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Product Description

The Broken Token Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Organizer (ORG095) expands our Dinosaur Island Organizer (ORG094) to accommodate the retail or Xtreme version of Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid expansion!  Storing your collection in one box will create 1 " lid lift so we include a red Band-It for optimal dinosaur containment.

Includes: Facilities Tray, Extensions for the Dinosaur Recipe tray and the Card Tray, Casino / Mega Rex Tray, VIP lounge tray for VIP meeples, Fifth player tray, Executive Tray, Paddock Tray, Marine pool tray for Water Dinoz and, Mini Dino/Goats/Seats Tray.

This organizer expands the Dinosaur Island Organizer (ORG094), it is not a stand alone product.  You can always avoid the lid lift entirely by also picking up our Dinosaur Island Crate Upgrade (GCA029), or get it all at once with the Dinosaur Island V.I.P. Bundle (GCA030).

Don't forget to upgrade your Dinosaur Island experience further with Dinomeeples (TOK028) compatible with Dinosaur Island and Totally Liquid Dinomeeples (TOK029) compatible with Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid. 

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid and Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Xtreme by Pandasaurus Games.

Pandasaurus Games, Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid: Xtreme, and their logo are trademark of Pandasaurus Games, http://www.pandasaurusgames.com

It fits everything, but you need both organizers

It does fit everything! It does a great job at providing space for all the extra bits even if you have the Kickstarter Xtreme edition. My issue is that the paddock tray ONLY comes with this set. The paddocks are used in the main game, but the paddock tray only comes in the totally liquid organizer. This is bothersome because then people who only purchase the main game with organizer will be missing a key organizer for a component that is used often. This forces customers to either deal with the lack of a key component, or buy the totally liquid expansion and the organizer to make everything whole.