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Crypto Deck-Building Organizer

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Key Features

  • Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards
  • Adjustable ramp for large hero cards
  • Includes 6 adjustable dividers

Product Description

Our Crypto Deck-Building Organizer is perfect for many Deck-Building games published by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

NOTE: We've been informed that there are different Cryptozoic game boxes. See box measurement note below.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.


Product Information

  • 11.89" (302mm) x 7.72" (196mm) x 2.76" (72mm)
  • 0.9 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Card Capacity

CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved.1mm "Premium" Sleeved.04mm Sleeved

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Card Row Dimensions (2): 7.48" x 3.81" x 2.75"
Center Row Dimensions: 3.21" x 3.81" x 2.75"

Only miss with a TBT organizer


I"m pretty religious about getting organizers for my games but I've order two of these (one for a friend as a gift a few months prior). My friend is able to store EVERY DC deckbuider game and expansion (4 games + 4 crossover packs) in one base game box with this insert. That's impressive in my book. I myself have the Street Fighter game and one of the LoTR games in my insert. That's how this insert earned so many stars despite what I'm about to say.

The main issue we're both having is that the card dividers slide out of their slots/grooves frequently. I thought maybe it was just an assembly issue and I took mine back apart and re-slotted and actually glued it together, but alas, no luck.

Great addition to keep your game nice.


This box organizer works exactly as promised. If you plan to buy the expansions, I'd suggest picking up an additional sheet of dividers (also for sale here). For the base game, this is perfect.

I too had some issues with the dividers slipping out, and just slide a piece of cardboard down one side to force everything tight. When I have a minute, I'll just add a dab of glue to each corner to hold it all nice and tight.

Absolute necessity


I purchased this for my core set and have since added the following expansions into the same box: Heroes Unite, Teen Titans, Crisis 1 & 2, Rivals and Crossover 1, 2 & 3. With a little maneuvering everything fits no problem. If you want to keep everything organized and in one box, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!

Nice organizer


I was able to fit my DC Deckbuilder, Heroes Unite, and expansions easily in one box. I bought one extra set of dividers, and that was sufficient. The holes on the piece where the ramp ends fit in were not cut large enough. There were a couple of other pieces that were tough to get to fit. This was in contrast to my King of Tokyo organizer, which had all pieces fitting together very nicely.

'Tis a Gamble, This


I will keep this brief. I have purchased many of these inserts. One for DC comics Deck Builder/Forever Evil, another for DC Comics Teen Titans, another for Street Fighter, and the last for Naruto (all deck building games from Cryptozoic). The very first one I bought was good, except it wasn't cut right. When I assembled these inserts I always used wood glue, sand paper, and a rubber mallet to ensure the tightest fit. Even with all of that, the dividers would not go into the slots on the outer areas if one were to put them in the middle. This occurred with the second one I assembled too. The third one I assembled (for Street Fighter) had a piece which chipped off. I managed to glue it back on, but a divider never sat right in that slot. Then the last one I purchased, for Naruto was terrible! Not only did the small stabilizing piece (which holds the two triangle pieces together on the middle divider) break in half because of the holes in those triangle pieces being so small they resisted the piece being inserted, but the whole insert itself was bigger than the box, by a lot. When I put the insert in the box, I had to force it in which completely tore the whole one corner of the game box. Now it doesn't even close. The insert fit in the lid of the Naruto box the way it should have fit in the main body-box.

That said, one may be better off just bagging sleeved cards for the cryptozoic games than using this insert.

Response: We apologize for the issues that you are having with the product. Please contact us so we can help solve the issues. Thank you!

No more foam board


I used to use foam board to do what this does. All I can say is WOW. Easy to put together and set up. All my cards fit perfect and they are sleeved. PROS: Price. Easy to assemble. Perfect fit, both box and cards. CONS: NONE. I will be buying more of the Broken Token products..

The dividers slipout inside the box


My organizer went together pretty easily with bare hands, had a little trouble keeping the two center divider walls in place between the long side walls well I caped the end walls to complete the body of it. Also a bit of trouble with the divider that doubles as a stand for the character cards, since it has an off center triangle shape finding an angle to tap the stand and divider together without cracking the wood was difficult.

Putting it inside the DC Deck box was also a bit rough I was afraid I would rip a corner open, I had to bow the long sides of the box out a bit and put the short side of the divider in, I got as much of the unit in as I could till the other short side was left touching the top end of the box, then I slowly lifted the inner unit till it was almost back out inserted the last two corners (which was when I was worried I would rip a corner) then push the whole unit down slowly till it sat at the bottom of the box.

It is now holding the base DC Deck Building game and three expansions (Heroes Unite/Teen Titans/Crisis pack one) all sleeved with no room for more.

My only complaint is in the bottom right side the card dividers wont stay in the grooves, I think one of the long side boards is a few millimeters longer than the other, It is annoying but minor

All in all it is a great product and I will most likely get another unit to fill up with the rest of the DC games, and hope divider slipping is not an issue in the next unit.

Awesome accessory if your OCD like me. MUST HAVE!


I was a little skeptical of this product but someone told me i had to try it. It did not disappoint. Easy assembly, only critique i would have is the divider tabs are a little too small. Otherwise I/we love th product.

Only 2 critiques for me are, the "hero/villian" angle holder for my purposes was a little unnecessary, we have so many of them that the angle is a detriment rather than a luxury, maybe an option to get 2 more dividers instead of the angle piece. And the same as a few other people have stated, the dividers themselves the "tab" that secures them in place is a little small though a touch of glue would take care of the problem as would maybe another 2mm or so.

Other than those small gripes i would reccomend this product to anyone who has this game and many expansions.

Another thought would be to produce a box that would hold Ultrapro UPC 074427430009 sized sleeves. since we put together all the DC expansions im already up to over 70 hero cards.

Not quite perfect, but still SO much better.


I ordered both this and the Legendary organizers, and while I reviewed the Legendary one at a five, this one doesn't quite make the cut. In some ways I like this one better--it doesn't have the unnecessary space-wasting square that Legendary's has in the center (which is likely for GotG expansion tokens), and I feel like it allows for waaaay more room in the box that Crypto's original plastic insert, but there were three flaws in particular that I wish were not present. Before I list those, however, I should mention that I have already ordered extra dividers and another one of these organizers, so the pros more than outweigh the cons I am about to state.

The first and biggest fault that I found with this product is this--you'll notice that there is a little wooden "ramp" that you place the oversize character cards on. This is wonderful, but somewhat problematic. I'm not sure quite how many hero cards will fit on this ramp without coming in conflict with the box lid, but I highly doubt anyone could fit all of the hero cards from even four expansions in here, which is unfortunate. I currently have the base set and the two crisis expansions in the box, and those character cards barely fit, so I doubt that I will be able to add the heroes unit expansion set in. I wish I could, because it would make more sense to combine the base set with the heroes unite and both crisis expansions into one box, but it is likely that I will have to make a concession to put them somewhere else. However, that's not even the biggest problem I have with the ramp. The largest flaw that I found with it is in its construction. When it is popped out, one of the tiny wood connections is on the slant of the ramp part itself. This means that it leaves a very small piece of wood sticking out from the slant. I'm sure it could be sanded down somewhat, but as-is out of box, I am concerned that it could scratch unsleeved character cards. This problem alone I feel is enough to drop the product from five to four stars, since not all customers will want to sleeve their cards. Even though the solution to sand it down would be quite easy, I am reviewing this product as-is upon purchase, and without the inclusion of even mini sandpaper, this leaves customers to solve a flaw that is present and of notable concern.

The second flaw is this--unlike the Legendary organizer, which fit perfectly snugly, this one seemed to be just a hair too large for the Crypto box. Placing it inside was slightly more difficult and made the box lid also slightly more difficult to put on. On the plus side, this means that the box lid is also less likely to fall off, but that benefit is also shared by the Legendary organizer which did not feel slightly too big. The difficulty was caused because, for some reason after inserting the organizer, the walls of the original box started to bulge slightly.

The last "flaw" that I have with it is more just a small complaint that, alone, would not be nearly enough to affect the review score. I wish that more of the dividers were included. There are just enough dividers for one set and a crisis expansion, but the box itself is more than large enough to hold so much more. For those that don't mind it, expansions could simply be fit in facing in opposite directions to help keep track of them and keep them "separate," but for me it meant that I had to order more dividers, which meant paying more shipping costs that could have been mitigated by simply having more dividers included with the product itself.

If my complaints above seem minor or petty, that just goes to show the quality of the product itself. I am very pleased with it, I just wasn't quite impressed enough to give it a perfect score, especially since I've seen better efforts and thoughtfulness from The Broken Token in at least one of their other organizers.

Response: Please contact us via email so we can ask some follow-up questions and resolve any of your remaining concerns.

Ok design but does it job sort of


I love broken token organizers but this one was the worst I have ever received, yet it still gets 3 stars. This is the only one that the de elders did not fit well. Every time I move box they slide out of the grooves and my cards are all moved around when I open it. I am figuring out was to make them stay. All of broken token organizers are good quality. This one is good and has great features. I just wish my cards could stay in one place.


Please contact us at contact@thebrokentoken.com so we can help you.

Thank you!

Great product


This fits in the box well and seems sturdy. I have my cards sleeved in the ultra pro matte sleeves and holds them without any problems. My only issue and it isn't a big one is the dividers are a little loose in the slots but they still work fine. Would buy for other games

Must have


I purchased this to organize my DC deck building game. I currently have the core set, Heroes Reborn, Crisis Expansion 1 & 2, Rivals Batman vs Joker and the JLA expansion packs. I still have room for 2-3 more expansion packs. Excellent design, durable materials and very well thought design. This is a mandatory piece of gear for all Cryptozoic card games.

Fits everything!


Okay, so my biggest concern was fitting every set and crisis set (Base set, Heroes United, and Forever Evil, Crisis set 1 and Crisis set 2) . I also did some research and found its best to buy three sets of the extra dividers, so you can separate everything easier. There are some tight fits, but nothing too crazy! I will gladly add a picture of my set up when I get back home! :)

A must for sleeved cards or expansions


The factory box insert for DC Deck Building doesn't accommodate sleeved cards very well... the insert's rounded corners in the bottom of the card slots bends the pointed corners of the sleeves. So this insert is a great solution for that problem.

The factory insert also has a lot of wasted space so this insert frees up a lot of space for expansions.

Note: Some might find the fact that they have to assemble these products a con but I personally enjoy putting these together, so I consider it a bonus. But I should note that there's certainly risk of breaking a component during assembly if not careful.

Good fit, easy to assemble, but..


I got this to consolidate my DC Deck building game collection to one box. It fit everything up to Teen Titans rather well. However, the little ramp for the Super Hero cards doesn't work well when have a lot of sets. Instead of it taking up just half a row, it ended up taking up 3/4 of the row since I had to move it way back to get all the Super Hero cards from all the sets to fit properly. I ordered a second one to have another box house the spill over of the extraneous starter deck cards, and will probably just removed the ramp and use a divider to cordon off an area for over-sized cards.

Maybe a removable tray or less acute angle on the ramp would work better.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the insert, as it's helping me cut 3 other boxes off my game shelf.

Great for combining multiple Cryptozoic expansions into a single box.


DC Comics Deck-Building Game Review:

I combined the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Heroes United and two Crisis Expansions together in one box. There is still room for more. The one drawback is that when you combine multiple oversize hero piles together (a natural side-effect of combining games), the hero ramp has to be moved back so that they sit at a shallower slope. This obviously eats up box space, which kind of negates the idea of the ramp in the first place (or makes it more of a novelty than anything). I did not need any extra dividers. I put all yellow starting cards together in one section. If you're interested in separating all five starter decks into separate slots, then you may want more, but that would be impossible to do when combining expansions (as you'd have ten starting hands worth of cards, and they would eat up way too much box space when separated. In my opinion, the only reason for getting these space-saving inserts from thebrokentoken is to save room for expansions or for combining games. The fact that I can now bring all of the DC Deck-Building game to my friends' houses with one box is awesome. The one 'con' I found was that the rows tend to bow slightly in the center, which means the dividers don't stay put perfectly. They sometimes fall out. I only have this problem with the Cyrptozoic games (I've bought inserts for Pathfinder, Star Wars, and Legendary as well). I may have to fix this problem with wood glue, but then I loose the flexibility that the dividers are supposed to provide.

The Hobbit: Deck-Building Game

I was able to fit the Hobbit and its expansion, "The Desolation of Smaug" in one box thanks to this insert. There's also room for the final expansion, "The Battle of the Five Armies" that's mentioned in the rulebook. This is why I got this insert. I wanted the whole game in one box for travel purposes. The design does suffer from the same flaw mentioned above. Namely, the rows bow a little in the middle, making inserts in the center sometimes fail to stay put. I'm more willing to use wood glue on this game, because there can't be any additional content past the "Battle of the Five Armies", so I'm fine with the permanence that glue forces upon me.

Lord of the Rings: Deck-Building Game

I was able to combine "The Fellowship of the Rings", "The Two Towers", and "The Return of the King" together in one box with one of these inserts. Three large sections are your three main decks. I put the ring token, the character starting cards, and the ring cards vertically next to the hero cards, because when the hero cards are on the ramp, there's space to either side of them. All the yellow starting cards need to share one section when combining all three games (you cannot separate each starting deck by a wooden divider and still fit all three games in one box). I also combined things that were the same from all three games. All Corruptions went together, all Valors went together, etc. Again, the hero ramp will take up at least half the center isle because there are a lot of heroes when you combine three games. And this suffered the same bowing problem as the other Cryptozoic game inserts I got.

All in all, great product. Glad I bought. You will not need extra inserts if you're combining multiple Cryptozoic games into one box. I bought three sets of EXTRA dividers (one for each series identified in this review), but now I have 3 bags of dividers on my shelf unused. Buy the insert first, then assess your need for dividers AFTER the fact.

PS It's also possible that the bowing is a result of the extremely tight fit of the insert into the Crytpozoic box. Either way, it is a minor complaint. But because I did have the bowing problem on all three Crytozoic inserts (but not on my Pathfinder, Legendary, or Star Wars inserts) I did do a four star review instead of a five star review.

Great Product


This is the third insert I have purchased and I love them all. It is such a great use of space and keeping all the expansions in the same small box is a real space saver... not to mention the convenience.

Must have


I purchased this to organize my DC deck building game. I currently have the core set, Heroes Unite, Crisis Expansion 1 & 2, Rivals Batman vs Joker and the JLA expansion packs. I still have room for 2-3 more expansion packs. Excellent design, durable materials and very well thought design. This is a mandatory piece of gear for all Cryptozoic card games.



First BT divider I bought, and I love it. It holds Hobbit and the expansion, with plenty of space for Battle of Fove Armies if it ever comes out. I know someone with 2 full DC games in one, plus two crisis decks. These are great. I've since bought the King of Tokyo and New York ones because this one was so good.

LOTR and Hobbit DBG Solution!


This is a wonderful solution for LOTR and the Hobbit DBGs!!! I currently have all three LOTR games AND The Hobbit DBG in one box with room for The Hobbit DBG expansions!!! Wonderful insert!!!

(As an aside, there are just enough dividers for this purpose... Just enough... If you are going for just LOTR or just The Hobbit, you'll be fine.)

Almost perfect


This product is so close to being perfect. It allows you to store the 1st 3 big box games, crisis 1&2 and the 1st crossover in one box, very convenient. The only issue I'm having is that the dividers are a bit short lengthwise and they often slip out on one of the insert.

Great Product!


I found the organizer for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game a few weeks ago, and for keeping two sets and the Crisis expansions in a single box. Since I have added sleeves to my cards, I have added another organizer to a second box, and everything has its place. The organizers are easy to assemble and fit snugly in the boxes.

Really nice, few more dividers would be nice for crisis expansions


I have now DC Deckbuilder, heroes unite, and crisis expansions 1 and 2 in the same box which I love. But the different punches/kicks/vulnerabilities between DC deckbuilder and heroes unite I just put together in the same slot, and the crisis expansion cards I just put in their own divided spot. If I get more expansions this doesn't really get solved.

I love the hero display/ramp.

If you want to put all 3 LOTR DBGs in 1 box, then get this.


Perfect. Pick up another set of dividers to go with it and you will be golden.

Well Made


Used this to organize DC Deck-building card game - base + 2 deluxe expansions + mini crisis pack, all in original game box. Easy quick assembly - I sanded down some tab corners for easier fit but they would fit together without it. Snug fit in the box and I picked up some extra dividers for room for future expansions. Great product, like it better than foam dividers - may have to pick up a kit for fantasy flight LCG's!