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Founders of Gloomhaven Organizer

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Key Features

  • Features 15 removable trays, including prestige building tile organizing tray and 9 individual character trays.
  • Includes acrylic resource tracker board overlay.

Product Description

Gloomhaven wasn't built in a day, but you can get to work founding it in mere moments with the officially licensed Founders of Gloomhaven Organizer by The Broken Token. You'll feel the prestige the moment you load your building tiles in our thoughtfully designed removable trays. Each player receives their own removable player tray to have tokens close at hand. Setup and game play card trays support sleeved and unsleeved cards. We've even included a clear, acrylic overlay to keep your resource tracker board in order. Officially licensed by Cephalofair Games.

Build faster, increase influence, and spend less time setting up with The Broken Token Founders of Gloomhaven Organizer.

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Founders of Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. 

Cephalofair Games, Founders of Gloomhaven and their logos are trademarks of Cephalofair Games, 1915 Perdue St., Lafayette, IN, 47905   www.cephalofair.com

Product Information

  • 27mm x 27mm x 65.55mm
  • 2.63 lbs
Acrylic may arrive with protective paper backing on both sides and should be removed before assembly. Having trouble removing all the paper backing from the acrylic sheets? We recommend Simple Green to get any residual adhesive off.

If ever a game needed an organizer...


I love this game, but it is a beast in setup and teardown. This organizer is perfect. It doesn't eliminate completely the takedown part, but you have specifically labeled spots for every tile as you put it all away, so it is much easier than just throwing it all in a baggie. Setup is practically instantaneous. Love it!