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Fantasy Coins - Fire(30)


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Product Description

Set of 30 Fire-themed, officially licensed metal coins by Fantasy Coins LLC.

These heavy-weight, finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.

Included are 10 each of 3 designs (gold, silver, copper finish) for a total of 30 coins.

Beautiful, large, heavy coins.

These coins are heavy and thick, with a great weight in the hand. The designs are beautiful, set off nicely by darkened, recessed areas. I love the fantasy alphabet that adds mystery and flexibility. I do wonder how well the glossy inked areas will hold up to the heavy use that these coins will see in my games. Great price, great product!

Near perfect

These are very nice coins. They have a wonderful weight and feel, and produce a very satisfying sound when handled or placed down on a table top. The designs on the coin faces are attractive, and with enough tone added to really make the designs pop. The smaller copper coins in particular are beautiful. <br><br>My only criticism is that it isn't very easy to differentiate the gold and silver coins apart from each other quickly by feel alone. If one or the other had a more pronounced texture on the edges it would help with games that have hidden wagers or other situations in which you might want to count out coins without potentially allowing an opponent to see.