Eclipse Organizer

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Product Description

Get organized with our box organizer designed specifically for Eclipse.  Note that this organizer was designed before the last two expansions and while it organizes quite a bit of contents, the game has grown beyond the limits of the box. 

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

  • 15.45" x 10.51" x 3.43"
  • 1.5 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions
  • Rise of the Ancients
  • Ship Pack One

Game Compatibility

Great organizer


fantastic organizer, was able to fit base game, 1st expansion and ship pack. only reason i wasn't able to fit last expansion is due to base box not having the ability to hold more . well worth the time and money.

Perfect for this game box


After hesitating to buy this after reading some of the other more negative reviews, I'm really glad I did. After seeing some of the video reviews I can tell that this insert has been re-engineered at least a couple times. The insert tray that others said they needed to glue was a very snug fit. I did not need glue. Also the tray now has 8 removable dividers. The main insert did require tape on the outside corners and jigsaw pieces, but once it is in the box these are never seen. The game box, with no insert would not be able to hold all the components from all of the expansions, but with this game insert you can still utilize almost all of the soace and organize things how you see fit. This is my 6th or 7th broken token insert and as with previous purchases, I was very happy with this one.

Worth the investment!


This is my second insert from Broken Token, and I am still impressed! I don't have any of the expansions for this game, but I have to space for them. Love it! Keep up the great work on these inserts! I will continue to buy!!

Disappointed for the first time


Let me start by saying I have been amazed with the broken tokens products until now. Honestly the eclipse organizer is pretty disappointing. First, it is a pain to build which is unusual for their products. Particularly the large portion of the insert which fills the box. This is the first time I have had to use tape to build the insert. Second, the token tray would have been considerably better had they included more dividers and also dividers for the tech tiles. There is no way to divide the tech tiles in the token tray. The base set tech tiles don't fill up the space in the tray so I had to rig something to hold the tiles up so they don't fall and turn into a big mess. The dividers for the rest of the tiles aren't properly spaced either. It seems like the insert would only be worth having if you're willing to buy every expansion just so the insert works.

Response: We are sorry you aren't happy with the purchase. Please contact us via email.

Works well for one expansion


This organizer was a lifesaver. It made it possible to play Eclipse with half the setup time. We're not buying the 2015 expansion until we the organizer is re-released with support for it, somehow.

Less than thrilled


This is the first time I've been less than enthusiastic about an organizer I purchased from Broken Token. There are a couple reasons why. This is the first organizer that absolutely requires glue to stay together. I even had to glue it in to the game box for extra stability. That's something I'm not fond of doing as I try to keep my games in great condition, box and all. Also, this organizer just doesn't seem adequate to hold ALL the bits and pieces. Granted, this game is enormous with bits and tokens and such. I honestly don't know how it could be improved to possibly hold it all. The removable tray certainly won't hold all the cardboard tokens. I'm also not sure why they would have you punch out the bottom of the two middle trays. That seems to limit which tokens can go in there as many of them would fall through the hole to the bottom compartment. I actually ended up bagging all the cardboard tokens and keeping them in the lower compartment anyway. However, you still need the tray to keep the instruction manual and player tableau cards level. All that being said, it's still better than not having an organizer at all and I'm not certain it could be improved much to address the issues mentioned.

Response: Thank you for the feedback. This organizer is one of our earlier models and was designed before the last two expansions. We recognize that a better solution can now be crafted but the limits of the box size are apparent as well. Regarding the slots in the token tray, that is so you can push the tokens up from the bottom to access them. The ship upgrades will fit in those slots without falling through. Feel free to contact our service department for any additional things we might be able to help you with. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will work with you to make sure that happens.

Very difficult to assemble and not spacious enough for expansions


Had great trouble assembling it as some pieces that fit issues and needed to be taped together not to fall apart. Biggest disappointment is that it does not fit the expansions.

Response: With the release of the latest expansion, the box physically can't hold it all. Feel free to contact us via email so we can make sure you're happy with the purchase.

Elegant and classy


This organizer keeps my Eclipse game loojing classy in the box and makes it easy to find different components. The large hex tiles fit into a slot with a raised bottom which makes it easy to grab and lift the tiles out. Similarly, a finger grove in the tray makes grabbing tiles easier. Player sheets stack on top of the open tray to keep everything in place even when storing the box on its side.

Assembly is well illustrated and requires some tape and glue but only took about 90 minutes.

It would have been nice if the tray was "game functional" to cut down on set-up time, but that is only a minor quibble.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

Shadows of the Rift


How does the organizer hold up after 2 years and buying every expansion including Shadows of the Rift? Well, Ship Pack One takes up a LOT of space and now there's finally no way to physically fit everything into the box -- but the organizer will still work with a few small sacrifices. (1) The upgrade tiles can fit into the token tray, except for the blank "make your own" tiles. (2) Thin out 4 rule summary cards (Development Overview x2, Anomaly Die, Ancient Overview), there's two of them anyway. (3) Shadows of the Rift leaves no room for the basic Human ships from the base set (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White), but when was the last time you had players use the boring ships after Ship Pack One anyway? (4) There's not enough room for the homeworld tiles to fit in the tile stack, but the extras will fit underneath the token tray. The dice can fit underneath the tiles. (5) Put bags with those massive Planta (Green) and Orion (Black) Ship Pack One ships in the bottom with 9 population cube trays, next to the homeworld tiles. (6) Draw bags fit in the area next to the token tray, with the wood on top to help everything lay flat.

With the above accommodations, the box can fit almost everything with only a small box lift about the size of the rule books. The insert could use a slight redesign of the token tray and the hex stack, but it's still very impressive that so much still fits in the original game long as you're willing to give up the human ships from the base set.

Good for ditching (most of) the bags, but not great otherwise.



Sturdy and good looking

Room for everything

Easy to put together


Design could be better - there is no real space for player pieces, they just sit in bags under the token holder.

Not super clear where everythings goes

The 'lid' for the space for the player pieces is nearly superfluous - it's not attached to anything, so it just bounces around in the box

FInal thoughts: this inset is okay. It's definitely better and quicker than bags. Just having a void for bags of player pieces seems like such a cop out, though. I would have gladly paid more for an organizer that takes them into account. I'm underwhelmed, but still pleased with the purchase.

Organizational Mess


One of the biggest pains for this game is trying to find the right tiles, but the token tray for this insert does not organize the tokens. Instead, they are all just lumped together which does not make searching/organizing easy.

Secondly, the compartments for the Hexagonal Tiles are too tight a fit, making it really tough to fit the tiles in without possibly damaging them eventually.

If this was my first and only insert from Broken Token, I would probably swear off Broken Token forever. However, I have bought other inserts from Broken Token before in the same order and they work great - just skip this one.

Response: It's true that this is one of our first organizers and not as refined as the rest. When we started designing organizers two years ago, we were paving the way and many of the features you see in the industry today are from things we've pioneered during those two years. This needs a redesign but is not as high a priority as other games according to what our customers ask for. So until then, the old Eclipse is still available and reviews like yours will help people decide if its something they'd like to invest in, or not. Thank you for the feedback.

Just make a dry run


From previous reviews, I knew that the frame, when finished, would be a fantastic organizer for my copy of Eclipse (with one expansion). I was a little worried about some reviews that said it was difficult to put together. Like I used to do with my plastic model airplanes 40 years ago, I just put the insert together dry first, and sanded the tabs a little when their fit was too tight. After the "dry" run, I put it together with glue and let it set for a day. It works great!

Awesome insert!


This is a great insert. I am now able to put all my Eclipse stuff (including the two big expansions) in the same box. Every thing is neat, orderly, and accessible. I do wish the tray was a little longer so I could search through my technologies a little easier but it's not a huge deal. Very happy with this insert and plan to buy others in the future.

Great organizer - needs instructions


The organizer itself it fantastic. Everything has a place and there is tons of room left (I don't have expansions yet)

Assembly took a bit, but the video was easy enough to follow. Paper instruction would be better.

This is my 2nd organizer, and likely won't be my last (Mage Knight maybe?)

Good, but not great


So this one is just ok. It doesn't get you into the game faster, like you want. It does organize things very well. Things like, if each player is going to get a summary card, a home system, and colony ship tiles, why wouldn't I store those along with the players other stuff (like ships, star bases, ambassadors, influence disks and population cubes)? This organizer doesn't really account for that.

This one also doesn't really work well with the organizer trays that BT also sells.

All the punchouts (ship upgrades et. al) are easily accessible, but they're not set up in a way that makes the game easier to play, just cleaner to store.

I end up not using the smaller parts tray. That part was kind of useless for me since my storage solution is different. I don't know what to do with this so I might end up throwing that part away. I would prefer another wooden shelf to hide the ships. This is probably a good addition for most people though.

good for storage but not for playing


the storage is good but the tech tiles take at least as long as if they were tossed in a bag...

Like It.. Like It Alot


I made my first order of 5 organizers for Christmas this year (2014). Very, very impressed with the quality of these products. Whether or not there is a Broken Token organizer might actually influence my game purchasing decisions in the future... lol

Eclipse. I own the base game + expansion/promos + Ship Pack One. Went together very easily with the written instructions that were provided. No issues. Used glue for the removable tray only. I actually enjoyed putting this bad boy together. I saw some complaints that the organizer could have been organized better, but it is still night and day better than what I was doing before. Tiles are now alphabetized in the removable tray. Not sure there is room for more tiles, but the ones I have do fit and there is some left over room to the side of the removable tray if needed. Love the removable tray and the hidden compartment down below. Love the finer details like the grooves that stop the player maps from sliding around or the ridges that allow the removable tray to sit on top of the hidden storage area below. Very satisfied with the final product once it was assembled. Knowing everything I now know, I would still not hesitate to buy this organizer.

Could not ask for better


This is the ultimate box insert for Eclipse. Design layout and economy in the use of box space is excellent; material is sturdy and lightweight; materials are precision-cut and assemble well. Tray is superb. All components for 9 players from base game, Ancients and Ship Pack 1 except the chunky,accessory plastic racial ship minis fit in the box since this insert performs so well.

Ups & Downs


So let me start by saying the finished product is absolutely 100% amazing. It helps a ton with holding my eclipse expansions (and I have all 3 mini-expansions, and both major expansions, along with 9 cube trays). The only thing it doesn't hold are the additional ship types, which really isn't a big deal. However, when you're assembling this, at least in my case, the token tray has a lot of difficulty fitting the two end pieces on. It took me an hour of nervous pushing, bending and hammering to finally get them to fit. The whole time I was paranoid I was going to break them. However, now that they're on, it all fits perfectly and I am extremely happy with the product as a whole. So it only lost a star due to the difficulty for assembly.



This is a wonderful item. It's a tight fit, but this lets me get everything from the game, the expansion, and three mini-expansions into the main game box, which is amazingly useful for getting around with it. Could not be happier with this purchase.

does the job but...


I have purchased many inserts from Broken Token. They do a great job with the quality of their inserts. The eclipse insert was no exception, but the assembly of this particular insert was a bit more challenging. It also was a bit more flimsy to work with since it did not have a dedicated base to connect to. So structural integrity was less. They worked around this problem by asking you to use glue and tape around the edges to keep the form so it wouldn't fall apart on insertation into the box. Well it was a bit challenging to get it in the box. Otherwise once installed it did the job nicely. Also I would have like maybe a quarter inch more clearance in the under hidden storage area. When you put all the ships in their baggies under there from the base game and expansion it's a bit bulky.



This is a great organizer. All the pieces are easy to access and fit nicely. Although not needed, I would recommend gluing the pieces together.

Good Parts, Not Enough Room, Needs Better Arrangement


Same quality components as the other inserts. It does not really put everything in a "quick to play" order as noted before. It will also not hold all the tokens for the base game and expansion, even though all the other parts seem to fit.

Excellent engineering.


The fit is a bit looser than the 7 wonders and Subburbia organizers I have bought. Glue is necessary for this one as the long sides can bend and the cross beams will pop out of the slots. Holds the base came very well. I found it's possibly a little tight with the expansion but then I like to organize it a little differently than the picture. Pretty quick to assemble.

Assembly instructions are not quite IKEA or LEGO detailed but a lot better than some Chinese Furniture instructions.

Good, once you manage to build it.


Now that I am done building it, I am quite happy with the results (i.e. my game is now well organised), but putting it together was *much* more difficult than shown on the video.

As Bob already mentioned below, the long pieces come in two pieces each (a bit of confusion at the beginning), but the main issue for me was that the notches were very, very hard to line up and fill in. Even going at it with a rubber mallet, it took literally 20-30 hard knocks for some of those pieces to fit. It feels like either the holes were slightly too small or the notches a bit too big. I am not sure, but it certainly did not feel right.

I even ended up breaking one of those pieces (the bottom part of the removable token tray), though thankfully a little wood glue and making everything fit in the end saved the finished product.

I am not sure what version of the game is featured in the video, but once everything is in my box (including Ship Pack One), there is a lot more space left than shown. We do need more dividers for the ship upgrades, if only for the flexibility.

I am tempted to get the organizer for Lords of Waterdeep, but with no video instruction and my recent experience, I am a bit concerned.

Thank you.

Response: Thank you for the feedback. This organizer will undergo some changes in the future as well as updated instructions. Please contact us about your issues and we will do something to reimburse you for the time spent. It should not have been that difficult to construct and we will make it right.