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Fantasy Coins - Valkyrie (30)

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Product Description

Set of 30 "Valkyrie" Viking-themed metal coins by Fantasy Coins LLC.

Heavy-weight, minted metal with antique finish. Includes stylized cardboard case w/ foam organizer. Ten (10) of each design.

A great upgrade to any game

The clink of metal coins is so much more satisfying when playing a game than the papery thud of cardboard tokens. If you want to upgrade your cardboard coins, you can't go wrong with the coins made by Fantasy Coins! While other coins are embossed (raised) and don't stack well, the Fantasy Coins are made in such a way that they stack well and still have lots of detail in the designs.<br><br>Unfortunately, the cost-per-coin is pretty high with Fantasy Coins. But you are getting one of the best looking and feeling game coins out there. There is nothing cheap looking for feeling about them! And the different designs available are great for different game themes. In this case, I'm using these coins in my copy of Champions of Midgard.