Gloomhaven Organizer

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Key Features

  • 30 full-color, exclusive, monster tuck-boxes
  • Compatible with 1st or 2nd edition printings
  • Four character trays
  • Two card trays with adjustable dividers
  • Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards

Product Description

Outside the relative safety of the city of Gloomhaven, adventure and fortune awaits the brave and bold. Make your game box its own haven for the weary mercenary with The Broken Token’s officially licensed organizer for Gloomhaven by Cephalofair games.

Seventeen removable trays make set-up and tear down a breeze. A large tray holds all the 2-sided map tiles with an etched stacking order to help find the right tiles and pack back up. 4 identical trays hold the party’s active character’s ability cards, attack modifier cards, collected item cards, character tokens, character pad, character board and hp/xp dials and trackers, as well as a spot for the character standee for first edition copies of the game. The miniatures tray holds all the character miniature boxes with cutouts making it easy to remove the right one. 2 identical trays hold the 2-sided overlay tiles with a third smaller tray for the trap overlay tiles. 1 mini-card tray holds the 4 base attack modifier decks, blessing cards, curse cards, negative modifiers, battle goal cards, random scenario cards, and all item cards with enough dividers to separate all the cards by type and items by prosperity level. The standard card tray holds road and city events; separated by available, locked and used events; personal quest cards, and both types of random dungeon cards. The standard card tray also has a “secret compartment” under the cards for the Town Records Book and sealed envelopes. There are 3 “combat” trays, one holds all the status tokens (the 2nd edition redesign rendered the blessing and curse tokens obsolete so the tray was redesigned to hold the 8 rather than 10 tokens), one holds damage tokens, money tokens, xp tokens/scenario aid tokens, and element discs and round tracker for set-up, the third tray holds the summons and their trackers and number tokens. Finally there are 3 monster trays, one for plastic stands, another for the monster stat sheets and sleeves, the third holds 30 custom full color tuck-boxes that store the monster attack modifier cards and each monster type’s standees and ability cards together.

There’s a lot of world to explore and a lot of money to be made, get to adventuring faster with help from The Broken Token!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. 

Cephalofair Games, Gloomhaven and their logos are trademarks of Cephalofair Games, 1915 Perdue St., Lafayette, IN, 47905

Product Information

  • 15.68" x 11.20" x 7.50"
  • 6 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

NOTE: This organizer includes our Gloomhaven Character Trays (ACC017) and Gloomhaven Tuck Boxes (ACC016). There is no need to purchase them separately.

Game Compatibility

Get some Glue


This does a pretty good job making a a mess of a game clean. However be prepared for a time sink to get all of these dividers built and then putting the game into them. The one sad thing is I got the 2nd printing and there are more character boxes in the 2nd printing than the 1st printing which this is built for so we had to flatten the character boxes for the characters we were using.

Well done, though complicated


As with all of the other BT inserts I have, this was well-designed and not difficult to put together, though far more extensive. This one did require wood glue, which I had never needed before. The only disappointment is that not all of the components from the second edition fit in this insert. The red/blue dial-trackers do not have a place, and only 13 of the 17 character boxes fit (If you are playing with 4 characters, you don't need those boxes any longer, but I would have preferred to keep them for completeness.).

Aside from those, everything else works great and makes it a snap to set up and tear down.

RESPONSE: Those dials will fit on top of the character/player trays (you will see cut out along the side allowing them to next down in keeping them flush) The way it's setup is you always have 4 "active" characters whose parts are stored in the same character/player tray and the empty boxes can just be stored flat on top. The organizer was designed with the 2nd edition in mind! If you have any other questions feel free to contact us here: and create a support ticket! Happy to help!

Aminda Customer Support

Well made, easy instructions, well planned out


I purchased this for the second printing, and unfortunately it does not have enough room for all the character tuck boxes since the new printing has more. It hasn't been too much of a problem for me yet since I have the game almost always on the table so have not had to figure out how to get the extra few character tuck boxes in (the problem is just the tuck boxes for the character cards and sheets, there is more than enough room in the miniature tray).

That said, the insert is sturdy, the instructions were dead simple to follow. It is super well organized. I particularly like the tuck boxes for the enemies holding both the decks and the standies together. There is a place for just about everything. The tray that holds the map pieces is just barely big enough to get them all in (following their very helpful diagram on how to store them, which also doubles as where to find them when setting up a scenario). So kudos for efficient use of space and not just leaving empty space at the top to throw all the left overs.

The character trays are nice and make it easier to save the character from session to session but if I find it a struggle to get all the character tuck boxes in then these are probably the thing I would sacrifice.

Impressive Bit of Design


Lots of other people have said how necessary this is for keeping Gloomhaven organized, and I will just say that I agree 100%.

But what I'd like to focus on is how impressive the design of this bit of kit is. Someone put a ton of time into making all these pieces fit together in an intelligent way, and making sure it all interlocked together to fit neatly in the box. The manufacturing itself is also top-notch. I personally wood-glued all the pieces together, but I think that may have been overkill. I get the feeling that everything would have stayed together just fine with just press-fit.

All-in-all, if you've invested in Gloomhaven, you absolutely should invest in this organizer as well.

Used for second edition.


Due to the extra goodies in the second edition everything doesn't quite fit back in the box, but it's close. We have everything but the figures back in including the health and xp dials. Still is going to massively help with playing the game. #worth

I feel so organized now!


When my second edition of Gloomhaven arrived and I started playing it with my group, my wife almost immediately said, “You have my blessing to go get whatever kind of organizer you want.” I’ve had good experiences with The Broken Token before, so I jumped on this organizer.

The arts and crafts project to put the various trays together was fun, spread here and there over a few days. All of the pieces were easy to find (having a big table to spread the wood sheets over was helpful), and the assembly instructions were clear.

The biggest highlight is the custom tuck boxes - every monster type in the game has a box that holds its ability deck and the standees, with the art for the monster on one side of the box and the name of the monster on the edge, making it so easy to find everything! Oddly, we had two Cultist boxes, but we use one of them (flipped over so that we don’t see the name) for extra Boss standees.

My only holdback of complete praise is that the tray for the game boards is pretty much useless. Yes, they all fit, and there’s a recommended stacking to make the boards findable, but I quickly abandoned it in favor of an accordion file folder. The file folder won’t fit back in the box, I’m sure, but I don’t mind leaving it next to the box on the shelf if I ever decide to put this game away (if!).

Anyway, I have so much joy using the Broken Token organizer. I already loved Gloomhaven, but it’s much more of a pleasure to play the game now that I don’t have to go fishing for all of the bits. I know where they are, and I’m ready to bring monsters out for fighting!



My headline sums it up. I enjoyed putting this together. Everything was perfect. I sleeved all my cards and they fit in everything. Great organizer!

Amazing addition to Gloomhaven


OMG, setup and tear down time are drastically reduced. Fits back in to the box with no issues or overflows. Fantastic buy really worth the money.

Absolutely Necessary


I don't know how you would play this game without an additional organization system. You could go for baggies or your own solution, but if you have the money this one is great! Super easy (and fun) to put together and fits everything wonderfully.

Only issue as others have mentioned is that you don't have room for 4 character boxes, but I didn't find it a big issue and I don't know where room could be saved otherwise.

great idea


This was a gift for my son (a grownup) who put it together and loves it for its compactness and easy availability of game pieces. I (the gifter) was amazed at how fast it arrived, much sooner than expected. As a non-gamer, it is a durable and great idea for this game of multiple pieces and layers.



The Broken Token has done it yet again! They have found a way to take a million pieces fix, organized, back into the box. I was using a craft box to organize all the million pieces, and the lid didn't even close b/c of the terrain tiles. Now, I have my box back and the lid actually closes. I don't mind the extra weight since it can fit on my shelf again. I love it and I'm so happy to have it.

Enough gushing. I found the piece with the terrain tiles really does need to be taped together b/c of all the weight. Also, the corners of the character holders needs to be taped down b/c it can roll loose. I haven't had any issue with the little pieces sliding around since they aren't covered, but if the box tips there will be a little bit of cleanup. The tuck boxes for the monsters are the biggest time saver.

After consideration, decided to go with Broken Token for Gloomhaven


I got the first print run of Gloomhaven and tried to pick up a Meeple Realty insert but they could not keep it in stock long enough (good problem to have) for me to order. After looking at the big 3 inserts I decided I liked Broken Token's the best for the storage of teh cards (tuck boxes are nice) and the various bits. I plan to keep my map pieces in my "accordion" folder for easier access as I have space to hide that in a cupboard.

Yet Another Rousing Success!


I have never been disappointed with Broken Token organizers, and their Gloomhaven Organizer is no exception. Since I live in the San Diego, CA area, I was able to pick up the product personally at their new factory location. They were still moving in, and everything looked a little disorganized to me. They were able to find my order within a few minutes, however, so apparently they were not as disorganized as they looked. I took it home that evening, and couldn't wait to put the cleverly-fitted trays together and store my First Edition game using this product.

The instructions were clear, although the "finished product" images of two of the trays were swapped, so I was a bit confused for a moment until I figured it out. All of the pieces fit together perfectly, and I needed only to tape and/or glue the largest trays together to make sure they didn't come apart. No sanding was needed on my copy.

Not all of the trays were marked with their intended contents, which is a must with a game this massive and complex. The diagram that shows how all of the trays fit inside the box isn't clear either, and it took me several minutes to figure out how all of it worked. Broken Token could have devoted another page or two for additional diagrams showing the order in which the trays go into the box, as well as the tray designations on those diagrams. These were the only reasons I did not rate this product with 5 stars. The quality of the product itself was excellent, as usual.

I bought another copy of this kit for a friend of mine who also owns a First Edition copy of the game, and he loved it. Once he had assembled his trays and stored his game, he passed on his homemade trays and containers to another friend of his who plans to use them on his Second Edition copy when he receives it. Now that he has seen the Broken Token inserts, however, he is torn between them and the homemade ones he received secondhand. BT may have yet another customer before this chain is complete.

Excellent product!


Everything was packed in perfect condition and the instructions to assembly are clear and easy. I'm very satisfied with it.

Great product - assumes a 4 character game


Overall the insert is great, I’d wish the trays were labeled to make post-game cleanup easier but otherwise it’s good. One complaint is that the game only fits 2 of the base unlocked character tuckboxes back into the box, my wife and I are playing a 2 character game so we had to empty two unused characters into the final two trays just to fit the game back together, making us have four empty character tuck boxes that don’t go back in.

Amazing Organizer


This organizer is some sort of voodoo magic. The fact that this thing, with all of it's intricacies, is able to effectively organize AND fit into the Gloomhaven box is amazing. The engineering and amount of tetris puzzle know-how that the Broken Token team put into this is great to see. Truly, this is very creative.

The organizer is one of the more effective ones to buy. When buying addon products for games, I always look for them to add value in large ways to justify the cost. For this organizer, the value add came in the form of setup-tear down of the game. Turning something that normally is a nightmare, if you have everything in bags it could take 30 minutes to setup/tear down, into something that is fast and efficient. Allowing me to have my time back is one of the greatest things this does for me. We can setup and tear down the game in under 10 minutes now which allows us to get 1 more scenario in for the night or allows me to get everything packed up that much faster.

Was easier than I thought


*Note: I should edit this when my 2nd edition arrives. :P

I was a little shocked at how much smaller of a project this was. I was expecting a much larger task than Mage Knight, Pandemic Big Box or Scythe. But it was on par. Just several hours. (I do sand, glue and take breaks. But find it relaxing)

When I finally do get the game, I'm confident it will ge a great choice. I trust the reviews here and this is probably my 20th organizer by The Broken Token.


I love tetris!


And I love this organizer! This feels like the magnum opus for Broken Token, and they deserve a huge pat on the back. This thing is awesome, I was giggling with nerd-glee as each tray neatly and tightly fit into place. The cherry on top is the tray with the map tiles, and the order for the tiles is even scored on the side wall of the tray! When it was all said and done and the top of the box slid all the way down over the bottom, I was just like damn. That's impressive.

Well done guys.



But I which there war a place to but the 4 character tuckbox that are in play. I think you have to fold the tuck box flat and put them at the bottom of the game box, but it is just a guess.

Still really good and easy to assemble.

High Quality


Unfortunately Gloomhaven is taking forever to actually ship, but this organizer was fun to put together and looks great. I stained it a redish color, then assembled. Looks really good and everything feels quality. I can't wait to put it to use now that I can only stare at the completed work...

Fantastic organizer for all the many parts!!


We've purchased many items from Broken Token and this is one of the best organizers we've seen. Gloomhaven has many, many parts to it that can get unwieldly very quickly without some trays or boxes. This organizer is great in that it has many easily accessible holders for the many parts and it all fits really well as a jigsaw puzzle into the original Gloomhaven game box without modification. We highly recommend watching the two YouTube videos posted by Broken Token on this organizer and have a rubber mallot and packing tape (scotch or making tape are not strong enough) to aid in your assembly. The tape is really just for the boards tray, not the other organizing trays, because it gets really heavy and needs a little strengthening of the wood joints. It does take a while to assemble, but very much worth it for your many hours of Gloomhaven gaming!

Excellent craftsmanship but not everything fits back in the box


Here are the things that I love about this solution:

The monster card/token tuck boxes are amazing. Well done!

Construction was probably easier than any other BT organizer I've assembled, though the number of pieces is high.

The assembly guide was really good.

Here's my only complaint:

If you watch the "How it Fits" video you'll see they only put 13 character boxes back in the box, leaving 4 of them out. You get 4 character trays (which are really nice) but no place to store the unused tuck boxes.

RESPONSE: The unused boxes can be folded and stored on top. We did not create a "space" for them as that space had much better uses!

Excellent insert!


I love this insert! I initially had a different wooden insert because at the time it was the only one available, but as soon as this one was announced I made the switch. The only drawback I can think of, and it's minor, is storing the 4 unused tuck boxes. I only play 2 player most of the time, so I have to put 2 unused characters in two of the character trays, which isn't a big deal I guess. But then I need to store the 4 unused character boxes outside of the main box, so if I'm playing at another person's house I need to make sure to bring them with just in case I retire a character. I could break them down and shove them in the box somewhere, but unfortunately I glued the bottom of the boxes shut so components didn't fall out, so that's not an option for me. Again, not a huge deal, and it didn't factor into my rating. Those monster truck boxes are the best! 5 stars all the way!

RESPONSE: thanks for the feedback Mike. Glad you are enjoying the organizer. Yeah the character boxes were a fine line glad you are still loving the rest of the kit!

Excellent design shows


The folks at BT have created a fantastic product for storing, organizing, and playing Gloomhaven. First, it all fits inside the Gloomhaven box, whether you have first or second print edition. Second, it organizes all types of models, tokens and cards for you (the guided storage video on youtube was excellent). Third, it's also intended for playing the game, so the trays go from the box to the table and you can get on with the game!

The tuck boxes for holding the monsters WITH their cards is a great idea - you only pull out one box and both elements you need are ready to go. Even better, where the game calls for a character type like "Archer" but there are multiple Archer types, BT has printed pictures of them on the boxes so you know what you're looking for visually. Great attention to detail there, and another "keeps the game moving" feature.

Everyone's going to want to store things differently. We're all critics (grin). I had a few of my own "Well, maybe I'd have tried this instead" moments, but then again there were things I had NOT thought of that were done by BT!

As for comments about the in-play character tuckboxes not fitting - I just store them flat on the top layer and the box is a tad taller for it. With the gargantuan lid, there's no worries anyway!

A solid, unquestionable value.

Easy to build and it looks great !


The instruction book is really good and with the video it was really easy and fun to build. I sanded everything to get rid of the sharp edges and to make everything soft to the touch then I put a coat of lemon oil on every tray and it looks really great.

I'm still waiting for my copy of Gloomhaven but I'm really excited to store everything in the organizer and have my game look neat. I'm sure I will save a lot of time for the setup and clean up of every game.

I've read to other reviews and the issues with how everything fit back into the box and I'm fine with it. You did an amazing job.