Long Winter Organizer


Product Description

You've survived the initial winter, but now darkness has fallen and dawn is nowhere in sight! Here to help you survive is our Long Winter Organizer, specifically designed to bring order to your Dead of Winter®: The Long Night box. Cards are neatly organized into designated sections with removable dividers, and supports sleeves. Your colony characters are safely separated from zombies, experiments and bandits with four removable standee trays. Two removable token trays contain your dice, tokens and extra stands. And start the night in style with our exclusive wooden "start player" knife token.

Please be aware that there is not sufficient space in the box to leave the plastic stands on every character or zombie experiment.  The boxes for the bandits and generic zombies do support leaving all of the stands attached.

NOTE: To allow room for the game boards, this organizer has been designed with 5mm of lid lift.

This organizer is designed for Dead of Winter®: The Long Night. If you're looking for an organizer designed for the original Dead of Winter® see our Undead Winter Organizer (ORG022).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

Dead of Winter®: The Long Night is a trademark of Plaid Hat Games™.  This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token and is not endorsed by Plaid Hat Games™.


It arrived earlier then it originally started, it was easy to assemble and makes it much easier to prepare the game. I'm glad that I purchased it

Quality product

I purchased this product and the undead winter organizer were purchased at the same time. With way more pieces, the organizer was pretty good about fitting everything in. The characters & raxxon zombies trays were just barely too small to fit everything with standees. I was able to fit everything in but am worried about damage to some of the standees. We shall see in time. <br><br><br><br>The acrylic card dividers are nice, but I wish it was slanted like on the undead winter organizer.<br><br><br><br>Overall, I am impressed with the quality and convenience this product offers. Laser cut wood (i like the smell) was cut well to fit together well. Instructions suggest having a hobby knife, glue, tape, and a soft mallet. I needed none of those tools as everything "snapped" together. I was concerned with taking the pieces out of the holders. The tenons of the pieces are a little too thin and are easy to chip when removing from the holders. I didn't have that problem with the undead winter organizer. <br><br><br><br>Again, assembly was very easy and fit perfectly into the original box.

Good idea implemented well

This organizer is a good quality product. The assembly needs attention to detail, but once assembled it fits perfectly in the box and keeps everything neat. Some of the compartments require careful packing of the standees, but they all fit. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others who own the game.

Great Product!

This thing is great - it allows you to set up the game in a fraction of the time. Assembly was easy - I love the removable trays. My only ding: I will echo others who have commented that, with bases on, it's a tight fit to get all the zombies and characters in though it is doable.

Okay, but not the best broken token kit

I bought the broken token kit for my base Dead of Winter game and am absolutely thrilled with it, absolutely amazing! This one is nice, and I understand the new game has a ton more pawns and cards because of how much more developed the game is, and they put it all in the same size box as the original game. Fully assembled, the containers for the survivor and special zombie pawns aren't big enough, I've stacked them this way and that trying to get them all in so the boxes can stack on top of each other neatly, it doesn't work. The boxes for the zombies and bandits are too tall, and actually holds the box up so it doesn't close as well as it should when you put the game board on top. I guess I could take the bases off all the pawns every time I put the game away, but that would make it worse than just dealing with everything in baggies.

Pros and Cons

Overall I've been very happy with my Broken Token organizers. I was disappointed that the compartments for the standees don't fit all the standees. I guess it might be possible if you removed the plastic stands for storage but I don't think anyone wants to do that. They should do a better job of pointing this out in the description (show pictures etc). I found other spots for the standees, so everything does fit in the box, but the organizing freak inside would prefer everything in it's designated space. <br><br><br><br>Also, I'm used to putting these together. So I've got that down. But this was the first time the card dividers were plexiglass. And you have to peel the covering from both sides. This proved very tedious and challenging. It took 45 minutes. <br><br><br><br>Overall, this is a better solution than no organizer at all. I know finding the right price point is hart, but I wonder if they've considered premium pricing options where some of the things (like the peeling of the plexiglass) has been done. Also throwing in a small container of glue would be nice for purchases over $50 or something.

Works great (and with some creative re-arranging fits everything!)

Another great insert. The clear dividers are a lovely touch. I have the base game and insert as well, and with a bit of creative re-arranging I was able to fit the Warring Colonies expansion in, as well as being able to leave all the figures on their stands (so all three boxes now condensed to two boxes with everything properly divided for easy setup). This meant that the etched markings no longer line up with what is in the card slots (but I just assembled the insert so that these aren't visible to avoid confusion).

Perfect, even some space left

I already had the first DoW organizer, and this one is even better.<br><br>Once full, if you keep all your stands on, there are some compartments free.<br><br>The card organizer is wide enough to use sleeves.<br><br>The only bad point, is the First player token, that does not stand, while it did on the previous organizer.

Thinking outside of the box ..

This setup is different from the original set. These are separate trays that all fit together. I was surprised to see the blue clear plastic dividers, but they are a bit thinner to add more card space.<br><br><br><br>I took off a whole star because the space needed for the standee tokens ( zombie, survivor, experiments, bandits) is very limited. In order to get the whole organizer to fit you have to place the standee tokens in with some spatial thought, in order for them to fit properly.<br><br><br><br>I can confirm that FFS Standard Clear Sleeves, fit BEAUTIFULLY with zero card issues. All cards are sleeved excluding crossroads. I didn't sleeve them mainly because that's a huge stack and currently CR don't get handled as much as rest of the game cards.

Great product!

I was using sandwich bags to sort out the tokens for this game before I got this.<br><br>now I can keep everything so much nicer and I dont have to put the tokens on the standees every time I setup the game.