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Product Description

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for King of Tokyo.  This organizer will keep your cards, dice, tokens and characters all in their proper place during transport.  A removable tray containing the tokens and energy cubes can be taken from the box and placed on the table.  Adjustable dividers allow for storing sleeved or unsleeved cards.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with King of New York and King of Tokyo by IELLO.

IELLO, King of Tokyo, King of New York and their logo are trademark of IELLO USA LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149. www.IELLOgames.com



One box to hold them

This organizer was very well constructed and while it took some time to assemble, it was time well spent. The result was a game that was easier to set up and break down, particularly in that it allowed the monster placards to keep the stands on when storing. Additionally, it allowed me to remove the boxes for the two expansions from my board game shelves.<br><br><br><br>Overall, I am very happy with this design and glad I made this purchase.

Great organizer

This was very easy to put together. The joints were very tight when assembling. Which I could have left the tape off on the corners. I decided to put it on just for peace of mind. I would recommend this organizer for anybody that has King of Tokyo.

Love it!

I have two Broken Token organizers, for Dead of Winter and King of Tokyo, and both have impressed me with the thoughtfulness put into the design of the inserts. I didn't need any glue or tape, and once fit snugly into the game boxes they are perfectly secure and sturdy. Really nice to find a game accessory that actually enhances the experience of playing the game.

amazing must have for KoT

Perfect fit to have all the expansions in one box. The picture instructions were spot on. Took time to put it all together and some of the holes were very tight but totally worth it.

A "Must Buy" if you own either/both Expansions

I have no complaints about this item. It arrived quickly and was simple to put together. A little sandpaper and wood glue helped keep everything secure. It has room for everything and made set-up go so much quicker. I love being able to keep everything organized in a single box.

If you have one or more expansions, you need this tray!

My entire set of KoT now fits in the box. Yeah!

A Must-Get if You Own King of Tokyo

I have both expansions for KoT and always had three boxes lying around. I'm OCD when it comes to organizing my board games into one container. This organizer solves that issue. As a bonus, it is insanely easy to put together. I had not done one before and it took me 30 minutes top. Bottom line: This is a great product and if you own King of Tokyo you should own one of these too.

Exactly as advertised, my OCD is satisfied.

Exactly as advertised. I decided to glue mine and finished it off with a coat of satin polyurethane. <br><br><br><br>The only issue I ran into was a slight misprint on the directions for the removable drawer (for the energy / tokens). The directions show the notched piece going into the middle of the drawer but it definitely doesn't fit there. A glance at the picture of the assembled piece cleared that up instantly.

Even relatively simple games benefit from organization

I ordered the King of Tokyo kit along with five others. It was more an afterthought, really. I questioned whether such a small game really needed the Broken Token treatment.<br><br><br><br>The answer is, yes! Anytime I can make a game simpler to get to the table I increase the likelyhood that it will. As is the case with all Broken Token organizers, the ability to bring trays with tokens to the table makes setup so much faster. Design and build quality, as with all Broken Token kits, is excellent.<br><br><br><br>This was a great addition and I recommend it to any gamer who enjoys the art of box organization, as part of our great gaming hobby.

loved but...

It's amazing and my box is now organized, but I wished I just got two kind of New York boxes. Even with that, I'm very happy with my insert