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King of New York Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

logo-kony.pngGet organized with our box organizer designed for King of New York. This organizer will keep your cards, dice, tokens and characters all in their proper place during transport.  A removable tray containing the tokens and energy cubes can be taken from the box and placed on the table. This organizer is also compatible with King of Tokyo (will fit either game, but not both games combined).


  • Removable Token Tray
  • Supports Sleeved Cards
  • Compatible with King of Tokyo
  • Room for following expansions:
    • Power Up
    • Cthulu (due to the large number of tiles and tokens, some pieces may need to be stored in the card area)

Outer organizer dimensions: 9.7229" x 9.6048" x 2.3622"

Download ORG021 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with King of New York and King of Tokyo by IELLO. ©2015 The Broken Token. IELLO, King of Tokyo, King of New York and their logo are trademark of IELLO USA LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149.


Product Videos

Product Videos

How it fits: King of New York 02:36

In this video of How it fits, we look at The Broken Token's King of New York Organizer. Take a look while I show you how to organize all of your components and how to properly place the removable trays. Note** This organizer can be used for either King of New York or King of Tokyo but not both games together. Get your kit today at: If you are looking for the King of Tokyo Organizer go here: music: Weekend In The City by Silent Partner.

  • How it fits: K...
    In this video of How it fits, we look at The Broken Token's Ki...
  • King of New Yo...
    This is the product tour of The Broken Token's King of New Yor...
  • King Of New Yo...
    This is the assembly video for The King of New York Organizer,...

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome organization

    Posted by Ty on 12th Jun 2018

    This kit is like a fun 3-D puzzle that's easy enough for kids to do. My wife, son and I had a great time assembling the pieces. You can rid your closet of those pesky expansion boxes as because it makes excellent use of the space in the original game box. I bought a kit for every board game I have and am eagerly awaiting new kits for our other games. I might have to start looking at games broken token has kits for....

  2. Solid organizer

    Posted by Brian Schenck on 15th Apr 2018

    I already had the original version of the King of Tokyo organizer, and decided to try out the newer organizer for King of New York. This is a very solid design and several steps improved over the original version of the KoT organizer. Plenty of space for cards and monster standees, and the separate token tray is excellent. Assembly is quick and easy to form a very solid and sturdy organizer that fits nicely in the KoNY box.

  3. Good Work !

    Posted by Odin FRANZOIA on 12th Mar 2018

    Very good product.
    I'm really impressed by the quality of the material and the ease to assemble the product.
    Pleasantly surprised by the speed of sending the package while I live in France.

    No problem with the "Power Up !" expansion for me !

  4. ***WARNING*** Fit Issues

    Posted by Jack on 10th Feb 2017

    I own 5 The Broken Token organizers and they are all great, highly recommended. However, this organizer needs an update or at least a warning to potential customers. The issue with the KoNY organizer is when you try to fit the Power Up! expansion into the box. The complete set of evolution cards for the KoNY characters does not fit into the space provided when the cards are sleeved. I did not realize this till after gluing my organizer together. If I had known this issue before hand, I would have cut the tabs off of piece 5A and then just glued it as far forward in the box to give enough space for all the cards, the space is short only by a few cards. Alternatively, if one was good with a router or dremel, you could redo the slots in 3E and 1B to be able to push piece 5A forward. I was quite disappointed in this oversight because this is a licensed product and the product page specifically states that this organizer supports sleeved cards and expansions. These organizers are not cheap and this one made me feel swindled. If this issue was fixed, my rating would be 5 stars all day long. I will probably purchase from The Broken Token in the future but I will carefully read the reviews beforehand, as another reviewer did point this issue out. My advice to The Broken Token, be a bit more responsive to issues that are brought to your attention from customers.

    RESPONSE: We try to be as responsive as possible. Sometimes it takes time to get changes out there. That said we also stand behind all our products. If you want to update your kit just email Aminda ( and we'll send you replacement parts. We'll also look at the description and see what we can change in the wording to make this more clear!! You are never swindled here, just drop us a line! I am sorry for the hassle but I am confident we can get this sorted out no problem!

  5. Good insert, Power Up! warning

    Posted by Jacob Black on 27th Jan 2017

    I've enjoyed this insert a bit more than the KoT insert. The plastic lid on the token tray keeps those pesky energy cubes in place. It fit everything else nicely and snuggly. I didn't have an issue till I got the Power Up! expansion which this insert was built anticipating would be on the horizon. However, Power Up came with a set of cards for KoT as well as KoNY (144 cards). I sleeved my Power Up cards and was not able to fit them all in the box. I ended up putting the KoT cards in a baggy and I'm storing them in the KoT box which works since they're really for that game.

  6. Not a must-have, but works well for what it does

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016

    The original game box organizer did it's job pretty well, this organizer just takes it to the next step. It will cut down on set up time significantly (for a game with an already quick setup time), and frankly just looks better than the original cheap plastic. It's not a must-buy but is definitely something to look at getting (and highly recommended) for those that play this game very regularly.

  7. King of Organizers

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2016

    This was my fourth organizer from Broken Token. Everything was packaged nicely and popped out easily. I used sand paper on a couple joints that were a little tight upon fit up and then used a little bit of glue to hold everything together. The insert has plenty of room for upcoming expansions as well. Overall this is another great product.

  8. I was skeptical

    Posted by Pete on 3rd Mar 2016

    I bought the King of Tokyo organizer last year, and I loved it. When I saw that there was an organizer for King of New York (and an expansion coming for KoNY) I got very excited! I saw that the KoNY organizer was much more expensive than the KoT version. I was skeptical, but realized it wasn't that much money overall, so I ordered it.
    I am so glad I did. The quality is very good (as the KoT version was.) But this has several new innovations. There are more pieces and more assembly to do than for the KoT version, but several innovations made it EASIER to assemble. There is a fair amount of Tab A into Slot B type assembly, but what is unique here is that peieces that MIGHT be easily confused are setup with either two small tabs, or a single large tab. That helps make sure you don't put the wrong piece in the wrong place. Which is a GREAT help.
    In addition, there is a removable tray for holding the round tokens and the energy cubes. It is one thing that I loved about the KoT version, but the one here is actually better (I wish they sold JUST the tray, I'd buy it for my KoT set.) The floor for the side with the energy tokens is actually two pieces each at a slight angle pointing to the center. This makes it easier to remove a token from the tray. The entire tray has a plexiglass cover to keep the pieces from spilling out in transport. A VERY nice feature.
    Bottom line, this is WELL worth the price upgrade of the KoT set. There are quite a few improvements, and I am very happy with it.

  9. they did it again

    Posted by Blake H on 3rd Nov 2015

    I love these inserts. The token and energy cube organizer is what makes this great. Plus there is still room for expansions!

  10. Organization for a Seemingly Unorganizable Game

    Posted by Zack Z Murray on 19th Aug 2015

    King of New York is one of those games where once you sleeve your cards you have no choice but to trash the stock insert. It follows up by having large point/health tracking boards and large monster cut outs, which the only real storage solution is big baggies. You're left with a mess of a box, baggies just thrown in, no order or organization, all because you wanted to sleeve your cards.

    Now thanks to The Broken Token none of this is an issue! There are large, perfect size spaces for the monster boards and the cutouts. Everything else fits perfectly in the box, with a small pull-out tray for energy and monster tokens. There's even extra space for future expansions.

    If you enjoy King of New York, buy this insert, you'll love playing the game so much more, it makes setup and cleanup a breeze. Oh, and do yourself a favor and pick up the replacement energy tokens from The Broken Token as well, they're perfect.

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