Dead Kingdom Organizer

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Keep your cards, tokens, and papers organized with our Dead Kingdom Organizer. This box organizer was designed for intuitive storage as well as ease-of-use during play. Take out what you need, leave the rest in the box! Accommodates standard sleeved or unsleeved cards.

Photos show organizer with core game and all current expansions, with room to expand.

This is a fan-made product. The Broken Token has no affiliation with Adam Poots Games, LLC. Kingdom Death: Monster © Adam Poots Games, LLC.

Product Information

  • 13" x 10" x 2" (shipping)
  • 4.3 lbs
Kit may not be shown to scale and may vary slightly from actual contents. Kits are supplied unassembled. For best results we suggest wood glue when assembling.

New, Improved, and As Advertised.


The TBT version of this organizer does exactly what it says it does. For those of you that saw the Top Down Terrain version designed for 1.0/1.3, you'll be delighted to know that it fits SLEEVED settlement LOCATIONS and EVENTS. It also fits the hardcover rule book. I don't have any expansions but the gear card holder is about 2/5ths full or less, all sleeved and I've barely scratched the available space for full sized cards. I'm using about half of one of two trays. Most of this stuff fit in the TDT version too, I'm not trying to knock the original, but one of my biggest concerns was the sleeved settlement events and locations. The only thing that doesn't fit is the miniature assembly box, but if you're worried about that, get out there and build those minis!

I'm using a mix of Mage Company sleeves and KDM official sleeves