtest and rebuild every single organizer that we put on the market. We also stand behind our products if the pieces are just not staying together we will gladly replace any faulty bits; you simply have to contact me, Aminda through our website and I'll make sure you are taken care of! We appreciate your continued support and feedback.

Awesome product! But the shipping is pricey! :(

I love the product itself! It's perfect! I actually want to buy one for my Blood Rage. But the only thing that's stopping me is the outrageous shipping fee! :( <br><br><br><br>I live in Singapore, and the shipping fee here is almost the same price as the product itself!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Shipping can be very high internationally. We are expanding to retailers around the world so hopefully soon you will have a place near you to purchase from!

Everything in its place.

Well worth the investment if you play often as it greatly cuts game set-up and breakdown times. I've found that there is room for everything if you are careful with loading the standees in the appropriate spaces.

Good, but needs a redesign

After reading the reviews here talking about the lack of space I decided to still buy the Long Winter Organizer because I love the one for the base game. It's a quality product as always and I love the use of acrylic for the card separators. <br><br><br><br>For me, with bases on all standees, the lack of space comes down to needing about 2 or 3 more centimeters of space for the character and experimental standees. By moving a few of the experimental zombies into the bandit tray I'm able to get everything packed in.<br><br><br><br>If you put the bases on all the standees you are left with 3 empty spaces in the token trays. If you're ok with putting the starvation tokens in with the food tokens then half of one token trays is completely unused. Furthermore if you look at the product pictures here they make it look like the card tray is jam packed. But there's a solid 5 inches of unused space when you put the cards in. The only thing I can think of is that the extra space is to allow storing cards from the base game in this box. That doesn't make much sense to me because you're never going to get the character standees from the base game to fit in this box so why bother storing the cards in it. I'm also left wondering if compatibility with the Meeple Source product was kept at expense of space for the standard tokens.<br><br><br><br>It's a good product, but I feel like there's enough unused space to allow everything to fit if it spent a little more time at the drawing board.<br><br><br><br>Response: We really appreciate your feedback and we'd like to take the time to explain our process a bit and why some of the choices were made. Although unsleeved there is room in the card tray, with premium sleeved cards, the card tray is full, really full and we are dedicated to trying to accommodate sleeving in every organizer . Even though you are able to clear some space in the token trays, those are configured to provide the space needed for the thick cardboard location boards. Although we did, after the fact and after receiving multiple questions, reach out to meeple source to see if they fit, they do... no design modifications were made to accommodate Meeple Source tokens. when we design an organizer we research the game pieces and the game play, we go through several prototypes, and we playtest with the organizer to ensure it does all of the following: <br><br>1. Fit all the components with no, or minimal, lid lift in a way that enhances storage capacity<br><br>2. It accommodates premium sleeved cards if possible<br><br>3. The components speed up set up and teardown time<br><br>4. Construction of kit is reasonable<br><br>5. Cost of materials is kept as low as possible, this means each component lay out must fit on sheets in the most efficient way possible. <br><br><br><br>We try our best to accommodate as many needs as we can all at once, while still providing a reasonably priced product. And sadly we have not conquered physics, but we will keep trying. <br><br>We also legitimately appreciate your feedback and hope this explanation shows the care we put in to the design, but we do listen and upgrade often if feedback can be accommodated. <br><br><br><br>If you have any further questions or concerns, we would love to chat with you: Support@thebrokentoken.com

Well worth the investment!

When i got it home i scratched my head a bit at the paper instructions then decided to watch the video. Took a bit of patience but it all goes together fine. Now to load it up!. Even with all bases on i got every thing to fit just fine. You just have to stagger the standees upside down/right side up. And i notice you can put the child zombies in the long slot of the token tray that is designed for the first turn dagger for a little extra room. I will definitely get another organizer from the broken token and will recommend this to all my friends. <br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: That's awesome!! Love your clever use of the space! Aminda CS Meeple

Great card storage, standee storage a bit less so

In terms of card storage, this insert is far superior to the original Dead of Winter organizer - in the previous one, the diagonal storage made it more cramped, and thick sleeves like Dragon Shields became impossible. Not so with the Long Winter organizer - Dragon Shields on all the cards and there's room to spare for additional promos and paper dividers to separate the crossroads cards of the different modules.<br><br><br><br>Less great is the standee storage situation, which necessitates the removal of stands. I understand that space is limited, but I find myself under-utilizing the space in the token trays, with a lot of space simply devoted to holding stands. I don't know if it was tried and just didn't work, but I feel like the standee bins could have taken some of the space used by the token bins (at least one of them, anyway).<br><br><br><br>That said, it's a huge boon to have this around, and it's astounding that the insert is as good as it is given how much stuff needs to fit in that box. If I sound critical in my review, it's simply because The Broken Token has set an extremely high standard for themselves!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. and appreciate you holding us to our high standards. We do try and look at everything from many angles there are many things that go into the choices we make for sizes and orientation. I can't pretend to know them all those design guys barely speak in terms I can understand :P But I will definitely pass on this information to them as the DO appreciate knowing what the customers love and would like different! <br><br>Game On my Friend - Aminda -CS Meeple

It does the job intended.

I have both winter games. I played the game without the organizer and used a lot of zip lock baggies for storage. Table space became limited with the additional locations and extra characters.<br><br>The limited space is understandable. When the game came in the mail I was surprised at the weight of the game. My brother put the organizer together and he did break a tab before he figured out the protective coating. He thought the black burn mark was a cool design. I'm pretty sure acrylic is more expensive than wood. I like the fit and appreciate the ease of finding the cards.<br><br>For the character stands not fitting. We combined crossroad and character cards and we don't separate them. They fit back in the spot. With the extra space we put the standees that give us trouble closing the lid in the other game box. We don't remove any stands. It's easy and we like playing with both games.<br><br>I also used wood glue. It dries clear and looks professional. It doesn't take much glue either.

A Must Have for Dead Of Winter: The Long Night

This is a must-have organizer for Dead of Winter: The Long Night. I can't imagine what setup would take without this product. The material is top-notch, and the labels for the card organizer is a godsend. Great work, Broken Token.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: absolutely our pleasure - happy gaming!

Disappointing compared to the Undead Winter Organizer

I had previously purchased the Undead Winter Organizer for the Dead of Winter base game and absolutely loved it. I was really excited when Broken Token released this Long Winger Organizer for Dead of Winter: The Long Night. I bought it without even bothering to look at the description, I was that impressed by the Undead Winter Organizer. Unfortunately there were a number of design changes that I was so disappointed with that it makes what was a great product, only average for me.<br><br><br><br>The big deal breaker for me is that all the components don't fit into the organizer neatly. I had to pull bases off the Experiments and very carefully position my Survivors, Zombies, and Bandits in order to get everything to fit back into the box. With the Undead Winter Organizer there was enough extra space that I could throw everything back together and not have to fiddle with positioning. <br><br><br><br>The snug fit isn't from lack of room either. The two bigger trays have extra dividers that could have been removed to make more room for the standees. Looking at the pictures on the site I noticed that these "extra" trays were used to store stands. (As a side note: they also show everything fitting neatly into to boxes, which suggests to me they left some components out for marketing.) I'm boggled why they would opt for this baseless standee design instead of making containers big enough to hold based standees.<br><br><br><br>I liked the Undead Winter Organizer because everything fit in the game box. While I managed to squeeze everything into the Long Night box, the lid doesn't slide all the way down. Technically, things fit and the lid is far enough down to not spill but it feels sloppy to me.<br><br><br><br>Ascetically I disliked the switch from wooden dividers to acrylic for the card section but functionally the dividers are no longer angled. This makes removing cards from the box more difficult. While this isn't a deal breaker for me, it's strange that Broken Token opted to go away from the easier to use design.<br><br><br><br>The drawers are also no longer labeled (except for Survivors, Experiments, Bandits, and Zombies.) Again, this isn't a deal breaker but it's a little less ascetically pleasing. It makes the organizer feel more generic and if I just wanted a generic organizer I could have used plastic bags or cups instead. I liked the Undead Winter Organizer because it looks like it was designed for the game. Something that The Long Winter Organizer doesn't convey.<br><br><br><br>All in all, the Long Winter Organizer is a functional way to sort out the Long Night expansion but it's a long way from being the "I wouldn't play without this" accessory that the Undead Winter Organizer was for me. <br><br><br><br>Response: Thank you for the detailed feedback. We have a feeling that other customers will share your concerns so we will address all of your points below.<br><br><br><br>As with every organizer, there are challenges to make everything fit into the original box. This one is no exception. Compared to the base game, Long Night has more cards, a lot more characters with stands, more locations and more tokens. In addition, the locations (8 of them) are now made from 2.5mm thick cardboard instead of card stock as with the original game. All of these factors led to a big challenge making it all fit into the box without adding a lot of lid lift. To address your specific questions.<br><br><br><br>The acrylic dividers were a great way to save space. Instead of wooden dividers that are .125" thick, we made use of acrylic that is only half that thickness. The clear, smooth acrylic also makes it easier to remove the cards from the slots. Moving from angled to straight dividers was necessary to recoup space needed for the extra cards. The angled design always wastes a bit of space and we didn't have that space to waste in this box.<br><br><br><br>The number of characters on stands are about double that of the base game with the addition of bandits and experiments. We opted to use the deep buckets for the two types that are not unique (bandits and zombies). You can always just grab one from the top and don't need to dig to find a specific one. The characters and experiments were put into shallow boxes to make it easier to find the one you need. We do wish there was a way to keep them all on their stands, but they just wouldn't fit because the stands create so many air gaps that much space is wasted.<br><br><br><br>As far as the engravings, we typically add these when we feel there is no other option for where to put the components. People tend to not like to veer from those suggestions once they are permanently marked. With the token trays, there is enough flexibility that you can choose to organize the tokens in whatever order that your play group chooses. Engravings are also the most time-consuming part of the laser cutting process and lead to a higher cost organizer, so we chose the route of flexibility and cost-savings for those specific components. But we always add engravings when it is necessary to store the components correctly as with the card engravings on the side and zombie/bandit engravings.<br><br><br><br>Thanks again for putting the thought into your feedback and as always we will continue to listen and learn from what our customers would like to see in the future!

Another Great Organizer!

Let me start this review by saying that it works great. It makes setup a breeze. I love it. Only one or two joints came together in a way that I felt needed glue, but only to give it a little extra strength.<br><br><br><br>In putting the card storage together, the acrylic card dividers were a little snug going into the slots. I was a little worried the wooden slots were going to break from the pressure. I was able to put everything together without breaking anything, but I went slowly.<br><br><br><br>Also, the standees for the survivors and the experiments all fit in their boxes, but they may take a bit of moving around to get them to fit with their bases left on. I had to remove a few of the experiment's bases off to get them to fit flat.<br><br><br><br>Despite those two slight negatives, overall I'd say the organizer is amazing and is a must buy! Broken Token did another great job!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Great to hear!! This one was a real challenge and we are excited to see this game get to the table more often!! Thanks also for the feedback, everything we hear helps us get better at what we do! -Aminda