Imperial Organizer

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Key Features

  • Nine removable token trays
  • Twelve adjustable card dividers
  • Holds one of each expansion through Twin Shadows

Product Description

Put the Empire in its place with our Imperial Organizer compatible with Imperial Assault! Flexible and adaptable to your collection: our organizer features 9 trays to hold game pieces, boards, figures, 175 large sleeved cards, 360 small sleeved cards, with room left over for two AT-STs. Some dividers may be removed to allow space for even more figures.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 11.26" x 11.26" x 5.24"
  • 3.8 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Very Good Organizer


This would be a 4.5 if they had it.

As with most of these items you are paying a bit to get a great organizer.

My only complaint, the miniature storage is bit tight for someone who painted their set. So a nice portion is going empty. It would be nice to have an option to swap out the part of the configuration with more card holders for expansions.

Ideal Store Solution


Top notch product ... Now all fits nicely in one box. Reduces setup time largely

Great Organizer to Start With


I've recently been getting into Imperial Assault and wanted to make the game playable without the hassle of the core box's many, many plastic bags. This organizer does that very well. All the cards, tokens, and figures are easy to find and retrieve, while keeping the game in the original box.

Assembly wasn't too difficult, but required glue to keep the trays together. Also, I'd recommend installing the dividers in the figure trays upside down from the instructions, so that the short pieces can be rearranged after assembly.

Since I put it together, I have been expanding my IA collection, and have been able to fit everything from the Core Box, Twin Shadows and the first 3 waves of Ally and Villain packs into the organizer with some careful doubling up and removing some of the dividers. There looks to be enough room left over for the packs from wave 4,, as well, but I haven't gotten them yet to test. At this point, my only concern is that there is currently no additional storage solution or modification of the organizer to expand storage going forward into the next 4 expansions and the assorted character packs.



Its perfect keeps everything perfect honestly.. wish they had some custom tokens as well lol

Another great insert by Broken Token


As the title says, another great insert from broken token team. However despite the description there is minimal room for expansions. Small box maybe yes but only if you keep the core game basically as is. I plan to get all of wave 1 figures and this insert will allow room only for that and no more.

That said, I highly recommend this insert. Easy to build and looks great the acrylic cover for the damage tokens is a nice touch too.

Fantastic organizer for imperial assault


Fit not only the core game but twin shadows and 11 individual unit packs. Amazingly sturdy organizer.

Incorrect instructions.


The instructions are wrong and incorrectly label pieces and diagrams.

RESPONSE: I have not heard this concern before, would be great if you could let us know what the issues were so we can correct them.

Pricey but worth it.


I play a number of games from Fantasy Flight. While I enjoy most if not all of their design choices in these games, their package design is universally bad. Once you get everything unboxed, the tokens punched out, and the cards sleeved, you're generally left with a cardboard insert that does more to hinder rather than help your organization. In the past I've tossed the insert out and used zip-top bags or plastic bead organizers.

I love the game Imperial Assault enough, however, that I decided to spend the money for a proper organizers. Of all the ones on the market, I felt like this one from Broken Token was the best. So far I have been very pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the organizer. Full disclosure, I have a good bit of experience with crafts and assembling things, so it wasn't challenging for me. You will also probably find that you need a tiny bit of white craft glue on some of the joints as they are not always tight enough to hold together on their own. That isn't really a problem, though.

Just having this makes me feel more at ease knowing that my game pieces are protected, and it makes setting up and breaking down for a session much faster and easier. I would definitely buy from Broken Token again.

Solid organizer to get more enjoyment out of Imperial Assault


Overall: I like this insert a lot, and it does almost exactly what i need for the game. IMHO a game that has this many different components requires some kind of storage/organizer. It's hugely cut down my set-up/tear-down time for playing the game. The trays fit nicely in the box and allow me to organize all the different tokens and cards in logical ways for quick access. It's annoying to have to buy an organizer like this to make the game more playable, but i'm thankful they exist. It's an expensive investment, but certainly worthwhile.

Minor Gripes:

-Assembly was unpleasant. The youtube videos were a big help, but still could have used a few warnings about how some pieces are asymmetrical. The dividers for the figure trays in particular can easily be set up wrong if you're not paying close attention. "Pro-tip" to any future purchasers...make sure your glue has a small spout. I ended up making a bit of a mess during assembly, and used some choice language several times. It all worked out though.....didn't break any pieces.

-Some of the figures don't quite fit well. The Nexu appears to need to have it's tail pushed down by the tray above.

-Sharing some figure spaces might ding up your custom paint jobs. I recommend extra varnish.

Little details I appreciate:

-I like how the token trays have nesting indentations to keep them stable on top of each other.

-I like the etched component labels for some trays.

Conclusion: If you're passionate about IA, but can't stand wasting your time managing the components, then I say get this. It dramatically improves the playability of the game. I think the price point is high (over half the cost of the base game), but if you're planning to play the game a lot then it's worth it. If it's just a game you haul out a couple times a year, then the cost and hassle of assembly is too much.

A place for everything and everything in its place...


This is my first Broken Token organizer, likely to be the first of many. I was hesitant to drop $50 on what I presumed would just be a bunch of laser-cut balsa wood, but setting up (or taking down) Imperial Assault from plastic bags just took forever. So I took a chance and am SO GLAD that I did. The wood is nice and solid -- not the kind of model-quality balsa wood I expected. And the cuts are so perfect that you *almost* don't need glue -- at least not on every joint or piece. And the way it all stacks together into the box is just ingenious. I'll definitely be pickup up more of these for my other games, they're an invaluable addition to any collection.

RESPONSE: You just totally made my night. The wood we use is Baltic Birch and it is one of the things that sets us apart. The designers do such amazing work and it's nice to hear their designs are appreciated. Bottom line, our goal is to help games get to the table more often! Welcome to the family. Game on my friend - Aminda CSM

Very good organizer


This is great for the core set. There is some splintering and I used some wood glue for the joints but overall it's awesome. Would buy organizers from Bt again

Manages The Game For You


Imperial Assault just has too much content. It requires so much just to play the game that it almost is a huge barrier in getting it played. This organizer, like all their other high component game organizers, is a must buy. There's still a ton of components, but this is essential in managing them. It just makes the game more fun not to have to deal everything anymore.

Not only does it help with managing the game, it fits tons of stuff. I have all the expansions through Twin Shadows (the first box expansion) fitting into this one organizer. It's fantastic. I also sleeved my cards and everything fits great.

Response: Great to hear, it is a lot to manage!

Simplifies setup/takedown, Essential organizer


This is the best organizer I could have wished for. I have (almost) everything from release through Bespin Gambit and it is mostly stored in this single organizer* with all cards sleeved. It makes setting up a breeze, since everything has it's own place. I can't imagine playing Imperial Assault without this organizer.

* I do not play skirmish, only campaign, so any skirmish specific packs I have not purchase, and all the skirmish cards are stored separately. Additionally, a few of the large map pieces are stored in one of the expansion boxes with the rulesets/campaign guides.

RESPONSE: thanks for the specifics, this really helps others gamers get a sense of what the organizer does! This is a tough game to organize and we appreciate the feedback!

A MUST Buy for Organized Freaks



- Fits all components perfectly inside the Imperial Assault Box

- Assembly was relatively easy (2 hours for me)

- READ the guides posted online, they give you tools needed and tips

- Handled it pretty roughly, and no parts broke in the process luckily. But don't push your luck.

- All of my cards are sleeved (bought from FantasyFlight's site), and they fit into the card holders perfectly.

- Fits my AT-ST and General Weis both in the Core Box.


- Enough character slots for core box + 1 or 2 more villain/hero packs. After that, you'll start cramming remaining ones either underneath AT-STs or with the Nexus. (Currently 5 villians/heroes)

- Price is a bit high compared to buying just those plastic organizer boxes. HOWEVER, I must say the aesthetics is worth it! And keeping the Core Box with everything organized inside is just way better than having an ugly old tool box you use for working in the Shop >,>


Assembly was pretty straight forward! Have glue (for wood products) and a rubber mallet (hammer works fine) ready to fasten those pieces. Glue to keep it intact, hammer to avoid forcing them together with your bare hands.

I played my first 2 games in campaign with my brother, everything felt easier and faster to set up when starting up the game. All of the tokens are already ready for use, map tiles will ALWAYS be a hassle regardless, and figures are neatly organized in the tray for ease of access.

The best part is the card organizer! No more opening zip bags! Just pick em up from the rack, do your thing and put 'em back!

This product to me feels like an essential add-on to your Imperial Assault. Whether its for aesthetics or for ease of set-up for future games. The price is steep but worth.

RESPONSE: Thank you for the great and honest review, this is why we do what we do and appreciate your feedback!

An excellent organizer!


It's customizable so you can store things the way you want; it allows for stable storage of all the many parts and pieces of a very complex boardgame, and makes both setup and storage very simple. This is an awesome product.

Very good, with a few flaws


I'm overall very satisfied with this organizer, but it was a little bit disappointing compared to my previous purchase (the Dead of Winter insert, which was perfect). The fact that they designed a workable organizer for such a game at all is pretty amazing (damn you and your multiple sized cards!).

I'd say that glue is pretty much required on this insert, unlike DoW, which fit together perfectly tight without needing any additional reinforcement. And unfortunately I experienced a few places where the cuts were so tight that the wood splintered when I tried to tap them together with a rubber mallet. The damage is cosmetic only, and doesn't effect the overall integrity of the boxes, but still, it was a bummer to see.

A few of the figures are a little too big for the slots, but there's enough room in the bigger Nexu slots to store them, so it's not that big a deal. I honestly don't know how they could have crammed anything else into the box. The design of the organizer is excellent, as expected; it used to be a chore to get IA to the table because setup and cleanup were such a chore, and now most of the hassle is eliminated, we get to play it a lot more often.

good for now


Its a cool kit for sure. However with all the current expansions it doesnt have space for the skirmish cards. Kind of bums me out. Also I use accordion folders for the tile pieces and still had stuff to put in that top try. The space left for the ATST could be better used for cards, dice, or other stuff.

But this kit is 100% better than the foam kit I had before. which I stuck in the Jabba box to hold the minis.

Very pleased with purchase


I've been a big fan of thebrokentoken products for some time now. Starting with the organizer for Dead of Winter, I've purchased many products from thebrokentoken; Netrunner organizers, Firefly the Game: Big Damn Crate, Smash Up, King of Tokyo, etc. This organizer delivers the same quality every product from thebrokentoken offers. Assembly is efficient, material is quality, utilization of storage space is maximized, I can think of only positive things to day...overall I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review and for being part of the Broken Token family!

Very Finicky to Assemble - Not Secure when Assembled


This was more difficult to put together than I originally thought - Was disappointed that after putting it together it's not very stable. Going to have to reinforce it w/ glue and/or tape.

Also wish there was a guide to what goes where, or what each tray is designed for.

Allows for a lot of space though, I'd say beyond those few annoyances around set up it's a fairly solid product.

Response: Thank you for the feedback. This is certainly an organizer where we recommend glue, as all of the components are removable from the box and will be handled multiple times during gameplay. While some customers do assemble our organizers without glue, we always recommend it for extra stability.

Regarding a guide to what goes where, please see our "How it Fits" video for this product on YouTube.

Great Organizer for the Price


I've order a few of Broken Token's products and I LOVE this one.

The chaotic nature of using the existing box for this game drove me nuts. I got this organizer and it put every thing in the box safely in order.

Before ordering it I looked at other foam options for this game. They cost more money than I wanted to spend and wouldn't use the existing box. This organizer is less expensive, uses the existing box and stores everything really well.

As I've said in my other Broken Token review: I like the Birch (I think) wood that they make them out of. It's light but sturdy for it's weight. It's nicely sanded and appears to be laser cut.

This product did require some wood clue to keep some of the boxes together. As accurate as their cutting may be, the organic nature of wood and how it can change with temperature and humidity can make it impossible to have a tight fit for everything. My technique is to assemble the box, put a dab of wood glue on my finger, run it along the seems and wipe up the excess with a web paper towel (cloth would be better). It's quick and easy and provides really good binding.

For my money, this is the best organizer you can get for this game.

Very happy


Fits great in the box, with space for an additional AT-ST if you choose to purchase the booster pack. I needed to use some white glue to keep all the trays together, but everything was a perfect fit. I only own the base game and some booster packs, not sure if this would hold the pieces from the other expansions as the box is pretty full.

Very happy overall, definitely recommend.

Perfect Time Saver


I have been looking at this organizer for a few weeks and finally decided to purchase it along with some FF Card sleeves.

The organizer took some time to go together, but it was no big deal. Use glue, there is no way around it.

The card slots are perfect if you are using sleeves and with the dividers you can make the sections are large as needed.

It is definitely worth it to have this organizer as apposed to the way I was separating my items for imperial assault. I had things in tons of labeled sandwich bags.

I recommend this to anyone who is struggling to keep their game organized.

Since this organizer turned out to be so well. I am going to look into one of the zombicide organizers once my gaming group decides to dig into that.

RESPONSE: no more baggies!!! it should be a company motto :D



Storage boxes where pretty simple to put together, I didn’t need much glue and it got the job done. Despite this however I was disappointed slightly. The figures don’t fit comfortably into storage trays and despite the fact the description reads “Holds multiple expansions including Twin Shadows” I really don’t see how. The build includes zero extra slots for more figures and included a somewhat limiting number of card dividers.

But it got the job done I guess. If I take out the divers in the figure trays and pile them all in one I can see some room for expansions, but I’m not sure anymore map tiles will fit in this design.

I don't think id recommend this product to anyone planning on getting many of the expansions.

Response: We'd love to hear your recommendations for improvements if you'd like to send them via the contact form. Currently the box is at capacity and making space for one type of component would mean reducing space from another component.

Good, but not flawless.


The Imperial Organizer does a tremendous job of organizing plethora of pieces, tokens, board segments, and cards that are included in this huge game. The card organizers are fantastic and they give enough dividers that I am able to sort all the different categories of card out in a way that is convenient and makes sense. The token containers are deep and even labeled (although the labeling is on the bottom inside of the container, so, once it is full of tokens, you can't see the label anymore... but that is no big deal) and the Strain and Damage token box even has a clear acrylic plastic lid to keep the tokens from scattering. It does hold all the tokens and board segments from both the base game and Twin Shadows, not 100% sure about all the minis from the character pack expansions, though. More on that in a minute.

The board sections themselves have their own little compartments to keep them sorted, except for the larger tiles which have to site on top of one of the trays. You can see this in the first picture for the item itself. The problem is; the pic doesn't show ALL the oversized tiles in there. They do all fit, but, they kind of just sit somewhat sloppily on top. I understand space in the box was tight, but, it just seems a little poorly thought out. The door tokens, character sheets for the story mode game, and the threat dial all sit in the same container slot as well. Again; it is fine and is not a problem, it just LOOKS like an afterthought.

The only actual issue with the Imperial Organizer is the miniature storage. The AT-STs fit nicely, as seen in the pic, but the standard size minis do not all fit. The slot intended for the Nexu monsters is too shallow and their tails sit up too high, thus being pressed down upon by the container intended to sit on top of their container. Additionally, some of the regular sized miniatures don't fit either. Gaarkhan the wookiee, The Royal Guard Champion, and even Darth Vader himself don't fit in the slots intended. There may be others that don't fit either, but I didn't bother checking as I had never intended to use the miniature storage anyway as I have a hard plastic case with foam inserts for the sole purpose of carrying the miniatures for this game. That being the case, there are a lot of empty container slots in my set, but, that is of my own choice. If I was depending on storing the miniatures in the Imperial Organizer, however, I would be disappointed.

The assembly is pretty easy and detailed nicely on the instructions, although labeling the pieces themselves and not just numbering the sprues and depending on the consumer to determine which very similar looking piece the assembly instruction is asking for would have been nice.

Overall, I still highly recommend this organizer. I don't know if it will handle further expansions like the upcoming Return to Hoth, but, for now it holds everything (except the minis) all in one box and keeps it much easier to set up and put away for gaming sessions.

Some minis don't fit right


As others have said, this is great for card & token storage, but some of the initial wave minis don't quite fit into some of the slots. A little disappointing, but only because the other 10+ organizers I've gotten from TBT have been so fantastic.