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Eldritch Player Board (4)


Product Description

Keep track of your investigator's temporary stat adjustments and inventory with these handy EldritchPlayer Boards.

Set of 4 player boards compatible with the Eldritch Artifact Crate

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Only would recommend alongside the crate

I excitedly bought 2 sets of these player boards alongside the Eldritch Artifact Crate as these were designed to fit directly in one of the extra spaces in that product.
<br>+ Health and sanity track. Players no longer have to worry about making change with the tokens as those stats move during the game.
<br>- Inexplicably, these have spaces for 3 resource tokens. From the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion rules: "You cannot have more than two Resources." Now I have 8 boards that almost necessitate a house-rule that 3 is the limit, instead of 2, so that I don't have to explain the little quirk of this board.
<br>-No laser etching of the symbol (lore, etc.) in the spots for the improvement tokens.
<br>All in all, due to the misprint regarding resource tokens, I can only recommend this if you have also bought the excellent Eldritch Artifact Crate, as these fit perfectly in there. Otherwise, search around for a different solution.
<br>RESPONSE: Thank you for the feedback. We'll look into both of these concerns and see if they can be remedied. If you can please put in a ticket with me on our website we'd love to work with you to make sure you are absolutely happy with your purchase.
<br>TBT Customer Support: https://www.thebrokentoken.com/contact-us