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Product Description

Every successful excursion to exotic locales as dangerous as Fireball Island requires careful preparation to keep your loot secure.  Keep your precious cargo safe and get to your destinations faster with the Fireball Island Crate from the Broken Token.

Accommodates base game and the following expansions: Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass; Treasure Trove; The Last Adventure; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bees!, promo cards, and our premium upgrades: Fireball Island Upgrades: The Maw and Hello-Copter.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is an officially licensed game crate compatible with Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar by Restoration Games. Fireball Island is a trademark of Longshore Ltd. Restoration Games and their logos are trademarks of Restoration Games, 12717 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323   www.restorationgames.com

A must have!!

This game crate is simply the best!! I’ve bought other organizers from Broken Token but this is the first Crate. As bad as the packaging is from the game this is a must have!!
<br>RESPONSE: Thank you so much Randy! Made our monday :D

A fantastically creative storage solution for a great game

Such a fantastically creative storage solution for a great game. It wasn't too hard to put together...just hard enough to make me feel like I missed an opportunity to be a master carpenter.
<br>Take extra care putting together the thicker outer box (lid and crate base). Those almost necessitate glue to be safe, plus some wood filler and sanding after the glue dries. Lightly sand those inside corners to a snug, but not tight fit, as well...just shy of stuck.
<br>Things to keep in mind:
<br>(1) I suggest storing the extra marbles in the original box. There really isn't room for all of them in the trays. If you manage to fit them in, you'll have to dump the tray to retrieve.
<br>(2) Put a few of the bee and snake marbles in with their corresponding tokens so you can make sure the lid is flush.
<br>(3) Consider some clearcoat on the outer crate. It will help to protect the wood from damage and keep your fingers clean.

Storage configuration?

Very nice, yet pricey way to store the Fireball Island game and its expansions. Something was needed due to the poor construction of the original gamebox! My only concern is that Broken Token does not give a clear picture as to where the hello copter and Maw go. It's always a puzzle to try and figure out how the organizer should be used. It might not be a bad idea to include this with instructions! Which leads me to the fact that there were no instructions packed with my crate. Thankfully, I was able to print them out from the website, but for $79.99, I think they could have been included! Overall, I'm pretty happy with the organizer.
<br>Response: We always include instructions with our kits, so if it was missing, it was either a packaging mistake or it came out in transit. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Worst kit ever! But needed


I own 9 of there kits, 11 wooden kits like this in total, including their Flash Point box, all built by me. This one is by FAR the worst kit I've ever done! And that includes the Trikerion kit I have by another company.
<br>The outside box was not cut properly. Almost like their laser wasn't level. It took me 8 hours to build this simple kit. Every tooth on the box I had to file, both side and the flat between them, the do the same for the top and bottom to get them to fit properly. Bad thing is, you can't just file them. The wood kept splitting on the teeth, so you have to be very careful and delicate doing it. Once everything was filednso it would actually fit together, I glued it and had to use 15 clamps for the top and bottom. 3 along the long edges, 2 along the shorter edges, then another 2 on each short edge to pull it tight to the top/bottom and 3 each on the longer edges to do the same. The Flash Point box needed just a little sanding to make it fit, and no clamps.
<br>RESPONSE: Brian, this sounds like a terrible experience and we are very sorry the build was so difficult. It does sound like there was a cut or sanding problem with this kit. We just want you, and anyone reading, to know that we always back our product. While I'm impressed that you were able to save the material by doing this extra work it is never our intention to have someone suffer through a build. Anytime parts are not working as designed please feel free to reach out to us on our site at any time. Customer support is always happy to work with you to resolve any build issues.

Great Crate

Finally I can store all of the components together in one box instead of multiple fireball island boxes, expansion boxes and card boxes. My only question is I can't figure out from the video how to stack the islands around the boat correctly so that the lid fits flush. It looks in the video that the island pieces sit well under where the lid fits, but I haven't had as much luck. The video is clear on the ordering of the pieces and I tried to stack identical way, any help would be appreciated. Other than that great product!

Great first experience

This is the first crate kit the I have ever purchased and it was a very postive experience. During assembly the parts only needed a light tap to go together. (I did use wood glue as recommended but no filing was needed.) The insert fit perfectly in the box with some careful tapping at the four corners. I dud allow the wood glue to dry overnight to ensure that the joints were tight.
<br>Based on my experience, I'll buy Broken Token crates for my other games.
<br>RESPONSE: Welcome to the family :D

Exactly what was needed

A great product as always. I found the lid parts a bit harder to assemble, owing to their length and thickness and a small bit of bowing but a bit of patience and all worked out. Base assembled much easier- just maybe a bit further guidance on 'big' pieces in the videos would help

May need sanding for lid

Overall I'm glad to have 1 single box to consolidate everything into. My only complaint was the fit of the cover. Luckily I had my dremel which I had to really sand down the inner corners from the bottom box. Once I did that I could slide the top on without having to force it or take forever to open.

An absolute godsend.

This was one of the easiest ones of these I have assembled. And it's so important to get the game out of the piece of shit boxes it was shipped in. And having everything in one place was amazing!
<br>However I did rearrange how things were sorted since I bought the extra marbles and painted figures... but it still works great.

Fantastic crate. Amazing customer service.

I had a few issues with my Fireball Island game crate, but the Broken Token went above and beyond in making it right. It's a perfect fit for the game and expansions.