Hi capacity Card Case -3 row- Engraved -"The Longer, Harder Wood."


Product Description

The Longer, Harder Wooden Card Case is a  harder, and longer card storage solution with adjustable dividers and support for sleeved or unsleeved cards to satisfy your organizing needs. Our new card case comes in two different settings. A two-row and now a three-row for those who need a little something extra. No matter what size you choose, each case allows for easy access and maneuverability of your cards.

This 3-row case is engraved with "The Longer, Harder Wood." All options have The Broken Token logo engraved on the sides. The card rows are contained in a sturdy 1/4" wooden crate with handle cut-outs on the end. Includes 4 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: Unlike our engraved wooden artist case, all engraving are raw laser engravings and are not stained. The color of the engravings is the natural burnt wood color.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC..  This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token and is not endorsed by Cards Against Humanity LLC.

Great Organizer

Everything about this is great, even to use to organize other card games. Great instructions, great design and quality.

Great sturdy box

I fit CAH game with expansion one and boosters which takes up about two sections without plastics. Coup cards don't fit upright but lay them on their side and one of the four compartments will hold the whole game with expansion. Stained it black with white paint in the grooves and it turned out really well.

Love this Box!

This is a quality box, easy to assemble and finish. The tolerances are very tight, so some of the pieces will require a gentle tap with a hammer or other blunt object to fit. Glue is recommended.<br><br>The fit of the lid is very (VERY) tight and required a bit of sanding on all four, outer facing sides of the inner tray inserts before it will go on and off smoothly. Not a drawback at all, but something to be mindful off. <br><br>I painted mine, and they turned out fabulous. Did not get the engraving.<br><br>Fits Cards Against Humanity cards (I don't use sleeves) easily.<br><br>My friends are jealous of the box, which is a bonus.

Great quality but tabs don't fit well

The box was great quality and didn't require any sanding or wood glue to make the pieces fit together. I stained it and it looks beautiful. However, I printed out the tabs for all my Dominion cards from the site that Broken Token suggests and when they're in the box the lid isn't really tall enough and it doesn't close all the way unless the tabs are quite angled. I wish it was just a bit taller. If you have a game that doesn't require tabs, go for it!


product was easy to build and is very sturdy and has plenty of space

Excellent case - some manipulation required

Followed the instructions carefully. However, had difficulty fitting the inside rack assembly with the case. The insert was extremely tight, despite using a soft mallet to get the sides of the insert securely together. The insert wall openings were also too narrow. I had to plane the connecting joints to fit the openings to make them fit. The lid wouldn't smoothly secure and had to be forcefully pushed to close. I planed the edges of insert where the lid made contact.

Great Box for Cards Against Humanity

another great box from Broken Token! I love this for my Cards against Humanity decks!