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Honored Luxury Tokens Metal Honored/Dishonored Status Tokens (1)


Product Description

Highest end tokens you can possibly get for a game. These tokens are double-sided and display 'Honored' on one side in shiny gold and white with 'Dishonored' on the opposite side. These impressively dense tokens are as wide as cards in Legend of the Five Rings by Alderac Entertainment Group.

These are designed them with cut-outs such that they will not cover the 'Glory' value of a card if placed in the middle of the card. These would make amazing tournament and game prizes, or a great gift for the collector gamer that must have the absolute best for their games. No one at the table will have more impressive tokens than these custom pieces! 

These are custom-made, die-struck soft-enamel metal coins with color on both sides.

This is a third-party accessory designed by Luxury Playstye.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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