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Product Description

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for King of Tokyo.  This organizer will keep your cards, dice, tokens and characters all in their proper place during transport.  A removable tray containing the tokens and energy cubes can be taken from the box and placed on the table.  Adjustable dividers allow for storing sleeved or unsleeved cards.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with King of New York and King of Tokyo by IELLO.

IELLO, King of Tokyo, King of New York and their logo are trademark of IELLO USA LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149. www.IELLOgames.com



Great for expansions

I was keen on getting this insert since carting around the two mini-expansion boxes was annoying. It fits everything well. I also have the KoNY monster Power Up cards in here but they have to be stored in the section where the standee monsters go. My only real complaint is that this insert didn't have a plastic lid for the token tray like the KoNY insert does. You can't store/move the game vertically or else all of the energy cubes go everywhere. It looks like the board resting on top of the tray should keep them in place but it doesn't in practice. Still a great insert if you're looking for making space on the shelf and ease of transport.

King of Organizers

I picked this up at a (relatively) local game store, and I am very glad I did. I already had the base game and Power Up!, and picked up Halloween the same day I got the organizer. Three boxes, and I like to sleeve my cards so they don't fit in the inserts anyway! What's a poor gamer to do?! Well, with these friendly sheets of wood, now my game all fits in one place, sleeves and all, and sets up and comes down easily.<br><br><br><br>One more note: the way the card dividers slot in (at an angle) makes grabbing the cards really easy and stress-free while setting up. I feel like all boxes where this is possible should be done this way!


We love this organiser so much! Setting up our games is much faster, and we don't have to carry all of the expensions boxes everywhere anymore. All the expensions (including Chtulu) fit in really well, even if all our cards are sleeved, and there is still space for new expansions. The only "downside" is that if you have all the expansions, all of the small round tokens don't fit in the small space that was designed for them (but you can put them with the energy cubes). Overall, an awesome buy!

Great design

Easy to assemble and fits the main game and expansions.

Well worth the money!

This organizer is absolutely fantastic. I questioned my sanity at ordering a $30 add-on for a game, but I couldn't be happier. The pieces are cut perfectly, fit tightly and are sized exactly right. The two adjustable sections are great also, the angle makes it super easy to get the cards out. The removable tray for the energy cubes is also great; perfect for gaming without having to keep the entire box on the table.<br><br><br><br>If you have King of Tokyo and the expansions, do yourself a favor and buy the organizer; no need to keep the extra boxes anymore, or the original insert.

High Quality, Incredibly Useful

I have owned King of Tokyo and it's expansions for a while and it's always been cumbersome to carry the main box and multiple smaller boxes. So broken token's insert was a god-send. I'm able to fit all the expansions I have and would still have room for more!

King of Organizers

This was my first organizer that I purchased from The Broken Token in order to see the quality of material, and ease of setup.<br><br><br><br>I am happy to report that this organizer opened me up to other possibilities. I highly recommend this organizer if you need more space for the expansions.<br><br><br><br>It went together easy, and fit the box perfectly.

Great product if you own the Base Game and Expansions

If I just had the Base Game of King of Tokyo, I would have even considered needing this organizer and even with the expansions, I wouldn't call it a must buy. That being said, I really like this organizer. It lets me store ALL of my monster cards in one slot and ALL of the monsters WITH bases attached in another. That alone is worth the price of the organizer to me.

Perfect Fit and Well Organized

Broken Token inserts just fit together so well. Each board snugly groves into the other. We stained and lacquered our set and used glue; however, none of that was necessary and it would have easily fit and held together without glue. Both the Power Up and Halloween Expansion from the 1st edition of the game fit perfectly. We also put the lightning tokens from Broken Token in the box along with the cubes and both fit easily as well.

Exactly as shown

This was my first Broken Token organizer. Full disclosure here I am a woodworker and have assembled everything from plastic models to custom furniture to industrial electronics so that may color my review. Assembly couldn't have been easier. I had a couple of spots that I had to use some fine grit sandpaper to adjust the fit slightly but nothing major. I decided to use glue on the removable tray since it will be handled the most but I don't think that it was really necessary. Probably the most difficult part of assembly was getting it into the box. It's a tight fit but that's what you want. All in all it holds all the game components with plenty of room for more expansions. I think it will really speed set up and makes everything easier to get to.