Horizon Grid MK.IV


Product Description

Bring your sci-fi games to life with the Horizon Grid MK.IV single story building. This building has been designed to build an immersive environment for 28mm wargaming.

This building with functioning doors and great table coverage includes: 

  • 1x single story building

This laser cut 3mm MDF kit comes unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Very good for the price

Took roughly 30 minutes from opening the Amazon package to dry assembling(to make sure everything fit, wasn't damaged, and I understood how it went together before gluing). Directions were fairly poor, however if you're used to assembling models and figuring those out this shouldn't be an issue. The directions packet did state they are working on better directions, and some models have Youtube tutorials already implemented.
<br>All the details were 99% properly implemented, and the 1% is completely unnoticeable when assembled. For the price this was a crazy good deal, I'm going to buy a full kit of these things and make a desert board so the color fits.
<br>Only criticism I have right now is that I found this on Amazon and the Amazon store doesn't actually list these terrain items. I would recommend fleshing out the Amazon store, and maybe making bundles of compatible terrain components so someone like myself can save the headache of having to avoid buying the same thing twice.
<br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the review and the great feedback!