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Fantasy Coins - Forge Master (30)


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Product Description

Set of 30 Dwarf-themed metal coins by Fantasy Coins LLC.

These heavy-weight, finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.

Included are 10 each of 3 designs (gold, silver, copper finish) for a total of 30 coins.

Forge Master Coins would melt a Dragon's Heart.

Bought the 30 coin set of the Forge coins. Amazing product! The Artwork, stamping, finish, color, weight, even the "clink" when hefting the bag!<br><br>Really enjoyed the proportioning and shape of the coins, everyone who has looked at them have to take six and make a hexagon.<br><br>Truly a fantastic job at capturing the feel of real currency!