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Horizontal Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case

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Product Description

This is a 4-row organizer for the Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) designed to hold cards horizontally. Also fits Hobby Lobby Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) with a cardboard spacer. 

By storing cards horizontally, this organizer provides approximately 1" of additional case storage space on top of the card organizer over our ORG010 Euro Card Organizer or ORG011 Standard-Size Card Organizer. This additional space can be used for books, manuals or game boards.

This kit comes ready-to-assemble with 21 adjustable dividers and is constructed from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.

NOTE: Wooden Artist Case and cards are sold separately.

If you'd like to purchase the artist case with organizer, see the list of related items below.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)


So far it holds Marvel Legendary, Dark City, Guardians, Paint the Town, and Secret Wars V1 and has room for more!I would recommend to a friend!

What I've been looking for

I'm using it to hold my Firefly game with all the expansions. It works well. The only change I might make to the design is to eliminate the arched opening at the bottom of the section dividers. That way, dice and small game pieces can be stored.

Review for art case organizer

We really liked this product! The only issue would be it's a little hard to keep the peices together while trying to insert it into the art case, once it gets into the case it was amazing! Fit out double sleeved Magic the gathering cards! Even fits plastic deck boxes!


Easy to assemble and install. Rock solid once in place. I find it better than the vertical version. I use this for Sentinels of the Multiverse and it's perfect. Highly recommend.

Needs more dividers

Needs more dividers. Just wasnt enough for my sentinels of the multiverse game

Great product

I'm using this (and a long box) to hold Eldritch Horror and all the expansions (sleeved) and it works great.


It was easy to assemble, but I think we should have more options of wood to choose from.

works great for sentinels of the multiverse.

I have every expansion up to wrath of the cosmos for SOTM and if fits with some room to spare.

horizontal card organizer

I reall love the card holder that you have designed for the art lot. However, it would be much better if the bottom of the dividers were solid. That would allow someone to place smaller items in that area, like code or tokens.

Just perfect!

It assembled in no time and fit like a glove. I was contemplating making my own, but this is so much nicer. Excellent job on the design!<br><br><br><br>Will be getting the Ascension dividers soon!