Legendary Organizer

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Key Features

  • Holds roughly 1400 sleeved cards or 2400 unsleeved cards
  • Includes space for game board

Product Description

Our innovative pinwheel design allows for maximum card storage in the Marvel Legendary game box while saving enough room for the game board and manuals.  The cardboard dividers that come with Legendary fit nicely in the box and we provide 6 wooden dividers to further organize your cards.

Cards are stored horizontally.  To determine what expansions will fit, see the support section below for card capacity as well as a guide to the number of cards associated with each expansion.

NOTE: Organizer designed for core game box and will not fit expansion boxes. See our Legendary Small Box Organizer (ORG071) compatible with many of the expansion boxes.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.


Product Information

  • 10.98" x 10.98" x 3.74"
  • 1 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Expansion Card Quantities (based on information on BoardGameGeek.com)

  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game (base): 500 cards
  • Legendary: Captain America 75th Anniversary: 100 cards
  • Legendary: Dark City: 350 cards
  • Legendary: Fantastic Four: 100 cards
  • Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy: 100 cards
  • Legendary: Paint the Town Red: 100 cards
  • Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 1: 350 cards
  • Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 2: 370 cards

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.2mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm "Standard" Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions (4): 6.83" x 3.82" x 3.15"

Game Compatibility

Works as expected


This is my forth or fifth broken token insert. Almost all installed w/o a fault (tight fit in one game) and this one was was no exception. It's currently holding the core set and the Paint the Town Red, GotG, Dark City, and Secret Wars I expansions with probably enough room for another two of the small expansions (Really wish I'd bought the FF expansion when I had the chance). Everything is un-sleeved and it probably won't hold the Secret Wars II expansion, but I'll deal with that when it comes.

Solid product.


This insert is WAY better than the plastic one that comes with the game. It creates a lot more room. I only wish it didn't still create a square of dead space in the center. Possinly a 3-row configuration would be more space-efficient. But I can't complain about the workmanship at all. It's well-made and works as advertised.

Great divider


I love Legendary, let me start by saying that. That being said, Upper Deck did not think out their storage at ALL. At least Rio Grande had a nice system for each individual expansion.

Anyway, I could waste way too much time with my Upper Deck concerns. This storage system fits very nicely in to the base game's box. I currently have all the expansions for the hero game (Secret Wars 1 as of the writing of this review) and the cards and shards all fit nicely in the box with plenty of room to spare.

Well done BT!!

Great for the base and a few expansions!


I bought this after I really got into Legendary. So far I have two smaller expansions and the Dark city Big box expansion. All fit in this organizer sleeved, but barely. I hope they make a small version that will fit into the big box expansions, so when I get the secret wars expansions I'll have some way to continue to organize them. Thanks BT!

Great Product


I managed to fit all existing expansions and the base into the organizer, but I won't be able to add the upcoming Secret Wars expansions. Of note, I'm using Dragon Shield card sleeves, which are on the thicker side of usual card sleeves. It was also a little tough to put into the box, but manageable.

Still a great product and would recommend.

Works great!


Went together well and quickly. So glad to have sortable space in the box for all the expansions to date. Wonderful product!



I was getting worried because i couldn't fit the expansions in the original box any longer. Now i have room for at least another two expansions. Everything is nicely organized and easy to assemble. AWESOME PRODUCT

Simple and sturdy.


This organizer is an incredibly simple, sturdy design that will allow you to easily separate your cards. As of 03/25/2015, I possess every expansion and this organizer will hold all of the cards SLEEVED! Granted there is not much room to spare and I have no clue what I'm going to do with any future expansions. Then again, the original box was eventually going to run out of room anyway. This organizer is definitely worth money and I highly recommend buying it. The Broken Token makes some amazing products!

Simple but perfect


The organizer for Legendary is incredibly easy to assemble, and is a distinct upgrade from the plastic tray included with the game itself. I have no problem fitting all the expansions to date in the box now, with plenty of room left over!

I have a game again


Ever since I purchased Marvel Legendary, I have been vexed (I know, right?) by the storage problems that existed for the approximately 2 million cards that are needed for the game. The organizer was very easy to assemble. I was intimidated by the pictures but was shocked by how simple the set up was. Now, the base set and all of the "Heroes" expansions fit easily, in sleeves, in the main box. I even have room for one more expansion I believe. I would recommend this kit for anyone who plays Legendary.

Great organizer!


I was able to fit the base game and all available game expansions as of this date into the original box, and I think it MIGHT just be able to fit the Secret Wars expansion that is coming out soon too!

Of note, all of my cards are sleeved, but even then, I think I can fit one more decent sized expansion into the original box. This organizer really has given me the best space that can be achieved, and the wooden dividers included are great.

If you play Legendary and want to get the expansions, this is a MUST HAVE.

Much better than the original insert


As advertised, this organizer provides a much better storage experience for all of your Legendary Marvel cards; I was able to put all of my sleeved cards (Ultra Pro) from the base game along with the Dark City, Paint the Town Red, Fantastic Four, and Guardians of the Galaxy expansions. It is a tight fit, and I could not use the wooden dividers that come with the product. But it is still MUCH better than the original insert. And if you don't use sleeves, it would probably fit everything perfectly with enough room to manage them. Overall, a great product!

makes much better use of the box


This product was easy to assemble and allows me to fit a couple more expansions in the box (sleeved). It's also much more easy to organize than the included insert (which was actually quite outstanding in its own right). An excellent upgrade that saves me time and shelf space!

Easily holds all expansions up to Guardians (the current expansion) with room for more.


One caveat: to hold all the expansions (with room to spare), do not use the wooden insert section dividers. Put those in a baggy and throw them in a drawer. Use the dividers that Upper Deck gives you with the original game. This allows you to get maximum space out of all four of the rows that are created with this wooden insert. I currently have two rows just for my heroes; and two rows for my setups, villains, henchmen, schemes, masterminds, etc.

Games are now super easy to setup and take down. The Villains and Aliens games were already easy to setup and take down because Upper Deck gave you a box with two long rows that could hold sleeved cards and dividers; but the original Legendary game still suffered from having a plastic insert (when will game companies learn?!). Thanks thebrokentoken for doing what the original designer should have done to begin with!

Fantastic organizer!


This organizer is awesome! It holds the base game and all the expansions and has room for more! I recommend buying one set of extra dividers when you purchase this.

Simple, Fantastic Organizer


This organizer works exactly as the description denotes. It's really easy to put together and once in the box hold the cards perfectly with plenty of room to spare. My cards are unsleeved and I have every expansion, including Villains and it fits them all with room to spare. You won't be sorry you purchased this.

Best Organizer Ever!


I purchased this organizer to have a better storage solution than the original insert. I was blown away by the amount of room I still have after putting my core set, Dark City, Fantastic Four, Paint the Town Red, & Guardians of the Galaxy expansions. I still have room for 2-3 more expansions.

Base game and 3 expansions


I'm happy with my broken token organizer. These guys use quality materials, and the tolerance is good. I fit the base game, pttr, f4, and gotg in, but it's pretty tight with fantasy flight gray sleeves. No need to buy additional organizers if you plan to sleeve, since you are going to need that room.

Like the product a lot.


I like the product a lot. It holds sleeved cards nicely, but with every card sleeved there is very little room leftover. Also the sleeves were just a little snug. But otherwise a great product and I'm very happy.

Fits all expansions including PTTR


I sleeve my cards with Mayday Premium Green and I have Dark City, Fantastic 4 and Paint the Town Red and everything fit fine, with more space for more cards. I like this a lot. Not sure if I would recommend getting penny sleeves for this, since penny sleeves tend to be bigger and flimsy.

Uffda, Just A Bit Tight


The organizer arrived within days of the order. It arrived in great condition and was well packaged to protect it from normal travel.

The organizer was not the easiest to put together, though the instructions were good. Unfortunately, it was difficult getting a couple of the pieces to fit together. Once it was in the box, I am no longer concerned though. By the way, this was the first set that I had any difficulty with, all others fit together purposely

The other potential issue is that with sleeved cards (the upper deck legendary sleeves) and ALL the expansions (through Paint The Town Red) it is extremely tight and somewhat difficult to view the cards before pulling them out. There is NO room for future expansions, but I guess it is good since the next game / expansion is a stand alone villain variant.

Most excellent \m/


Kit came in promptly and was easy to assemble. 2 slots of the major dividers did not join completely but it was still stable enough to hold cards and is relatively unseen when filled up with cards. My only gripe is that I have all the expansions sleeved with Ultra Pro sleeves and wow does the box weigh a ton. I placed a twice-folded index card before the first card in each row so as to pull out cards because it does get tight with all the expansions. I still rate this product 5 stars because everything is now neatly organized.

Easy to build


I bought legendary and all the expansions, but I didn't like how the original tray stored everything tightly. I bought this organizer because I've previously bought other organizers from the this site and they have yet to fail me.

Building it was very easy and it's a lot easier to organize everything in this organizer. My cards are not sleeved and it seems like there is room for a lot more.

Definitely a buy for expansions


Now I can fit all my expansions in one box with room for Guardians...

Every expansion and base game with ease


I was a little worried about fitting all of my cards, but decided to try anyway. I couldn't be more happy. This organizer fits the base game + dark city + paint the town red + fantastic 4 + guardians easily. Also the center is a perfect place to put the shard tokens. I think I could fit one more 100 card expansion as well. Don't hesitate to order. My cards are sleeved and I had no issues at all.