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Fantasy Coins - Small Antique Silver Dwarven Bar (1)


Product Description

One officially licensed dwarven metal bar by Fantasy Coins LLC.

Engraved on both sides with ornate dwarven symbols this 1.5oz bar functions as a hefty accessory for any tabletop campaign, or as the perfect high value currency in any fantasy game.

An antique finish lends this piece a blackened surface featuring buff marks and minor chips to simulate the wear an ancient bar like this would likely have endured.



Really nice for the price. I bought a few of these for a very specific scenario, and it turned out great. When one of the player sold the party out, the dramatic 'thunk' of his payment hitting the table was *SO* satisfying.
<br>Only downside I'd say is that there's a lot of 'dead space,' the design feels good, but I feel like there should be more detailing to fill that in.