Imperial Organizer

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Key Features

  • Nine removable token trays
  • Twelve adjustable card dividers
  • Holds one of each expansion through Twin Shadows

Product Description

Put the Empire in its place with our Imperial Organizer compatible with Imperial Assault! Flexible and adaptable to your collection: our organizer features 9 trays to hold game pieces, boards, figures, 175 large sleeved cards, 360 small sleeved cards, with room left over for two AT-STs. Some dividers may be removed to allow space for even more figures.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 11.26" x 11.26" x 5.24"
  • 3.8 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.



My kids bought me Imperial Assault for Christmas. It's a great game, but it became abundantly clear after unpacking it all that I needed an organizer. This is a great solution! Everything arrived in good shape. The assembly instructions are clear and straightforward.

Make sure you budget enough time and patience to put this together - it'll be worth it. Some of the joints are a little loose and need some wood glue, and others were kind of tight and required some minor shaving with an X-Acto knife to fit. All in all though, 80%-90% of the joints snapped together nice and tight for me, which I thought was pretty good. A little sandpaper to the corners, and the finished product is really nice.

The game fits neatly in all the compartments and into the game box with room to spare! I had the same issue with the Nexu"s tails not fitting, but a little heat treatment with a hair dryer to adjust them slightly, and everything was fine. This organizer will make setting up the game and taking it down so much easier. Very nice design! Highly recommended!

Flexible and complete


First off, I just put the 2 big monsters in the top tray, no big deal. The figures, most of them can go 2 in each slot. There's plenty of room left. I inverted the center beam in one of the 2 trays so I can remove dividers as I add figures and pack many into a small space. I think a mistake many have made is considering the trays as display cases. They're not, pack the pieces in groups and you'll see how flexible this gets fast. I'd have rather seen dual thinner top trays with size-specific storage, but, as I've not seen some dxpansions yet that might be more trouble than it's with.

I have a lot of these now, and I have not found an alternative of even remotely similar quality for the price. I'll have dozens of inserts by the time I'm satisfied. Keep me coming guys, where's my Settlers box?

Great Organizer


Well engineered and produced. Easy to assemble. Highly recommended.

Great organizer for Imperial Assault


I have several inserts from Broken Token, and this one is the best yet. It has room for all my tiles and figures and labels in the trays to show you where the various tokens go. It was pretty easy to assemble. A rubber mallet is a very useful tool during assembly. No glue was needed, but I did use clear tape on some of the corners that were a bit loose. Overall an excellent product.

Believe it!


Yoda would be proud of Broken Token, they believed and therefore, did not fail to produce a top quality product. I have the core game, Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth. All the products, ally packs and tiles fit perfectly into this organizer. It also left room for some Twin Shadows minis.

Hopefully, once Bespin Gambit comes out, another organizer can be made to hold all the expansion products.

Another Great Product


I love this organizer. It was easy and fun to put together. The cards and tokens all fit fine. After reading the other reviews I was worried that the figures would not fit, however all of the figures fit perfectly with the exception of the nexus. They are slightly too tall with their tails. I just moved them into the top tray and all works well. I have the starter set and 7 figure expansions and they all fit. The bottom trays are customizable to accommodate other figures by removing some of the dividers (designed that way). This is my fourth organizer from TBT and it is awesome as always.

Great design and assembly


Great design for the product and easy of assembly. There's room to expand and the components fit snugly in the box with no bulging.

Great Stuff


Perfect. Any kind of plano plastic organizer would just not cut it compared to this perfectly attuned design. Great to have the trays out and handy which do not require any digging with fingers as much as typical plastic organizer solutions do.

Very nice.


Great organizer. The only drawback is that it doesn't hold everything. The option to purchase additional trays would be nice to cover the expansions without having to buy the whole kit again.



I recently had my minis painted for this game and this insert protects and stores them great! It also speeds up set up and take down so you can play more games! Love the Broken Token inserts! I now have the inserts for Imperial Assault, Legendary Encounters, Among the Stars and Battlestar Galactica and they are all AMAZING!!!

Extra room


I didn't think it would be possible, but there was a lot of extra room in there. Snapped together like a pro. Didn't need glue.

Best organizer trays yet!


I've purchased many of the tray inserts designed by the Broken Token folks. This is by far, the best set I feel they've designed. This set will help you organize all sets/expansions released so far up through the Twin Shadows Expansion (as of 9/1/15). All cards fit (sleeved) as well as the figures, tokens and other goodies. You won't be disappointed.

Best Organizer!!


This is my second tray insert purchase from Broken Token, I have nothing but praise for these products. I have both the Imperial Assault and the Twin Shadows expansions, these trays hold all the pieces from large to small. A great product, I would recommend this to anyone that has this game for organization.

fun to build, gives order to your empire!


Seemed a little overwhelming at first glance, but it's fun to put together, and it does it's job well. Very minimal glue needed. Smells good too if you're into that...

Awesome Decision. Make the Same


This did not disappoint! After reading through a lot of forums discussing Imperial Assault, I found that The Broken Token had this insert. I'd known about The Broken Token since I saw their organizer for Dead of Winter. Even though there were only a few reviews for this product when I ordered it, I was pretty confident since their other organizers have been so well received. It arrived in good time, and it was very simple to put together. The instructions and diagrams were quite clear. I only needed glue a few times when the components were slightly loose, but for the most part they fit snugly. Everything fit perfectly in the trays, and I have additional room for the expansions. Put together, the trays fit very well in the original box. Gameplay will be much more smooth now, and I'm very excited to jump back in to the campaign. I'm so glad I bought this!

As Advertised...and Fantastic!


Came quickly in the mail. I did wood glue all the main joints, but that was a personal al choice. Fits great and looks great!

I find your lack of instructions disturbing...


The organizer once assembled is pretty good. There is plenty of room for everything that comes with the base game plus more if you have it. The mini's fit just "ok" in the trays. The ability to remove dividers from the mini trays is appreciated but not exceedingly customizable. More options with different size dividers would have been great. The lack of instruction on what game pieces go in what part of the organizer lead to a lot of trial and error. Example: The way the mini trays are built from the instructions will not hold all of the mini's (AT-ST's not included. You have to remove a divider. Further, having to turn over the instruction sheet to see what pieces I need to build a tray from the second side is super annoying. I'm cool with bad offline instructions as long as more detailed instructions exist online. Also, what is the plexiglass cover for? All that said, I would totally recommend this product to a friend. It's the best current option for storing and sorting all of your IA stuff in a convenient package.

Response: Thank you for the feedback, we will look into improved instructions next round. The acrylic cover is shown on the instructions as part MM and is the lid to the top tray. We have all minis through wave two in our box with the dividers in, so its definitely possible to fit them.

Very Good - need a bit of glue



Great product. Ordered from France and received properly (guys : you're good !). The build up needs quiet and time, but result is there.

I was wondering if the same product could apply to another similar game that starts with "Des" and ends with "Cent" ? that would be nice.

Looks great, just wish there was more space than a foamcore solution.


So I got the Imperial Organizer because I figure I'm spending a lot of time painting the minis and I don't want them to get all ruined, and I wanted to make sure I had more space for future waves. While it looks great, I'm a little disappointed. I had a homebrew solution made from foamboard, and while it didn't look as nice, had a lot more room for everything in it. The Nexu (cat like things with the twin rattler tails), don't fit in the spot that the picture shows they are supposed to fit in (the tails go over the container and the trays that go over top of it don't fit right. All the other figures forces you to play a tetris like game to get them all into place. They all have to lay on their sides, the minis with guns have to lined up just right so they don't pop over the top and break. I'm going to have to take part the bottom trays and remove some of the dividers so that I can get some semblance of organization with the minis because right now, they are where they fit, but not where you can find anything quickly. Where my foamcore version had plenty of space, I think I'm in trouble when Wave 3 comes out. Over all 6/10. Don't get is you have multiples of the current minis or an additional set of dice. They won't all fit and will just be thrown in somewhere at random.

Never tell me the odds (of fitting everything in one box)


This is a great organizer, but it's tough to fit everything in one box. I can make everything fit, but it takes work.

That being said, I would seriously consider buying this organizer again solely for the card organizer!

Broken Token please release the option to buy card organizer like the one in this insert kit! They are the PERFECT solution to Fantasy Flights big box games. I'd buy several just to make setup up and gameplay easier for my other FFG games.

Solid. Well made. Makes for efficient set up.


Excellent organizer. This was my first Broken Token and it was easy to put together. I only needed glue on one joint. The workmanship of this organizer is fantastic. Highly recommend.