Forged Key Token Set


Product Description

This complete set of accessories compatible with KeyForge: Call of the Archons, is sure to enhance your gaming experience.  Save by purchasing the entire set of tokens in one convenient package!

3 Keys
18 Power Tokens
23 Damage Tokens
10 Shield Tokens
10 Stun Tokens
32 Amber Gems
1 Chain Tracker


Acrylic will arrive with plastic film on the tokens to protect during transit, but should be removed before use. Having trouble removing all the paper backing / plastic film from the acrylic? See peeling video above. We recommend Simple Green to remove any residual adhesive.

Eye-catching, well-made tokens are the talk of the table!


Great product! These items get a LOT of comments and "Ooos/ahhs" when I play with them (which is always). The keys especially are really eye-catching, and now that I have tokens for all the status effects, nothing gets forgotten!
<br>I played at the Atlanta Vault Tour and several folks had these, but most hadn't seen them, and I must've sold several sets by word of mouth alone.
<br>NOTE: WATCH THE VIDEO ON PEELING THE BACKING!! Very important to avoid scratching and frustration. If you watch the video, you'll be fine. As with anything, following instructions helps!