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Fantasy Coins - SciFi (30)


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Product Description

Set of 30 Sci-Fi-themed, officially licensed metal coins by Fantasy Coins LLC.

These heavy-weight, finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.

Included are 10 each of 3 designs (gold, silver, copper finish) for a total of 30 coins.


They are every bit as good as they look in the picture. Nice thickness, they stack well, they sound even better. Personally I wish the coloring was more consistent, like on actual coins, especially on the edges, but that's a personal preference (and my wife disagrees with me).

Second Look.. not so shiny

I reviewed these once when I first opened the box, but after a few uses I feel the need to update my review. Everything about these coins is still cool, but the color is fading quickly on them, especially the gold and copper. It's hard to describe, but the glaze they use to color the metal is mostly black (not the metal color in the picture) If you have a few stacked, the color on the edges is so bad it's difficult to see any gold or copper on them. It mostly just looks black. Coins should be shiny, not dull and black looking. The silver looks ok still, but I've had to resort to painting the gold and copper myself so they're easier to distinguish the color without the aid of bright lights. I want to love these coins. The weight is great and the design is excellent, but man gold needs to be shiny<br><br>Response: Many of these designs are put through an antiquing process which helps emphasize the detail of the coins, reduces the shine and makes them feel more aged. This is most likely what you're referring to. Some are designs are definitely brighter than others, based on the style that the artist is going for.