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Gloomhaven Organizer with Forgotten Circles


Product Description

Outside the relative safety of the city of Gloomhaven, adventure and fortune awaits the brave and bold. Make your game box its own haven for the weary mercenary with The Broken Token’s officially licensed organizer for Gloomhaven by Cephalofair games, now with Forgotten Circles.

Twenty removable trays make set-up and tear down a breeze.

A large tray holds all the 2-sided map tiles with an etched stacking order to help find the right tiles and pack back up.

4 identical trays hold the party’s active character’s ability cards, attack modifier cards, collected item cards, character tokens, character pad, character board and hp/xp dials and trackers, as well as a spot for the character standee for first edition copies of the game.

The miniatures tray holds all the character miniature boxes with cutouts making it easy to remove the right one.

2 identical trays hold the 2-sided overlay tiles with a third smaller tray for the trap overlay tiles.

1 mini-card tray holds the 4 base attack modifier decks, blessing cards, curse cards, negative modifiers, battle goal cards, random scenario cards, and all item cards with enough dividers to separate all the cards by type and items by prosperity level.

The standard card tray holds road and city events; separated by available, locked and used events; personal quest cards, and both types of random dungeon cards.

The standard card tray also has a “secret compartment” under the cards for the Town Records Book and sealed envelopes.

There are 5 “combat” trays: one holds all the status tokens (now with 9 token sections), one holds the summons and their trackers and number tokens, one holds scenario and objective tokens, one tray for battle tokens, and one to hold rift overlays.

Finally there are 4 monster trays: one for boss plastic stands and our custom full-color Boss tuck-box, one for normal monster plastic stands, another for the monster stat sheets and sleeves, and the fourth holds the remaining 33 custom tuck-boxes that store the monster attack modifier cards and each monster type’s standees and ability cards together.

There’s a lot of world to explore and a lot of money to be made, get to adventuring faster with help from The Broken Token!

Lid lift note: The height of the organizer is approx. 13mm (.5") taller than the height of the box.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. 

Cephalofair Games, Gloomhaven and their logos are trademarks of Cephalofair Games, 1915 Perdue St., Lafayette, IN, 47905   www.cephalofair.com

Almost Perfect.

Came missing some tuck boxes. Had fun putting it together but became disappointed seeing that some of the denizens were now homeless. The only downside was having to glue together loose pieces. The competitors organizer was hell to put together (I broke some of the pieces) but held everything nicely once together. I rank this a B+ experience.
<br>RESPONSE: About the tuck boxes, did you contact customer support? We are always happy to replace any missing or broken pieces.

Perfect if you are playing with 4 players!

This is a fantastic storage solution. The tuck boxes make things very easy for organization. Takes a while to get everything together and you are absolutely going to want to have some wood glue on hand.
<br>The only reason that it doesn't get 5 stars is because this set only really works if you are playing with 4 players. If you have a 3 or less player game going everything will not fit in the box because you wont be able to break down enough of the white character boxes. Also, the tuck boxes are a bit snug in their wooden tray with the forgotten circles content.
<br>As stated above... other than the minor detail complaints... this is a great organization solution that I would absolutely recommend. It makes setup, play, and put away MUCH easier and quicker.

Must Have

Awesome storage solution. I would suggest people leave the four boxes currently in use alone and just place them on top. Since the lid doesn't close all the way anyway, another half inch doesn't hurt anything!

Great organizer

Sure beats baggies; worth the price for peace of mind.

Highly Recommended for tackling Gloomhaven setup/take-down

I cannot imagine playing Gloomhaven without this organizer. It makes set up and take-down a breeze (as much as Gloomhaven setup and take-down can be a breeze, that is.) Highly recommended.


Love this organizer. It has made our game set up so much faster now that everything is easy to find.


I bought this a gift for my husband. He likes it. It was fairly easy to put together and has plenty of room for all the game's bells and whistles.

A must have product

Great product, gives everything a home. I am no wiz when it comes to gluing components and tend to make a mess, but this one cam out great. All the joints, and the helpful video really made it easy to get it all together. I think this product is an absolute must have for Gloomhaven, it makes the in box storage look like a bad idea and poorly managed space.

More work than expected, but still a good product

A little frustrating to put together, as several of the sheets weren't cut all the way through. Seems like the laser lost focus partway through. Had to use an x-acto knife to cut out several of the pieces entirely.
<br>Even with the struggles, it's a great organizer!



Bonjour, super solution de rangement pour Gloomhaven, nécessite d’acheter les boites pour les monstres