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Euro Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case


Product Description

This is a 6-row organizer for the Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) designed to hold European-sized board game cards and is perfect for games like Dominion. This organizer will hold sleeved Dominion cards for all expansions through Guilds. Also fits Hobby Lobby Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) with a cardboard spacer. Includes 24 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: Wooden Artist Case, paper dividers and cards are sold separately.

If you'd like to purchase the artist case with organizer, see the list of related items below.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)


Visit SpielGeek for a set of quality Dominion dividers at http://www.spielgeek.com/

Or, print and cut your own using Sumpfork's Tab Generator located at http://sandflea.org/.

Just awesome

This is my second broKen token purchase. I have another in my cart waiting to pull the trigger. Great products! They are pricy and in some cases cost as much as an expansion or a new game would, but they are very nice to have and the quality justifies the cost.

Fits all Dominion expansions, not much room for more

On the product itself:<br><br>The laser-cut wood was easy to assemble and fit pretty snugly together. It slid into the box with less than 1/8 in. of a gap. Overall, a solid fit., though it could be just a touch wider for my particular box (I'm not sure what the manufacturing tolerances are on the Hobby Lobby cases). Sometimes the included wooden dividers don't stay seated well in the middle rows (probably due to the gap at the sides of the box). The dividers stay in well when the box is fully loaded. Note that you'll have to remove the palette holder from the lid of the case with a screwdriver (2 Phillips screws) before using the case.<br><br><br><br>On how it fits with Dominion:<br><br>I have all the Dominion cards including all 10 expansions (through Adventures) and all the promo cards (through Summon). It's a bit of a tight fit, but works well. The included wooden dividers obviously aren't enough to separate all sets, but do serve well to break them into more manageable sections. I made a set of dividers using Sumpfork's divider generator printed on address labels stuck to heavy cardstock (4 in. x 2 3/8 in.). These look nice, but could wear out over time. Thicker plastic dividers would make it harder to fit all the cards, but it might work without the randomizers.<br><br>With fewer cards, you'd have to use the included wooden dividers to help organize the cards more.<br><br>The completed setup with all the Dominion cards is fairly heavy, but it's also over 3000 cards, so that's expected. You can attach a shoulder strap to the Hobby Lobby case if desired.<br><br><br><br>It's also a bit tight to fit all 10 of the manuals in the lid with all the Dominion cards this way. Maybe with dividers that are just a hair shorter it would work better. Instead of the manuals, I prefer to print out a copy of Nick Knutsen's Complete and All-Encompassing Dominion FAQ (https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Complete_and_All-Encompassing_Dominion_FAQ) since most of the card FAQs in the official rules just apply the same general principles over and over.<br><br><br><br>I put all of the Kingdom cards in the first 4 rows followed by the randomizer cards. The fifth row has the basic treasure and victory cards along with the other non-kingdom cards (e.g. events, shelters, ruins, etc.). The sixth row has all the mats and tokens as well as the extra blank and trash cards. It's heavy when all put together, but does the job well. If any more large expansions are made I may have to remove the randomizers (not much of a loss since I always use randomizer apps for choosing Kindgoms).<br><br><br><br>Also note, that while I have the Base Cards set (with the new art for the basic cards), these don't fit in currently together with the randomizers, but I also don't need them as the basic cards from Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue are plenty for up to a 6 player game.

Great fit.

Worked perfectly in the Hobby Lobby box. Exceeded my expectations.

Really good organizer for Dominion

First, I find it interesting that many other reviewers were having difficulty with their dividers being too loose. If anything, mine were too tight! Maybe BT upped the thickness of the divider boards? Shrank the slots they slide into? Inquiring minds want to know! (not really)<br><br><br><br>This is a great organizer for putting into the Hobby Lobby artist case and creating a single storage solution for Dominion and all of its expansions (through Adventures), including promo cards. My biggest gripe, and it's entirely on Rio Grande's shoulders, not Broken Token's, is that once you get all the cards into the case, there's very little room for all the additional tokens, player mats, counters, and so forth. Oh, and you wanted the rules too?? Well, maybe you shouldn't have put tabs on your deck dividers and just guessed where each particular deck was!<br><br><br><br>In the end, I can't think of a better way to organize all of Dominion's many volumes than this one. Just be sure to work out when you're done, as the finished product (case, organizer, plus load) is really farking heavy!

Great Quality with One Small Flaw

Overall I love this divider set; the build quality is great and it fit really snuggly into the recommended artist's case. The only problem is that it was a bit too snug. I needed to file like a millimeter off the edges of one of the back-to-front dividers in order for it to fit. That could be due variance in the case's size, but it's worth noting regardless.

Pretty Good

I bought this for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and it's going to work really well I think. It fit in the Hobby Lobby box perfectly. My only complaint is that the rows aren't really big enough for the cards to be sleeved. They are all angled in there in their sleeves, but that's not really a huge deal. I'm very happy with the result!

Super Solution

I like the thickness of this wood! Feels substantial and creates a nice space between the columns of cards. It was easy to assemble and fits snugly in the artist's case. Careful! It might make you want to buy yet another Dominion expansion!

Perfect fit

I bought the artist case from Hobby Lobby and printed/laminated my own tabs. LOVE how it holds ALL my current Dominion cards with plenty of room for the rest!

Nice Looking, Works in Theory

The fundamental components work well with the box purchased at Hobby Lobby. It looks nice and fits together well. My concern has to do with the dividers. First, they don't fit firmly if your box isn't full. Unless you intend to fill the box with MANY Dominion expansions they will likely fall out. Second, if you do fill the box there aren't nearly enough dividers spaces to use them in a meaningful way. There are far too few to separate each type of card.<br><br><br><br>I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to organize my cards given the divider situation. Maybe by expansion?<br><br><br><br>Other than the divider issue it's all top notch.

Fit together perfectly.

I already owned one of these for Dominion and it works great for that. However my Munchkin collection was growing out of control. This also works great for Munchkin.