Product Description

Upgrade your Dinosaur Island experience with this totally awesome set of premium painted wooden Dinomeeples from The Broken Token.

Excite your park guests with twelve species, featuring green Dinomeeples for your herbivores, and two sizes of red Dinomeeples to represent your small and large carnivores. Each set contains 8 of each species.

No assembly required.

This is an officially licensed accessory compatible with Dinosaur Island by Pandasaurus Games. Pandasaurus Games, Dinosaur Island and their logo are trademark of Pandasaurus Games, http://www.pandasaurusgames.com

Pretty, functional and fragile

The meeples look great and comes in two colors (carnivores and herbivores) and a total of 12 shapes (8 pieces of each shape).
<br>Unfortunately the wood seems rather fragile and porous. Many of the meeples came with little pieces broken off. Mostly from where the wood is at its thinnest (like tails). Not a deal breaker, but worth mentioning.
<br>RESPONSE: Sorry to hear there was so much breakage. If you put in a ticket here: https://www.thebrokentoken.com/contact
<br>We are happy to send any replacements need