Dominion Case and Organizer Set


Product Description

The Broken Token is proud to introduce our officially-licensed Dominion storage solution. This custom wooden case is beautifully engraved with the Dominion logo and treated with Laser Dark for increased contrast.  We install dual elastic straps in the lid to hold all of your manuals. This case includes our ORG010 organizer with 6 rows of card storage and 24 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: Due to new regulations in California, we have modified the finish from a high-gloss polyurethane to a semi-gloss lacquer. This will offer the same level of protection but will not have the same gloss level of previous cases.

Note: Tabbed dividers and Dominion cards pictured are not included.

This is an officially licensed case compatible with Dominion by Rio Grande Games. 

Rio Grande Games, Dominion and their logo are trademark of Rio Grande Games, PO Box 1033, Placitas, NM 87043.


Visit SpielGeek for a set of quality Dominion dividers at

Or, print and cut your own using Sumpfork's Tab Generator located at

Nice Product to expensive shipping

Great Product! no damage. a little annoyed with the 62 shipping cost and it taking two weeks to get to me. I think that for shipping outside of the usa the perhaps FedEX or UPS might be a better option. but other then that it is great. oh and I don't understand why there are clasps for a strap but not strap it provided....not that I am going to use the strap just found it odd.<br><br>Response: FedEx and UPS are unfortunately always quite a bit higher than USPS on international shipping. This is something we research several times per year to try to find our customers the best price. As far as the strap, we are not sure why the manufacturer adds them and unfortunately have no control over it as we order them from a third-party.

Great storage solution, but worried about the latches

Took it out for its first real field test today. Performed great overall. My only complaint is the latches are not very secure. When the case is standing upright, like when using the handle, the latches are not tight and feel too small. My workaround was to secure a strap around the entire box.<br><br>In future versions, it'd be wonderful to see a case better suited to the weight instead of a stock case that was converted.<br><br>From a purely storage viewpoint, the case is just about perfect! I'm happy with my purchase and will recommend it to others. Thank you for all the hard work your company has put into this.

Dominion Case & Organizer Set

The case is perfect for storing sleeved Dominion cards, a great way to carry all the dominion games.

Pretty much perfect

This box looks great and it fits a ton of cards even sleeved. It arrived timely and using the premium dividers I am able to get the add on for future expansions. That also have great customer service even months after I purchased the product.<br><br>As others have mentioned it does have to be dealt with gingerly. I wish we could get a group deal with the divider producer so we could get it all, but this is the best option you are going to find

Really Excellent Dominion Storage Solution, But…

I, like most, have had my sets of Dominion cards in various storage mediums; the game boxes, baseball card boxes, etc. This box is by far the best, if just a bit on the $$$$$ side. I thoroughly enjoy having all my cards, in one box, easily sorted. The expandabliity of the case is amazing. <br><br>My one, complaint, like many others have said, is the hardware. Considering the price, I would have thought it would have been more substantial. My advice: treat this case gently. DO NOT DROP! Lay flat whenever you can and place gently onto whatever surface you are placing it on. If treated well, it should provide years of ease protection and enjoyment… until you can't fit any more cards in it. ;-)

Exactly right!

Perfect storage and transport solution that looks great! Holds all our cards, does however, needs to be handled gingerly.

Feels a little bit on the cheap side

Looks great and conveniently fits all my sleeved cards but for the price I paid, I wish the locks were higher quality. I wanted a case I won't have to worry about handling normally without it accidentally opening and spilling all the contents. Some dividers seem to fit too loosely as well. Would've also appreciated a thicker plywood used for the front and back. The handle seems strong enough though. Overall I would say it's a bit overpriced for what you get.

Almost Perfect

I own all the sets and I sleeve them in in FFG sleeves. They don't all fit in this very fine, high quality case. I can put them all except the standard treasure and victory cards, and the mats and chits and coins. Those I plan on putting in the smaller box TheBrokenToken sells.

Great fit

It fit all my cards (I still don't have Adventures, but otherwise I've got all the sets) superbly, and it fits the mats from the two expansions which have mats. However, it'd be nice to have some heavier-duty hinges and clasps - I'm considering adding some straps to the outside of it, to allay that concern.<br><br>Just for reference, the net weight with all expansions (except Adventures) in it (unsleeved, but with the dividers from Steve P.) is slightly less than 10kg.

Great case for all expansions w/ sleeves

Perfect for storage. As mentioned elsewhere, the clasps and handle seem flimsy for what soon becomes a very heavy case once all the sleeves cards, dividers and booklets are in. Would've been nice to have a space for the tokens and extra bits and pieces, but I keep those in one of the empty expansion boxes. I'm happy to only have to look in two places for everything I need.<br>Having all the cards consolidated and alphabetized make setup quick, and I'd recommend this case to anyone that's got the money and patience to sleeve all those cards.