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Flash Point: Fire Rescue Crate - First Responder Edition


These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available. If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately

Product Description

These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as they become available.  If you want your other products sooner, please order them separately.

Feel like you want to burn your game boxes to the ground? Avoid a real call to the fire department with the officially licensed Flash Point: Fire Rescue crate by The Broken Token. Six removable trays hold all the tokens for the base game, expansions and promo items. An out-of-the-way 4” tall storage pocket allows easy access for all your game boards. Features 6 removable trays, storage for miniatures, and a 4" game board storage pocket.

 This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Flash Point: Fire Rescure by Indie Boards & Cards.

Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point: Fire Rescue and their logo are trademarks of Indie Boards & Cards, 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136   www.indieboardsandcards.com


The pictures of the box don't do it justice...it looks even better when you get your hands on the box!


i recently purchased this Flashpoint organizer box and first let me say when I got through the excellent packaging I was greeted with the beautiful red stain and the awesome logo on the organizer. After pulling it free I was pleased with the way the storage box was put together along with the trays which there are quite a few of and it holds everything well with room for more and I have every expansion so far. Again very pleased with my purchase and it feels very much worth the money for such a beautiful piece, glad to own number 50 out of 100.

Get one before they're gone!!!

This game crate is nothing short of spectacular!!! If you love this game and don't want to build and stain the standard version then this one is worth the price!!!<br><br>Very happy with my purchase and you will be too!!!<br><br>RESPONSE: Awesome! Glad to hear you are loving the FRE :D

Well made, unique, and holds EVERTHING.

I normally wouldn't spend cash like this on something to store my games, but I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of messing up putting my own together... that and the red stain with the extra little designs, and the fact I had a little extra to spend sealed the deal. When it was complete, I went to the location to pick it up (I'm local). It was nicely wrapped in brown paper and the guy that handed it to me did so with an almost reverence. They take their craft here seriously! Once I got it home and unwrapped it, I was amazed. This is a very well made crate and it fits everything with a little room to spare... including all the boards (I have every expansion, so I can guarantee you they all fit with room for a few more). There are even little individual slots for the miniatures.<br><br>Even better... I was able to contact them in time... and they let me reserve Crate 51. :D I had to wait until they got to that number as they craft them in order, of course, but once they did, it was mine.<br><br>This is a fine addition to the Flash Point game, and having it all in one, organized place is the best. Oh, and there are handles cutouts on the side for easy carrying!

Beautiful and high quality crate holding ... everything :-)

The box came pre assembled in a well wrapped package. I love how all the trays are marked, saving me from thinking up my own storage scheme :-). Beautiful and really well made.

Stunning Crate

Finally a crate for one of my favorite games. Well organized with several trays. And what an awesome eyecatcher! With its red color and the logo on the front. I love it.