Gloom Tomb


Product Description

Is your life filled with too much cheer and sunshine? Bottle up that extra happiness with The Broken Token’s Gloom Tomb. This Craftsman Series storage solution features our first ever acrylic lid window to put all of your misery on display. The Gloom logo is engraved on each side, so there’s no denying a sad fate lies within. Two card rows with adjustable dividers will accommodate all the expansions listed below and premiums with room for future cards and other forms of tragedy. Includes 6 adjustable dividers, and supports sleeved and unsleeved cards. This death sentence is officially licensed by Atlas Games.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is an officially licensed case for Gloom by Atlas Games.

Atlas Games, Gloom and their logo are trademark of Trident, Inc., dba Atlas Games, 885 Pierce Butler Route, St Paul, MN 55104


As seen on the facebook group tbtmodscommunity a fantastic finishing by Robert Gallentine.

Great storage solution!

I'm always ecstatic to see The Broken Token get officially licensed things, and this was no exception. The box is great for people like me who have Gloom with all expansions and need a way to store it all together, and the box has a really well designed clear lid too, that is a great nod to the game's iconic clear cards!

Not One of the Best Boxes

This is the sixth or seventh of the Broken Token wooden items that I've assembled, and, for some reason, this one was the worst. The pieces didn't want to fit nicely with each other, and the coloring was inconsistent.<br><br>The box design is great, and I love the acrylic lid with the Gloom logo etched into it, but I'm regretting the purchase a little bit since I had to sand some edges down and glue others together. It was just not consistent with the quality of every single other organizer and game box that I've gotten from Broken Token<br><br>Response: In contrast to our box inserts, our storage solutions that contain their own exterior box definitely need to be glued for strength. We apologize if this was not expected. Other than the gluing, if there are quality issues with the material, please let us know so we can help take care of the issue.

Well designed and easy to assemble

I've purchased a number of Broken Token organizers, and this one is certainly among my favorites. It allows me to easily store and organize the base game and all of the expansions I've purchased for it into one location, even when the cards are sleeved. For me, the two biggest things I look for in an organizer is storage of as much of a game (base + expansions) as possible, and an organization aid to help make deployment quicker. This organizer provides the ability to do both, so long as you segregate the cards into at least three sections: starting cards (families); focus cards (rule aids, expeditions, etc.) and deck cards (all the rest of the modifiers).<br><br>I'm glad they redesigned the plexi-glass mechanism on the top, as the "original instructions" make it look a bit less sturdy than the current "sandwich" design. There wasn't much glue needed, as the pieces were all sized to fit very tightly together, but I did use some for added piece of mind, particularly on the three top layers around the plexi-glass.<br><br>At some point, I will get around to staining it, as I have some of my other organizers, but for now it is fine it the original light wood coloring. Leaning towards an ugly black stain, just to keep it in the somber nature of the game.

Easy to Build and Fantastic Looking

This is probably the easiest Broken Token box I've put together. Literally had it glued and built within 45 minutes of getting it. It looks amazing and does an excellent job of holding the cards. A great addition to the game. <br>A few tips:<br>1) Use wood glue to hold it all together, and a damp cloth to wipe off excess glue before it dries. <br>2) Use Simple Green to take the backing off the acrylic, especially in the intricate parts. <br>3) Have a rubber mallet on hand when assembling the outer box. <br>4) Use blue painters tape to "clamp" the corners together as the glue dries.

Only one complaint

I picked this up to hold all of my gloom games and i do have all of the expansions and the table top day promos. This will hold them all and is an awesome looking box. The only problem i have is there are not enough dividers without buying extras to keep all the extras separate. But other that that little problem for me it is a great tool and looks good on my self of the games.<br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the feedback. We are working on ways to make it easier to decide when/if to buy extra dividers. We are happy to hear you are satisfied with the product otherwise. Keep an eye out for sales so you can get those extra dividers you need :D Customer Support

Functional and Fun

This was my first interior and exterior Broken Token build, so there was a bit of a learning curve. The exterior joins are a different beast than those on the interior as the increased thickness makes fitting very important. On mine, the fit on the exterior box (particularly the lid) was incredibly tight -- so much so that I spent more time gently sanding the "teeth" to get them to fit then I did anything else. (and be VERY slow and gentle with sanding as the laminate birch will chip on the ends if you are the slightest bit over-aggressive) However, in the end the fit was so tight that glue was irrelevant.<br><br>After a quick rub down with with 3000 grit sandpaper, inside and out, the tomb is absolutely stunning. There is space to spare inside and the Plexiglas on the top is a whimsical touch. The sanding helps not only with the overall feel of the box, but with how the lid slides down over the interior "lip" which keeps it in place. <br><br>Not only is this a great organizer on its own, but it was very good experience before tackling any of the larger, more expensive, interior and exterior organizers (such as the Pandemic box or Firefly crate). This was definitely more work than other organizers, but it has also provided me with the greatest sense of satisfaction.

Cool box

Great for storing the game, recommended

The Right Box

Pieces fit together snugly. Wood is smooth. Logo on wood and plexiglass are clean and sharp.<br><br>I sanded further and stained and varnished to look like a coffin. Some discoloration among pieces and the outline of a knot on one piece (caused indentations in the wood). Gluing was easy and made clean up simple.<br><br>The spider web design on the plexiglass is hard to pick the backing paper out of, so be mindful to watch the little bits. <br><br>RESPONSE: I'd love to see pics of that :D Also for the plexiglass, a soak in simple green will take it off pretty easily!

Great Box for Gloomy Player

Good, sturdy box for Gloom. The design is nice and compact, but stores all my cards with ease. A little glue here and there is definitely needed on the outer box... kinda wished I had used a touch more for the bottom half of the box, but that's hardly a design issue, that's on me.<br><br>What keeps this from getting 5 stars are a couple of minor design issues. Any one of these on their own wouldn't take off a star, but their combined weight does:<br><br>1. I'm all about aesthetics and balance... so why do only two sides of the box have the Gloom logo? Why not all four? Or the two opposite sides instead of two adjacent? (See what I mean about minor?)<br><br>2. The backing on the acrylic is a pain to get off. Admittedly, I didn't see the Simple Green suggestion until just now. But I just used a wet paper towel and set the acrylic down on that for a few minutes then rubbed off the backing. But until I figured that out, I was upset that getting paper off seemed to be one heck of a chore. A note in the instructions would have been nice.<br><br>3. A tiny, thin slot for the original rules would have been nice, instead of having to fold up the rules at least one more time than packaged to fit it in.<br><br>4. What? No promo card? "Stuck in a Wooden Crate' would have been perfect. (Just joking here)<br><br>Overall, decent box, I'm glad I got it.<br><br>RESPONSE: Great feedback! I really love the promo card idea :P mostly the engraving takes time and time costs'd probably be shocked how much time extra engraving can add, and we try to balance the look and feel with a reasonable retail rate!! But we do appreciate the feedback. We do mention the simple green trick on our website, but I'll see about getting that added to the instructions!

Gloom Tomb

Awesome Gloom organizer! The pieces fit together well, and while you have to be careful assembling it, it's not difficult to assemble.