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Product Description

Our Galactic Star Battle Organizer is compatible with Battlestar Galactica and features three removable trays and plenty of card storage.  It supports all existing expansions in a single box (see below for details).  Like all of our organizers, it supports sleeved cards and comes with 10 adjustable dividers.  Cards are stored at an angle to support even the largest card sleeves in the existing game box.

Notes on storing all expansions in a single box:

This organizer allows you to compress all three expansions and base game into a single box with a couple of caveats.  As shown in the picture, we are using Mayday standard sleeves for the large cards.  Premium sleeves make for a tight fit and do not leave enough room for the wooden card dividers.  Small cards are shown in premium sleeves and would allow for more dividers if using standard sleeves.  The box lid closes all the way with all game boards and up to one manual.  If all manuals are stored, the box lid may lift between 2 - 3mm.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

I boxed the entire line ...

The pieces fit very snugly, which is both good and bad. Good, which outweighs the bad in my opinion, because then it is solid. I simply read their suggestions/tips on the site and, with a little patience and persistence, it all came together nicely.<br><br><br><br>Similar short of process and satisfaction you might get from assembling a set of legos. The instructions were very easy to follow.<br><br><br><br>Didn't quite fit absolutely everything while also in the fantasy flight premium sleeves. I imagine everything would fit readily without the sleeves.<br><br><br><br>I didn't mind, I just bought another organizer and now I've got the base game neatly in one box and all the expansions in another. Which works great for the a la carte format of the expansions.<br><br><br><br>Note I did give it a full five stars, just being balanced and thorough.

Fantastic organizer (just wish it had more dividers)

This set has everything you need for all the expansions of the Battlestar board game...with the exception of a few more dividers. (I don't like to mix up all the expansions at once, so I'd prefer some more flexibility in that department.) That said, the holders for the pieces and special tokens are superb, and it makes owning a bunch of expansions so much easier on the shelf!

Not for everything

So I can't fit everything sleeved, but no big deal. Seeing that this was designed to fit the base game and all three expansions I wish the cards were vertical rather that slanted. The slant allows a better fit with the game board but seeing that I have four boxes, I would like to have a one that could fit all cards VERTICAL, tokens, and minis, and I could store boards and rule books in another box. I know the idea is to get it all in one box, but this doesn't do it. Ignoring that you can't fit all cards when sleeved, you can't fit the rule books and boards and close the box completely.

Worth, just a couple thuoughts

I am happy with this organizer and its my first. Really great with a few minor issues.<br><br><br><br>Not enough dividers! There aren't enough card dividers with this set. The organizer is designed for BSG but without that extra divider sheet I feel this is an incomplete product.<br><br><br><br>The BSG game I bought comes with paper enemy battle stars and they don't fit in the space meant for them :( No biggie, I just put them somewhere else.

Fantastic - But there's a few things you need to know

I love this organizer! It is fantastic to have all 4 boxes organized together into one. I would absolutely recommend this insert to people, but there are a few things you should know.<br><br><br><br>Others have mentioned that the insert does not fit all of the Large cards if they are sleeved in MayDay Games Premium sleeves or FFG sleeves. This is true. The people at Broken Token for their part have made an update to their product description to make this known to potential buyers. I was able to heed this warning and order MayDay Games Standard sleeves for my Large cards as recommended.<br><br>Sleeved like this I am able to separate my Large cards into sections for Super Crisis Cards, Crisis Cards (no battle crisis cards), Quorum Cards with Title cards, Loyalty Cards, Mutiny Cards, Daybreak Cylon Motive Cards, Crisis and Super Crisis Cards with battles (normally separated when playing with Exodus Cylon Fleet Option), Crossroads Cards with Pegasus Cylon Agenda Cards.<br><br><br><br>I do highly recommend getting the Extra Dividers for this organizer. I agree with others that it is unfortunate that they don't come with main product, but they're not super expensive and they are in my opinion - necessary.<br><br>I used two extra large dividers and all three extra small dividers. <br><br><br><br>The Two extra Large dividers let me separate the Crisis cards with battles from those without for Cylon Fleet option and also separate the Cylon Agenda cards.<br><br>The extra small dividers will allow you to create separate sections for All 5 standard Skill cards, the added Treachery cards from Daybreak in another, the unused Treachery deck from Pegasus also containing unused Politics cards from base game, and finally a separate section for all Destination cards along with the 4 objective cards. To me, this is the ideal organization. <br><br>*** This is only achievable if you sleeve your cards in MayDay Games Standard Mini American card sleeves. ***<br><br>Premium sleeves will not allow you to do this. I had to re-sleeve mine to achieve this. I wish I didn't have to, but it is totally worth having everything fit in one box and be ideally organized.<br><br><br><br>Beyond that all tokens, stands, and ships have places to go as well.<br><br>All boards and rulebooks will get stacked on top of the inserts. As others mentioned including all rulebooks will cause the box lid to lift up by a little bit. I threw a Box Band on it and it is super secure and with no pieces spilling out of their holders.<br><br><br><br>So assuming you know the above information and are willing to make the necessary changes/additions, then this insert is about as good as it gets. I'm very happy with my purchase and would like to thank everybody at The Broken Token.<br><br>Well done!<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: I am so glad to hear it! We really appreciate you being flexible and finding the solution that works for you! We absolutely love what we do and in the end what makes us most happy is when games get to the table more often!! And we value the feedback that helps us to continually improve our products and our descriptions!

Four games, one very heavy box.

A very well-designed organizer, bordering on perfect except for a few minor and one glaring issues.<br><br><br><br>Minor issue #1 was spelled out clearly on the product page - with four games worth of boards and rulebooks, the box doesn't fully close. I'd say it's closer to a 5-6mm than 3mm box lift, but nothing some box bands won't keep in check. Note that because of the lid-lift, it is not recommended to store the game upright without either box bands or sandwiching it between other games on the shelf.<br><br><br><br>Minor issue #2, no lids for the minis/tokens trays. Much MUCH less of an issue for this organizer compared to others BT sells, and if you have the full Core +3 Expansions, there's enough weight and player cards to hold it all in place (see issue #1 if storing vertically on a shelf). Might be more of an issue for less expansions or just core game.<br><br><br><br>Minor issue #3, some laser-etching on the dividers would have been a simple low-to-no-cost addition. Just some text in the upper corners would make each divided set easier to identify. Even if it was just a few specific ones such as "quorum cards", "Super Crisis", "Loyalty" etc. - or by expansion, "Pegasus", "Exodus". For the large slanted dividers, anyone NOT wanting the etching to show could simply put them in with etching face-down.<br><br><br><br>Major issue - Not enough dividers! I don't know why Broken Token chooses to do this, but clearly there aren't enough card dividers with this set. They sell extras, true, but an organizer clearly designed for the specific purpose of fitting all four boxes of BSG into one, shouldn't then cheap out and assume you only need enough for the core game. And it can't be a cost issue, it's not like they couldn't just add it into the price. But without that extra divider sheet, this is an incomplete product. This is the issue I deduct a star over.<br><br><br><br>All that aside, very well laid-out, very solid if constructed properly, and undeniably better than carrying around four BSG boxes or leaving a loose mess inside one box. Personally, my copy is unsleeved - if you use sleeves you may have different views on how well everything fits. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this set for anyone with more than one expansion...just get the extra dividers.

Great organizer - not enough room for sleeved cards

This is a great and complete organizer for the Battlestar Galactica board game and related expansion sets. There is not enough room for all cards from all expansions if they are sleeved. Only 3 of the 4 expansions will barely fit if the cards are sleeved.<br><br><br><br>Response: It depends on sleeve thickness and how many wooden dividers you use. If you look closely at the pictures on the product page, you can see that the cards are sleeved. Feel free to contact our support if we can do something else to help make this better.

Excellent, but why not enough dividers?

I quite like the product as I'm able to get all the elements from the 3 expansions into the box along with the rulebooks and printed player aids. <br><br><br><br>However, I will call out that there aren't enough smaller dividers to hold all the skill check cards. I have 3 leftover stacks bound together in the single leftover area but if the insert came with just a couple more dividers (as in 2!), I'd be able put them all in their own slots. I see you can buy extra dividers but ... why don't enough come with the insert itself?<br><br><br><br>All in all, very much recommended just be aware you may want to order the extra dividers when you get the insert.

Very nice insert with one minor gripe

I like this insert, a lot. It allowed me to finally fit the base game and all three expansions into a single box that *almost* fully closes. Based on that alone I would buy another insert from The Broken Token.<br><br>However, my minor gripe with the assembly is that the outer frame of the insert is kind of difficult to keep together while you're assembling the rest of it. B.T. does recommend taping up the corners to add stability but I would have like to have seen a solution come from the factory (perhaps two pieces that you can put together to form a thicker corner and then attach the side pieces to those assembled corner pieces). Other than that, I had no issues with assembly.<br><br>Minor gripe aside, it's not going to be a case of "if" I buy another insert from Broken Token, it's going to be a case of "when". I just need to figure out which game will benefit the most.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Design, material, pieces, assembly, fit, utility are all superior. When assembled the organizer fits snugly into game box. Then it makes you glad you bought it. I have purchased several game organizers and they all meet or exceed expectations. Excellent customer service as well. If you are a klutz you might do well to get help from someone with a more deft touch. If you're a perfectionist (like me) you will be delighted.