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Flash Point: Fire Rescue Crate


Product Description

Feel like you want to burn your game boxes to the ground? Avoid a real call to the fire department with the officially licensed Flash Point: Fire Rescue crate by The Broken Token. Six removable trays hold all the tokens for the base game, expansions and promo items. An out-of-the-way 4” tall storage pocket allows easy access for all your game boards. Features 6 removable trays, storage for miniatures, and a 4" game board storage pocket.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

 This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Flash Point: Fire Rescure by Indie Boards & Cards.

Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point: Fire Rescue and their logo are trademarks of Indie Boards & Cards, 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136   www.indieboardsandcards.com

Oustanding Storage System

This is my 5th and most ambitious do-it-yourself project from The Broken Token, and I had no trouble assembling it whatsoever.<br><br>I have all the Flash Point expansions as of April 2017, and the box accommodates everything with extra room for even more boards and tokens. With so much stuff, it's VERY useful to have the base game materials organized separately for an introductory game, and still be able to identify the additional components quickly when playing one of the expansions.<br><br>I appreciate how the victims' compartments are large enough to sort through the tokens and choose the artwork and type of victims for each game. This is a small detail (and there are many others), but it's little touches like this that help make set-up and take-down so much faster and more enjoyable.<br><br>Warning: Although the box makes it easier to get the game to the table, we found that it did not make the game any easier to win. I guess there are some problems even The Broken Token can't solve!<br><br>RESPONSE: We do have our limits :D Glad you are enjoying the organizer!

Great crate to hold all of my stuff

The assembly went well, but labeling the pieces would have made it easier. It holds together well and pieces only required minor trimming to assemble. The design and quality are excellent.

Flash Point Fire Rescue Crate... WOW!

Super easy to assemble; extraordinary quality materials and just an amazing storage solution to a wonderful game. Instructions very clear and simple to follow and the finished product is terrific with room to spare for more expansions. I have all the expansions and they fit fine...

Don't tell my wife

I love Flash Point and had been looking at some of the expansions for some time, so last year when the kickstarter campaign for Tragic Events launched, I signed myself up for every expansion ever made. After the campaign ended, I realized I was going to have two problems:<br><br>1) My wife was going to kill me... she doesn't love games like we love games :( <br>2) How do I store all these new boards/tokens/cards/etc. in a functional way that will allow me to easily play but also not lose track of anything?<br><br>Enter the Flash Point Crate! This thing saved the day. It is well thought out and an aesthetic center piece. It fits all of the boards and has a place for every token with room for more should they ever release more expansion. That being said, it does take up some space on the shelf and I wouldn't recommend this if you only have the original and/or 1-2 expansions. If you have more than that, this is a great solution.


Easy to assemble, makes set up and tear down simple, saves space, and looks a lot cleaner on the shelf. Love it!

Better than expected.

I love it!<br><br>First, make sure to read/study the instructions before assembly. <br>It goes together easily, the hint of using a mallet is spot on! <br><br>I used Minwax Golden Pecan stain before assembly, otherwise when using<br>glue, the stain over glue doesn't look very good. After 4 weeks the smell is <br>nearly gone; water based stain next time!<br><br>All in all a great product.<br><br>Bob

Great product for one of my favourite games ever

Everything is in the title!<br><br>Knowing where to place all tokens is a bit tricky though: all icons are not that clear to understand. But xwhatever: there is largely enough room to fit everything. And that incudes even the latest expansion just received.<br><br>I am now looking for a miniature fire engine and ambulance which could fit in this box. Any idea?

This organizer will rescue your Flash Point game collection!

Once you start getting all the Flash Point expansions, you’re going to have a problem; how to organize them. So many boards and tokens and other bits. If you want everything nicely organized you need a good organizer solution.
<br>Well, this is an excellent organizer solution. I've built wooden inserts for every game I own that has one available. So yes, lots of Broken Token inserts, and a couple other brands too. In my opinion, BT makes the best of the bunch as they are easier to assemble and often a perfect blend of form and function. Other brands I’ve dealt with can be difficult to build, overly complex, or both! I always use glue to make the inserts as secure and durable as possible, and I would recommend you do the same.
<br>This organizer is well-designed, assembles easily, has good instructions, and accommodates everything for FP:FR. It’s not over-designed. It keeps everything where you need it. It’s easy to use and makes game setup and teardown a snap. A must have.