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Dominion Case and Organizer Set - "Oops" Irregular


Product Description

Save money with an "oops" case! These discounted Dominion Engraved Wooden Artist Cases are the same as our WAC-DOM, just less-than-perfect, but are mechanically sound and will still keep your cards organized and safe in style! Imperfections may include dents, scuffs, scratches, poly finish issues, and imperfect joints.

The Broken Token is proud to introduce our officially-licensed Dominion storage solution. This custom wooden case is beautifully engraved with the Dominion logo and treated with Laser Dark for increased contrast.  We install dual elastic straps in the lid to hold all of your manuals. This case includes our ORG010 organizer with 6 rows of card storage and 24 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: Due to new regulations in California, we have modified the finish from a high-gloss polyurethane to a semi-gloss lacquer. This will offer the same level of protection but will not have the same gloss level of previous cases.

Note: Tabbed dividers and Dominion cards pictured are not included.

This is an officially licensed case compatible with Dominion by Rio Grande Games. 

Rio Grande Games, Dominion and their logo are trademark of Rio Grande Games, PO Box 1033, Placitas, NM 87043. www.RioGrandeGames.com


Visit SpielGeek for a set of quality Dominion dividers at http://www.spielgeek.com/

Or, print and cut your own using Sumpfork's Tab Generator located at http://sandflea.org/.


I ordered this with 4 inserts for Marvel Legendary. These folks got them to me quite fast just a week before Christmas/New Year.