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Fantasy Coins - Small Antique Silver Dwarven Bar (1)

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Product Description

One officially licensed dwarven metal bar by Fantasy Coins LLC.

Engraved on both sides with ornate dwarven symbols this 1.5oz bar functions as a hefty accessory for any tabletop campaign, or as the perfect high value currency in any fantasy game.

An antique finish lends this piece a blackened surface featuring buff marks and minor chips to simulate the wear an ancient bar like this would likely have endured.

Product Information

  • 61mm x 31mm x 4mm
  • 0.3 lbs


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Really nice for the price. I bought a few of these for a very specific scenario, and it turned out great. When one of the player sold the party out, the dramatic 'thunk' of his payment hitting the table was *SO* satisfying.

Only downside I'd say is that there's a lot of 'dead space,' the design feels good, but I feel like there should be more detailing to fill that in.