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Eclipse Resource Trays with Bottoms

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Product Description

Product Description

Eclipse resource trays were designed to keep all of your resource cubes organized on the table.  No longer will you have to worry about someone bumping the table causing your cubes to go flying.

Available in 3, 6 or 9 clear acrylic trays with bottoms so you can lift the tray with the cubes.  Total height of each tray is 6mm.  Each tray is made from two pieces of laser-cut acrylic permanently bonded into a single unit.

The sets of 6 and 9 also include 1 piece of acrylic to use as a top when stacking all of the trays together for storage. 

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for

    Posted by Laszlo on 9th Dec 2017

    The trays are of high quality. As the bottoms are closed I can stack them with the cubes inside them and two rubber bands hold the stacked 6 trays together in the box. Setting up the game is now way faster!

  2. Does the job

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jun 2017

    Simple addition that eliminates the problem of cubes being knocked around. Works as advertised, happy with purchase!

  3. No more runaway population cubes!!!

    Posted by Cenk Gokce on 8th Mar 2017

    Ever since I saw the resource tray (without bottoms) a friend had, I had been lusting after them, and when I notice these, WITH the bottoms, I just had to get them.

    They were a big hit with my Eclipse friends, and everyone told the guy who was playing it the first time how lucky he was to have a resource tray, because, you know, back in the day we had to do without :)

    If you are an Eclipse fan, this is a "must buy" item.

  4. Essential

    Posted by Mark Englehart on 2nd Feb 2017

    An essential upgrade for your game. Keeps your population cube organized and keeps them from accindentally getting knocked around

  5. Utterly indispensible

    Posted by Stephen M. Schaefer on 21st Dec 2016

    Eclipse is a great game but the pieces can go everywhere. These trays are the perfect solution. The tray bottoms are worth the extra investment.

  6. Great! Can't play without these trays

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2016

    The most essential and crucial Eclipse accessory.

  7. Fast Delivery to UK

    Posted by Jonny on 24th Aug 2015

    Ordered this to the UK, delivery was relatively fast (it arrived at UK customs within 5 days but got held up there for 10 days afterwards)

    This is a luxury item for Eclipse but it does speed up setup and get rid of the problem with cubes scattering if someone bumps the table.

    You can get around the issue of only having 1 topper by tying a few bands around all 6 trays with the topper at the top to stop the cubes going everywhere.

  8. Great Product but needs tops

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2015

    I really like this product but I would like it if they can with tops for each tray as I got these to be lazy and I want to go full effortless with setup of eclipse. Otherwise, the quality is excellent.

  9. Nice trays

    Posted by Michael L on 23rd Jun 2015

    The description is accurate and the trays work great. I'm with the other reviewer who suggested 6 tops instead of 1 for storage. You _can_ stack all 6 trays together with one top, and it does take up less space than 6 trays + 6 tops, but I still prefer to be able to give each player their own "kit". This is, after all, a convenience item and as long as I'm being lazy I want to be reaaally lazy.

  10. Makes the game far more playable

    Posted by Chris Saville on 12th May 2015

    These address the major problem with the physical components of the Eclipse game simply and efficiently. They don't work as well for storing the cubes and ensuring a quick set up as I would like, but they make playing the game far more smooth and less stressful.

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