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Deepwater Metal Coins (60)


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Product Description

The Broken Token is proud to bring you the first in our new line of ultra-premium game upgrades.

These finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.  

The set includes 10 crescent coins and 50 square coins, each with a holed center.

Coins designed by Infinity Plus One.

Great add on!

I was already using another set of metal coins with Waterdeep, and every once and a while newer people were "confused" by using my round coins instead of the square and crescent ones that the game's art represents. this solves that problem. They're pricey, sure, but I love the feel of the coins and the immersion that they add to the game play. <br><br>Each coin was individually wrapped, which I thought was really weird, but ok. Also these are super thick.<br><br>if you're really in to waterdeep and its a regular event at your game nights, then I couldn't recommend this enough. if not... well its a bit pricey.

Coins for days :)

These are awesome coins. I was really really nervous about spending 80 bucks on them, but overall I'm really impressed with them. There are few negatives i have about the coins though.<br><br>1. (The obvious) The price. These coins are amazing and super good quality, but the price is way to high unless you absolutely want amazing coins for your game. <br><br>2. For the price i would have expected a few extra coins, just incase some went missing. They did give me one extra of squares (i think that was a mistake lol). but again would have been nice to have a few more of all.<br><br>3. There are a few coins that are a little messed up. What i mean is that not all of them were exactly cut the same as the rest(some of the sides of them were dented up and a little rough). This is being really picky about them, but i feel with the price of them I can be over critical about them. With paying a premium for them you kinda expect the best of the best.<br><br>Heres a few pro's about the coins<br>1. They have a clear coat over the coin. I think this is to help from dropping them. but it gives the coins a really nice look.<br>2. The design is awesome! I really feel like they hit home with it.<br>3. They sound and feel like real coins.<br>4. Playing with them in-game makes you want coins lol. They just make the overall game feel GOOD! <br><br>OVERALL<br>I'm happy with my purchase and for any super fan out there you should look into getting them. They're really really nice, and they feel and sound like real coins. If money isn't an issue, I say go for it :)<br><br>PS. The Broken Token should think about making coins for 7 Wonders.

Amazing Upgrade for Waterdeep at an insanely high price.

This is a hard review to write. If I'm basing the review solely on the quality of the product, five stars easy! The coins are wonderful and make an awesome upgrade for Lords of Waterdeep. However you can't get around the $84 price tag. Can I recommend these coins at that price. no. Do I think the coins are amazing and really like them in my game. yes. If the Broken Token could find a way to cut the price or find a way to add a little more value to these (maybe bundling the other waterdeep items at a discount) I would have an easier time recommending them.<br><br>Response: Thank you for the feedback. We are working with the mint to try to get our costs down because we'd love to see them be more "affordable".

Quality wise; perfect. But not for everyone...

In terms of quality, these coins are absolutely 5 stars, they are well made and very detailed. For any table top gamer who loves LoW as much as I do, they are a terrific addition to the game. So why did I give them only 4 stars? The answer is, simply, price. These are a great for any one with the extra scratch for them, but being priced higher than a new game means I would only recommend them to die hard LoW fans/players, at least until the price goes down.


While I could have bought another board game for the price, these make the game so much more awesome! Begone cardboard currency! <br>Combine these bad boys with the dndeeples and really pimp your game.


the coins are as good as everyone notes - $60? - well, that's a personal choice but the quality of the coins is excellent. I wasn't disappointed and, to me, it does take the game up a notch.

Very Nice

These coins are a great upgrade. Really high quality and impressive to anyone playing. Couple extras would be nice just in case, but not a major complaint.


I second the review of "Amazing Upgrade for Waterdeep at an insanely high price" below. Great quality, but I would love for the price to come down a tad. I'm not saying the coins weren't worth it - I handled them all and could find no rough edges, and the subtle colour difference between the two is beautiful. <br><br>Alternatively if the coin cost could not come down perhaps the cost of shipping could? Perhaps using a slower international option? I paid $36 AUD in shipping for these + 1 insert + 1 pack of box bands. They came in a ridiculously large box...

quality product

Despite the steep price, it is worth it! Great quality and design. Can't wait to bring these babies out in my next game day.

Amazing coins, and a beautiful addition to the game

These coins are fantastic, and I think they are a great addition to the game. They feel heavy, they are very smooth, and they don't mar or dent the wooden TBT insert. To me, these are the best, highest quality metal coins available for any game.<br><br>Be ready to spend some time unpacking them, though. Each coin was individual wrapped and stapled, which makes a lot of work to unbundle sixty coins! I pity the person that had to package each coin.<br><br>I too expressed some trepidation about the price. However, I got lucky and was able to get them at Origins 2015, so I saved on the shipping.