Legendary Organizer


Product Description

Our innovative pinwheel design allows for maximum card storage in the Marvel Legendary game box while saving enough room for the game board and manuals.  The cardboard dividers that come with Legendary fit nicely in the box and we provide 6 wooden dividers to further organize your cards.

Cards are stored horizontally.  To determine what expansions will fit, see the support section below for card capacity as well as a guide to the number of cards associated with each expansion.

NOTE: Organizer designed for core game box and will not fit expansion boxes. See our Legendary Small Box Organizer (ORG071) compatible with many of the expansion boxes.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.


Fits All Current Expansions

AS always.. the fit was tight.. but good.. since it doesn't fall apart that way.. printed out dividers that fit perfectly and eveyrthing is in one box.. however.. I'm a little worried with PTTR comes out that it won't fit.. <br><br><br><br>And yes.. all my cards are sleeved DragonShield

THE Storage Solution for Legendary!

I just received this the other day, put it together, and I couldn't be happier. <br><br><br><br>I've sleeved my cards with Fantasy Flight sleeves, and they fit just right, horizontally, with just enough wiggle room that they aren't super tight.<br><br><br><br>I did have to reassemble once because I didn't alternate the A & B sides, but the pieces snap apart fairly easily (just be careful!) and I just reassembled it, put all my cards in and I'm good to go!<br><br><br><br>If you've been looking for a great organizer for your Legendary box, this is definitely the one to get!

Very nice

The box shipped quickly, and arrived in perfect shape. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. When assembled, it fits perfectly in the original "Legendary" box. It does hold all cards from base set and the first 3 expansions, even if they have been sleeved. However, if you have sleeved them, you will not be able to use the "Broken Token" dividers which come with the organizer, and the cards will be packed in VERY tightly. Things are a bit snug when trying to remove the cards.

Great, Well-Made Organizer

I purchased this organizer based on other reviews. I was not disappointed. the organizer allows for all the expansions (up to Pain The Town Red). A couple more removable dividers would have been nice. I believe you can purchase more separately. Again, overall a great product and worth the money .

Well designed

Very well designed. Fits the box like a glove! I wish I had just a few more dividers. I don't have every expansion yet, and I like to group my cards. I could use a few more dividers for this, but this is a minor complaint. Overall, an excellent product!

Great Product, one Downside: Sleeved Expansions are a Tight Fit.

As others have pointed out, this organizer's only downside is that fitting Legendary in the box, sleeved, (Core+Dark City+Fantastic 4+Paint the Town Red) is a very tight fit. With the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion coming out, I'm afraid I either need to avoid the expansion, or concede Legendary into a second box.<br><br><br><br>Of course, this isn't Broken Token's fault – that Legendary has become too big for its own core box – but it is certainly worth noting before investing $25 in the product.

Excellent product!

The organizer fit perfectly into my box! It wasn't clear from the assembly instructions whether you put the "B" legs next to each other or opposite each other. I got it right on the first try (putting them opposite). That makes the board fit properly on top of the organizer. Other than that, awesome product! Exactly what I needed!

Excellent quality!


I love this organizer. Assembly was a breeze and it fits perfectly in the box. I don't sleeve my cards, and so far I've got about 1103 or so cards in there -- the base set, six small box expansions, and three promo bystander cards -- and have room for a ton more. The only annoying part is that the infinity shards from the Guardians of the Galaxy set keep sliding under the organizer walls, but that set doesn't get played often. I'd like to see a removable tray for the square center area so I can get my shards out easier.

Great way to increase storage in the core box


Assembly was okay but be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the pieces with asterisks (*) on them because it does matter. I had to pull apart steps 1 & 2 after they were glued because I didn't pay attention to the asterisks.
<br>The insert itself is great -- it fits snugly in the core box and allows for more card storage and better support than the standard insert. There aren't a ton of dividers but anybody buying this for Legendary probably has custom dividers printed already anyway.