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Galaxy Trucker Long Haul Edition


These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available. If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately

Product Description

These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available.  If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately.


You have to truck your wares to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It’s a long haul, but setting up your game shouldn’t be. Corporation Incorporated brought in The Broken Token to help with the official game crate for Galaxy Trucker by CGE. Six removable trays are stored in a stylish and compact crate. A tray holds all the cards, with engravings denoting the different rounds. A three-sectioned tray holds the currently unused ship component tiles. A stack of three trays holds all the rest of the small components and a bank tray for all the credit tiles. One large tray acts as the Warehouse and holds the ship component tiles you’ll be playing with, which makes setup and clean up go at light speed! There are replacements for the numbered player ordered tiles that are easier to see and grab during this hectic game. The crate has a 2 ½ inch pocket for all the game boards and instructions. There’s a profit to be made trucking your way across the galaxy, get to making it in style with this all-in-one organization solution!

This is an officially licensed game crate compatible with Galaxy Trucker by Czech Games Edition.

CGE, Codenames and their logo are trademark of Czech Games Edition s.r.o., Karla Tomana 825, 27204 Kladno, Czech Republic. www.CzechGames.com

Perfect fit and gorgeous

Got my painted/stained long haul edition. Went from anniversary edition huge box to this very organized right box. Well worth it.

Ellegant, beautiful and funcational

The exterior of the case is beautiful and catches the eyes with its yellow engraved areas, space paint and custom planet. The custom planet will be slightly raised from the thickness of the paint; however, all of the exterior is lacquered and smooth to the touch.<br><br>The inside is beautiful and has a good layout for quickly getting the game to the table. It's an improvement from the Anniversary edition box I had the game stored in. My favorite part is that I no longer need baggies and can simply drop the trays on the table and start playing. I was a little surprised to find the inside of the box is not lacquered. But, it was easy to toss on a coat. Just an advisory that doing so will darken the saturation of the existing purple stain.<br><br>I did have a slight issue with separation of the outer front panel from the right side panel. It was a minor issue that was easily resolved with a dab of glue and a push back together. It was a minor issue, and my overall opinion is that the organizer is assembled really well.<br><br>All told, each of my friends who love playing Galaxy Trucker, love the new box and are quite pleased to have the game they love so well taken care of. Broken Token... you are amazing artists!

Beautiful Work

The photos can't really do justice to the hand painted artistry of this box. The paints are sparkly, the planet is shiny and fascinating, and the swirls of nebulae paint are integrated into the wood's own patterns. It may be a bit more expensive than the unstained box, but think of this as purchasing a work of art, not just having the box for the game.

A Must!

I had my eye on this and decided to try out the special edition. Let's just say it's amazing. It came assembled (huge in my book) and was so beautifully painted I was in awe. What is great is that this was so beautifully put together it made my standard organizers feel lacking!<br><br>This is not only a good organizer to hold everything, but it is like a piece of art. I can't wait to play with my friends to show it off. What's even better is that it easily holds all the expansions. And it holds them perfectly. Remarkable design.<br><br>If you're debating between this and the regular edition go with the special edition. It is worth the extra money.