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Product Description

The Broken Token is proud to introduce our officially-licensed Dominion storage solution. This custom wooden case is beautifully engraved with the Dominion logo and treated with Laser Dark for increased contrast.  We install dual elastic straps in the lid to hold all of your manuals. This case includes our ORG010 organizer with 6 rows of card storage and 24 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: Due to new regulations in California, we have modified the finish from a high-gloss polyurethane to a semi-gloss lacquer. This will offer the same level of protection but will not have the same gloss level of previous cases.

Note: Tabbed dividers and Dominion cards pictured are not included.

This is an officially licensed case compatible with Dominion by Rio Grande Games. 

Rio Grande Games, Dominion and their logo are trademark of Rio Grande Games, PO Box 1033, Placitas, NM 87043. www.RioGrandeGames.com

Product Information

  • 16.5" x 13" x 4.5"
  • 6.5 lbs
Case Internal Dimensions (approximate): 15.5" x 12" x 4.25"

Interior Row Dimensions: 11.81" x 2.48" x 2.56"

Card Capacity
CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Game Compatibility


Visit SpielGeek for a set of quality Dominion dividers at http://www.spielgeek.com/

Or, print and cut your own using Sumpfork's Tab Generator located at http://sandflea.org/.

Beautifully done.


This came pre-assembled and custom engraved for me. They followed my instructions for what I wanted perfectly, and even made it look great when I couldn't be totally specific about what I wanted (text location, size, etc.)

I'm amazed that this box holds all sleeved expansions, plus randomizers and metal tokens. I only have two small quibbles - the elastic is not quite strong enough to hold all 9 instruction manuals at once, so they tend to slide out if you open the lid too vigorously. Also, there is no good place to store the Island/Pirate Ship/Trade Route mats if you sleeve your cards.

If anyone's found a good solution for this, let me know. I was probably going to bag them and then tape the bag to the inside of the lid, as I rarely actually use the mats.

Overall, I'm extraordinarily happy, and will probably be purchasing a similar box to hold my Ascension stuff in the future.

Nice looking box, just needs a few tweaks


The box itself is nice, thick and sturdy, varnished well. Engraving is precise and looks great. Interior card separators are fine and work well. There are a few things lacking that seem annoying for a $100 box, however. The hinges are rather small given the size of the box, and are easy to bend if the box isn't handled gently. The latches don't have a safety catch so it feels extremely easy to bump it while carrying and have the case fly open and your cards fly everywhere. Additionally, the feet are only on the side of the case with nothing on the flat of the back, so it scratches itself and your table unless you add some felt pads on the back.

Overall it's a fine case but strikes me that a few things are missing to make it really worth spending $100.

Great buy


Box came with the divider set already installed which, if you read the reviews, is a time and hassle saver. Lots of flexibility with removable inserts. Beautiful box with nice engraving. Fit the entire dominion set (including randomizers and base cards set) + 230+ thick card dividers + mats and token + all blank cards, with still enough room for another full expansion if there is another (I have through Guilds) or if I wanted to sleeve all the cards.

Great beautiful box but a little overpriced


I love this case and it fits my dominion cards great but it is a little expensive and the handle is a little flimsy. It would be nicer if it came with the card divider labels printed on post card stock without having to print them yourself.

Nice product bad handling


When it arrived the latches on the front were smashed and broken off the box. Not sure if the shipping is to blame, but the packing was not enough to protect it.

Response: Please contact us and we will take care of it. We will also look at better packing procedures.



Great box, exactly what I was looking for.
Kinda wish that it came with the plastic dividers rather than having to order them separately, but still well worth the effort.

Good, Solid product, Reliable shipping and quality 4.5/5


Ordered internationally. I considered buying and building myself but you may as well go for a professional (or semi-professional) product for your cards if you are into Dominion.

Impressions: Great solid product, wood case overall seems sturdy. Some reviews here commenting about the hinge quality and I agree, it seems somewhat delicate if you look at the picture they seem small for the case overall. However my case did not seem to have any problems and seems sturdy enough for moderate travel and etc.

Some other negatives: varnish seems to be a bit thin and may need re-applying, particularly for the bottom. Dividers seem to fall out a bit (as they are made to be taken out and customised obviously) and you may need to secure it when you actual finish customizing how you want to organize your cards.

Overall: I would rate 4½/5. It is a very solid product I would have expected slightly more for the price I paid (~USD$179 with shipping) but I am happy with what I have; it is a completely finished, near-professional case that looks amazing and feels solid.

Great box I would give it a 5 star it the hinges were a little stronger


The box is a wonderful solution if you have all the expansions. It frees up a lot of space by allowing all the decks to be combined and of course you can carry them all easily.

I just wish the non wooden parts were a little stronger. However, I am confident that if carried properly the case will last a very long time.

Does what it needs to do.


The box is excellent quality with nice finish. The interior is solid and the wood dividers are moveable and durable. And it is able to hold all expansions and promos up to and including Guilds. Though barely.

The quality of the latches and hinges though is very poor. I read the review here before I purchased it and decided it was worth the expense even if the hinges were not durable.

But I will concur that they are not. One of the hinges fell off 10 minutes after I started organizing my cards into the box. The only thing I don't under stand is why bother using hinges at all. This could be much more durable if it had latches on both sides with a removable top rather than hinges on one side and latches on the other with a top that rests on hinges. The wood top is too heavy for the hinges to hold the weight, but also too thin to mount hinges strong enough to actually support the weight.

Excellent carrying case nonetheless. The hinges are horrible, but also...unnecessary.

Response: If you can send me a picture of the problem, we can get you a replacement part. We've had occasional issues with the clasps on the front, but never a problem with the hinge on the back, so far.

Good product, poor shipping/customer service response


I am quite happy with the product; it was completely as advertised and fits the sets I have quite well. I am a bit concerned about the strength and security of the latches with a full case, as others have commented on.

My major grievance was a problem with shipping--Broken Token took over a week to actually ship out the package, despite sending a message that they had done so a couple days after placing the order. Customer service did not respond to either of my e-mails regarding this. So buyer beware that the shipping may take an inordinately long time.

Response: We are sorry and will be looking into the issue to determine what happened. If you know us, we always ship quickly and people are surprised by how fast they receive their products. If this wasn't your experience, there must have been circumstances that caused it and we will look into it.

Finally! A Dominion solution!


I've been looking for a storage/transportation solution for Dominion for a very long time. I've even tried to design one myself. The case is very well done. The laser engraving of the Dominion logo is beatiful, allowing me to have a display piece. It's such a nice case, that my wife doesn't mind if I leave it out. Other reviewers have mentioned how heavy it gets when completely full, which it does. However, this has nothing to do with case design and simply to do with the large number of cards that Dominion with every expansion contains. My one complaint, also mentioned by a few others, is the elastic trap. It barely contains all the manuals if you have more than base with three expansions. Maybe a plastic folder sleeve of some sort would be better, especially if it snaps closed in some way. That may be one change I make to my own case. Other wise, as I said, beautifully done and delivered!

Gorgeous case with a little room for improvement.


This is a good product that has room for improvement. Yes it fits all the cards for every expansion and promo including all the manuals and accessories. However, the box gets VERY HEAVY with everything in there. The box itself is very strong, but the hinges and handle could use an upgrade. Also the strap that holds in the manuals is a bit weak, especially if you have all the expansions. It would have been nice if there was a stronger strap or 2 straps. Lastly, it would be awesome if this came with card dividers. All in all, still recommended. It turned a whole lot of boxes into one nice engraved case.

A much needed carry case for Dominion


Suits the purpose very nicely. The outside finish is a nice touch. Case capacity will adequately allow for the organized storage of all the expansions.

Only complaints is that the overall case seems a bit fragile for long distance / airport traveling.

The product retains an extremely strong wood scent.

Dominion box is awesome!


The custom engraved Dominion box is fantastic! It holds all expansions, including the dupes of the base cards and plenty of room for all the tokens and other bits you may use to play. It is sturdy and the hinge hardware is well chosen to prop the lid open nicely. Also has a nice coat of varnish and a band in the lid to hold instructions or whatever you feel like. Overall, I feel I got a very high value for the $100+shipping I spent for the case. I recommend it to all Dominion fans and completists who want to ditch the nine air-filled boxes and move to a transportable game!.

Well made, attractive product


This seems to be the only currently available custom box for Dominion. It looks like they've improved it from the previous versions - there are two straps for instructions, though the instructions don't always stay tightly there.

The cards fit well in the box, and the dividers are nice, though they are a bit tricky to slide in and out.

The one thing I have to be careful of is opening and closing the box - the top can crush the cards if they are leaning forward.

The box seems sturdy, though I don't know if the whole thing would be durable enough to carry around just by the handle - even with only 5 expansions, it's quite heavy.

Overall, I'm happy with this product.

Great Customer Service & Product


Like a previous review mentioned, they did add another strap to the top to help the manuals stay in better. Case looks great and functions perfectly (comes pre-assembled).

A few of the wood dividers were slightly loose so that they would fall out when the case was tipped right-side up but I don't really plan on carrying it like that so it's not an issue (it's a little too heavy to actually feel comfortable holding it by the handle anyway).

Customer service was amazing as well, they replied to all of my emails quickly and even gave me an art proof to approve for the extra $10 custom engraving I wanted to add to the back. Perfect job on that too, looks exactly how I wanted it and high quality.

They were also accommodating enough to let me pick it up in person and forgo the shipping option. Thanks again!

Finally, A Good Dominion Storage Solution You Can Buy


This case holds all Dominion cards through the Guilds expansion set--and the extra base cards with the new artwork--with plenty of room to spare for those who sleeve their cards. I don't, so I actually used dividers in the first and last slot of each row and organized my cards between them so there was less room for things to knock around. I bought the dividers from Spielgeek and achieved an organized case that looks much like the one pictured up top.

What you're getting is a Hobby Lobby Artist Case that's been modified with two elastic straps in the top to hold your rulebooks, has a pre-assembled Broken Token Dominion Organizer inside and a licensed Dominion logo etched on the top with a nice gloss finish. My case was only glossy on the top side with the logo--it would've been nice if the whole case were finished so it didn't feel different to the touch on different sides.

As many have mentioned, the hardware on the case is maybe too small and light to trust the handle, hinges and latches under the full weight of every expansion (I could just see it, months or years down the road, giving way and spilling all those cards all over the place while I'm carrying it), but it feels sturdy enough to do the trick and make the entire game portable.

Alone, the Hobby Lobby case and the Organizer would cost you over $50, wouldn't have the licensed logo or elastic straps, and you'd have to spend the time building it. In my case (being in the US) $160 USD got me this case and the Spielgeek plastic dividers...a few hours organizing it to my liking, and I finally have Dominion stored how I've wanted for a long time but never noticed the good Kickstarters in time to get on board. Enjoy!

so close to perfect


This is exactly what i was looking for with 2 small issues. The first being that some of the dividers don't sit properly and with almost no applied force pop out, but that's none issue as you are given 24 and that's more than enough. The second just being size with adventures coming out there will be no space left and I may actually need to take out the 5-6 player cards to get it all to fit. other than those to facts its 100%.

The transportation solution I needed


I had been using a big cardboard CCG box for Dominion and was really wanting something less unwieldy. I picked up one of the "Oops" Dominion cases and have been very impressed. It holds all my cards, sleeved, with the plastic dividers also linked here, all the way up through Empires. Of course, now it's completely full and I have to use a separate case for all the tokens and playmats, and I don't know what I'll do when Rio Grande releases the next expansion, but for now it's all good.

RESPONSE: we really need a magic solution for Dominion :D Glad it's working for now!!

Great for putting a large collection of cards together


A great way to gather together all of my Dominion cards. While the latches and hinges could be better, overall it does the trick, just need to treat it nicely and store it flat for that extra added mental security.

I used Mayday Euro Card Sleeves (59mmX92mm - Blue) on my cards, and printed vertical card dividers that I laminated to help with the organization. I don't have all of the expansions yet, so I have plenty of room left to grow. Even with just a few expansions, though, this case has significantly reduced my footprint on my game shelf.

While a little pricey, I did combine with other items during a sale to save on shipping and to reduce the cost, making it a much more palatable purchase price.

Nice Product to expensive shipping


Great Product! no damage. a little annoyed with the 62 shipping cost and it taking two weeks to get to me. I think that for shipping outside of the usa the perhaps FedEX or UPS might be a better option. but other then that it is great. oh and I don't understand why there are clasps for a strap but not strap it provided....not that I am going to use the strap just found it odd.

Response: FedEx and UPS are unfortunately always quite a bit higher than USPS on international shipping. This is something we research several times per year to try to find our customers the best price. As far as the strap, we are not sure why the manufacturer adds them and unfortunately have no control over it as we order them from a third-party.

Great storage solution, but worried about the latches


Took it out for its first real field test today. Performed great overall. My only complaint is the latches are not very secure. When the case is standing upright, like when using the handle, the latches are not tight and feel too small. My workaround was to secure a strap around the entire box.

In future versions, it'd be wonderful to see a case better suited to the weight instead of a stock case that was converted.

From a purely storage viewpoint, the case is just about perfect! I'm happy with my purchase and will recommend it to others. Thank you for all the hard work your company has put into this.

Dominion Case & Organizer Set


The case is perfect for storing sleeved Dominion cards, a great way to carry all the dominion games.

Pretty much perfect


This box looks great and it fits a ton of cards even sleeved. It arrived timely and using the premium dividers I am able to get the add on for future expansions. That also have great customer service even months after I purchased the product.

As others have mentioned it does have to be dealt with gingerly. I wish we could get a group deal with the divider producer so we could get it all, but this is the best option you are going to find

Really Excellent Dominion Storage Solution, But…


I, like most, have had my sets of Dominion cards in various storage mediums; the game boxes, baseball card boxes, etc. This box is by far the best, if just a bit on the $$$$$ side. I thoroughly enjoy having all my cards, in one box, easily sorted. The expandabliity of the case is amazing.

My one, complaint, like many others have said, is the hardware. Considering the price, I would have thought it would have been more substantial. My advice: treat this case gently. DO NOT DROP! Lay flat whenever you can and place gently onto whatever surface you are placing it on. If treated well, it should provide years of ease protection and enjoyment… until you can't fit any more cards in it. ;-)