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Product Description

You may want to expand your imperial boundaries, but you don't want your cards and tokens to take over your game box! Enter our Imperial Settlers organizer compatible with  Imperial Settlers by Portal Games.  Like all of our organizers, it supports sleeved cards, and comes with 12 adjustable dividers. The 2 removable trays feature engravings in each token section help keep you organized, and provide additional storage for game board pieces below when placed in the main organizer.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed organizer compatible with Imperial Settlers by Portal Games. 

Portal Games, Imperial Settlers and their logo are trademark of Portal Games, www.PortalGames.pl

Lots of extra space for expansions that might come

A full half of the organizer is empty! I assume since this is a licensed product, there are expansions planned to talk up the empty space.

Works for Ashes too!

As suggested by the lovely people at the booth, I picked this up at Gen Con for my copy of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. I have a few of the bit boxes, but this was my first full insert. I was not disappointed! It went together in about 10 - 15 minutes and fit perfectly. The token trays fit snug and I am extremely happy with this insert. I store my games on their side, but as long as the tokens are in the bottom tray, everything stays put perfectly. Will be buying more inserts for sure!

Great as always

Imperial Settlers has a fair number of different cardboard and wooden tokens and a decent number of different card decks. The standard-sized box is very roomy if you take the lame cardboard insert out, but keeping the pieces and cards sorted and separated calls for a basic insert.<br><br><br><br>The insert is pretty straightforward: two rows for cards with dividers, two removable trays for the tokens and a compartment below the trays for the player boards. Broken Token can knock out this kind of tray in their sleep, and the final result is just what I've come to expect.<br><br><br><br>The removable trays are perfect for set-up, play and clean up: just put the trays in the middle and play. The card dividers keep the different decks separate, again making set up and clean up easy.<br><br><br><br>There is lots of room left over for more cards from expansions. New tokens from expansions would probably need to share compartments in the trays.<br><br><br><br>The insert is easy to assemble. The pieces fit nicely, but it will help to use glue on a few of the joints, especially on the removable trays.

The only organizer you need for this game

I want to start by saying that I looked at several organizers for this game offered by several different companies and this one is the only one you need. Some of the others may be a little more fancy, but this one is great, easy to assemble and only took 10-15 min, extremely affordable compared to other companies. I will bypass the frill for function every time and The Broken Token has delivered. I will be buying several more in the near future.

Great, but needs glue

One of the trays I received didn't stay together when I first constructed it. This is kind of strange for BT stuff. Usually, it's a very tight fit and awesome, but one of the tray pieces was a little warped and that whole tray needed glue. At least now I know it'll be more likely to stay together.

Perfect for storage and quick, easy setup and play

This organizer went together very easily (the pieces needing a little super glue, but otherwise fit together snugly. There is tons of room for base game and both expansions ("Friends" and "Atlanteans") all tokens and wooden pieces in the removeable trays, the player boards, and extra space beyond for future expansions.

Works Great - Lots of Room for Expansions!

Works great for me! This is maybe one of my favorite broken token inserts, and I have a pile of them. It feels like maybe they changed the type of wood used, but this was the easiest insert I've put together from Broken Token, and has lots of room for future expansions. It might not be easy to get more than two more future faction boards in tray, but there is a ton of room for sleeved cards.

My Gen Con 2015 Pick up

Well I picked up the Imperial Settlers new faction at Gen Con this year and figured it was time to get the insert. This is a great product like any of the Broken Token insert this one is a great product. <br><br>At first I was concerned that some of the bits on tope were exposed and was afraid they might shift around a bit. Put the insert together and did a shake test (I usually bring my games to game night in a bag stored on its side) and the insert passed with flying colors. It looks like there will be enough space for one more expansion with sleeved cards. Not sure if the sleeved card will go beyond that. I talked to Ignacy at Gen Con and he says he has a least two more factions in the works! Great product