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Product Description

Feel like you want to burn your game boxes to the ground? Avoid a real call to the fire department with the officially licensed Flash Point: Fire Rescue crate by The Broken Token. Six removable trays hold all the tokens for the base game, expansions and promo items. An out-of-the-way 4” tall storage pocket allows easy access for all your game boards. Features 6 removable trays, storage for miniatures, and a 4" game board storage pocket.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

 This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Flash Point: Fire Rescure by Indie Boards & Cards.

Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point: Fire Rescue and their logo are trademarks of Indie Boards & Cards, 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136   www.indieboardsandcards.com

This is What "Flash Point" Needed!

I've got all the expansions: all the boards, all the figures, all the cards, all the tokens... everything! And for the longest time, the game took up the two big game boxes and then there were boards simply left out. For a while, I was unhappy with the way the game ended up spread out over my game shelves.<br><br>Then this crate came out. And it was an instant buy for me!<br><br>Compared to other items, this build was of medium difficulty. There was never any uncertainty or confusion (nice booklet for the build, by the way). The build may take an hour or two, but if you know what you're doing, it's not hard.<br><br>Organization is great. There's a slot for all the tokens, figures, and cards and the boards and instructions fit nicely. Plenty of room for another expansion board or two as well. While I haven't played the game yet with the new organizer, I see set up and tear down to be a lot easier.<br><br>And bonus points for the unique design of the lid! Really nice!<br><br>Thank you for yet another great crate. I like the little collection of crates on my shelf of this, Gloom, and Pandemic. Now if we could just get a box insert for Tokaido!<br><br>RESPONSE: We'd love to see pictures of that collection :D Thanks for the great review! Make sure to vote for Takaido on our product poll

Now the game and all of its expansions get played

Before, my expansion boards were sitting on my gaming shelf out in the open. This resulted in them getting ignored. Fed up with this problem, i finally caved in to buying the broken token game crate. Upon its arrival, i quickly assembled it (give it take an hour) just so i can see how my game pieces sat in it. I've only had it for two days and its become the topic of conversation amongst my gaming group. I have nothing to complain about, it's very nice. Also, for those worried if the new expansion that was just funded on kickstarter will fit, it will. The card holding section is large enough

Awesomely awesome organizer

I have several organizers and they've all been of very high quality, but the quality of this crate blows them all out of the water.<br><br>Given the number of items that had to be put together, I expected it to take twice as long as it did. The assembly video was extremely helpful.<br><br>The designer pretty much thought of everything when this crate was designed, right down to the rubber feet for the bottom of the crate.<br><br>It holds all things Flash Point Fire Rescue and has plenty of space for expansions, which I've been lead to believe are forthcoming.<br><br>I've shown the crate to a number of people all of whom were impressed by it. It's so nice to have everything in one spot. It's so much easier than having to carry the Core game box, the Extreme Danger box and all of the various expansion boards separately.<br><br>This is an absolute MUST HAVE, even if you only have the core game and maybe a couple of expansions.<br><br>RESPONSE: thanks for the great review. This made my day :D Aminda- CS

I'd Give This 6 Stars!

This is the second organizer from the Craftsman Series I've bought (first was Pandemic) and I love it. The Craftsman Series organizers literally take things outside the box and do a great job in the process. It took a little longer than normal organizers, but time well spent. You won't be disappointed with this organizer!

A must have to store the entire collection and more

This is an excellent storage container. It fits EVERYTHING made for FP FR to date with room for additional pieces, miniatures and about an inch of space for additional maps that may be released in the future - very good looking ahead.<br><br>Assembly - Very clear instructions and as always everything fits as designed but this took me a few HOURS, though I did glue every piece. It may be much faster if you just snap them.<br><br>***Disclaimer**<br>The Broken Token, I am sure, would not recommend that you try to burn any of their products. That being said I found out, humorously, that this product does not burn. I had intended on giving mine a very cool fire damaged look and was saddened to find that it would not burn ... at all. I guess that's great that you wont have to worry about your game being damaged in an actual fire.

Firefighters gotta have their tools!

I enjoy Flash Point quite a bit, great game to bust out with just about anyone. However, since I had all the expansions, I'd carry around a plano box and 2 game boxes which was quite annoying.<br><br>Enter Broken Token to save the day!<br><br>I saw this Crate and remembered how much I loved their Firefly Big Damn Crate and purchased immediately! As soon as it arrived, I couldn't wait to get home to assemble the thing!<br><br>Putting it together was quite easy! Then again, I've put together probably about 20+ inserts so its getting easier and easier. Outside of the case is very sturdy and the trays can all be pulled out and set beside the board for quick access. Used to just leave piles of stuff around the table but this does fix that. All the figures fit perfectly and should even protect them if I decide to paint them (that's....another story). The boards/maps all lay in the bottom half and there is still room for more if more maps do get released in the future! There are also some extra tray spots for token if more get released that way as well.<br><br>Overall, amazing job and goes with my Big Damn Crate perfectly! Highly recommend this if you have all of Flash Point!<br><br>Just gotta hold out hope for another crate for Arkham Horror now! That or I may buy another Big Damn Crate and rework it for Arkham in the meantime, hahah!<br><br>RESPONSE: Josh, Thanks for being an uber fan, we appreciate you:D And we totally understand the need to organize things! I'm passing on your Arkham Horror dream list!

Oustanding Storage System

This is my 5th and most ambitious do-it-yourself project from The Broken Token, and I had no trouble assembling it whatsoever.<br><br>I have all the Flash Point expansions as of April 2017, and the box accommodates everything with extra room for even more boards and tokens. With so much stuff, it's VERY useful to have the base game materials organized separately for an introductory game, and still be able to identify the additional components quickly when playing one of the expansions.<br><br>I appreciate how the victims' compartments are large enough to sort through the tokens and choose the artwork and type of victims for each game. This is a small detail (and there are many others), but it's little touches like this that help make set-up and take-down so much faster and more enjoyable.<br><br>Warning: Although the box makes it easier to get the game to the table, we found that it did not make the game any easier to win. I guess there are some problems even The Broken Token can't solve!<br><br>RESPONSE: We do have our limits :D Glad you are enjoying the organizer!

Son Loved It!

Bought this for my son for his birthday. He had the base game and many expansions. He could hardly wait to put it all together and share his pictures. It was absolutely exactly what he was looking for.<br><br>RESPONSE: Made our day! Thanks for sharing with us! (and let him know we love to see those pictures)

Best thing ever

This worked perfectly to house all of the current components and has room for expansions. During assembly, it might be beneficial to get a more square lid by waiting until after the base is done. Mine has a little wobble to it but it still works great.

My second BT product - very good

The Flash Point crate was easy to assemble. The printed instructions included were very easy to follow and I only glued the smaller trays that will get moved around a lot.<br>I felt the bigger pieces which comprise the outer box of the crate fit snugly enough to not require gluing.