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Dinosaur Island Crate Upgrade


Product Description

From patrons to pterodactyls, keep your park totally contained with the Dinosaur Island Crate Upgrade from The Broken Token.

This thematically engraved crate upgrade eliminates lid lift by storing the Dinosaur Island Organizer (ORG094) and Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Organizer (ORG095) in one radical solution.

Note: this is the outer crate shell only.   Dinosaur Island Organizer (ORG094) and  Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Organizer (ORG095)  can be purchased separately, or you can get it all at once with the Dinosaur Island V.I.P. Bundle (GCA030)

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

This is an officially licensed organizer crate compatible with Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur Island Xtreme, Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid, and Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Xtreme by Pandasaurus Games.

Pandasaurus Games, Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid: Xtreme, and their logo are trademark of Pandasaurus Games, http://www.pandasaurusgames.com

Slightly not enough room

The crate is ok it fits the Kickstarter products and both organizers but the lid is still raised up. Some of the wood burned details on my crate were wore off.
<br>Hey there! If you ever receive parts that are not fitting properly or pieces aren't cut correctly, please contact us! We would be happy to help replace any parts that are not up to par!

Good crate with an issue.

The crate has solid construction and a gorgeous look. Easy to put together.
<br>However when combined with the rest of the VIP bundle, still has a bit of issue getting the lid to fully close.
<br>This really stems from issues with the fitting the cloth bag into the VIP bundle. The has to be placed into the crate in a way I just cant figure out to get it to sit flush, resulting in the lid not quite being flush. If I can ever figure that out, I'll be golden