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Cosmic Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

Building a galactic empire is a lot harder when game components are in disarray! Conquer your game box with our Cosmic Organizer compatible with Cosmic Encounter® by Fantasy Flight Games. With room for all the game components, cards, ships, planets and support for all current expansions, our Cosmic Organizer will warp your game setup and tear down and keep everything safe during transport!

Note: Glue is required for certain trays in this organizer.  They are cut loose and MUST be glued in order to function.

For additional assembly help, see the following video.


  • Supports sleeving most cards (Alien Cards can't fit if sleeved)
  • 9 Removable trays
  • Accommodates current expansions: Alliance, Conflict, Dominion, Incursion, Storm

Arrives as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Download ORG041 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

ORG041 Dimensions
Length Width Depth
11.26" 11.26" 2.677"
# Rows Length Width Depth
2 5.46" 3.71" 2.677"
CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
912 534 710
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
983 575 766
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.



Product Videos

Product Videos

Cosmic Encounter Player Token Tray Assembly 02:01

Here we show you how to assembly the trays that hold the player pieces for Cosmic Encounter.

  • Cosmic Encount...
    Here we show you how to assembly the trays that hold the playe...
  • Cosmic Organiz...
    This is the assembly video for The Broken Token's Cosmic Organ...

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  1. Very good storage solution!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2016

    This Cosmic Encounter insert works very well and holds everything currently out for CE very well. Though if you sleeve everything, your alien cards will probably not fit very well as they are at capacity as is. It was very easy and fairly quick to put together however the quality is a little below what I had expected. I have purchased other inserts elsewhere and the wood was a little thicker/sturdier which was nice although they were a bit pricier. So it really depends what you want out of your insert. As something to hold everything in one box, this works very nicely!

    Response: Keep in mind that thicker does not equal sturdier. Often times MDF is thicker and mistaken as stronger due to this, but its in fact the opposite. Birch is the strongest/lightest wood you can get at this thickness. MDF will break more easily and thinner wood actually allows for more flexibility in design. Inserts from other companies are either the same wood, or MDF. In addition, if any of your pieces were to break, we would replace it for free.

  2. Excellent organizer for packing Cosmic Encounter and its expansions into one box

    Posted by Andrew Gallant on 3rd Apr 2016

    The Cosmic Organizer packs everything from Cosmic Encounter and its (currently 5) expansions into a single box. It might fit a hypothetical 6th expansion, but there is not room enough for more than that.

    Assembly of the component holders can be tricky; in particular, the ship token trays were frustrating to assemble. The assembly video in the "product Videos" section of this page is a good guide, but glosses over how difficult it is to align the two end pieces with the cross beams - that one step was almost 1/3rd of the total time to build the whole kit for me.

    Since the component trays fill the box almost exactly to the top, there is no room for the rule books, Warp, or Hyperspace Gate. You can, of course, put these on top, but the box lid won't fit as snugly, and it is possible for some components to spill from their trays if the box is shaken or turned on its side. There is no obvious solution to that particular problem, so I do not count it against this product.

    Overall, I am quite impressed by how well this organizer works, and I am looking forward to what The Broken Token can do to organize the rest of my board game collection.

  3. Another great organizer with a few 'slight' issues

    Posted by Shaun Fuller on 1st Mar 2016

    Overall this is another great organizer that is a perfect addition to the game, especially if you own most of the expansions and need/want a cleaner and neater way to sort everything. The presentation of the set once put together is amazing when on the table; I like that it is a set of various trays that can be removed as needed.

    However there are a few minor issues for me:
    The ship tokens, as mentioned before, are very fiddly to build. In fact this was the first organizer from Broken Token that ever really caused me any frustration while putting together. The design is easy to follow and once you get them together they work great, but while building them you'll need a little patience. Once together and the glue dries they are rock solid and look awesome, so that issue went away for- just something worth noting.
    My other issue is that it states it hold sleeved cards for all of the expansions. I have all but on expansion and, unless they are very few cards in that last set (I know I'm missing 25 alien cards) I can't imagine them all fitting in the box unless you remove the wooden dividers. I have already had to remove one to get all the cards I have to fit. Maybe this was the intention. The card box is still very good and extremely; I just would hate having to pull out more of the dividers. And a final note: I also have sleeved alien cards; I'm sure they didn't refer to those being sleeved (as that is rare) but I did get them to all fit, but I had to modify that tray by leaving off one of the sides. I could easily remove them from the sleeves but it still functions well and only has a few alien cards that are above the tray intended for them; to me that's the best of both worlds.

  4. Caution

    Posted by Pete on 19th Feb 2016

    I love Broken Token organizers, but this is the first one I've bought that I was disappointed in. The pieces fit very poorly on 3 of the trays and require glue. I'm not opposed to using glue, but these trays simply fall apart without it and are infuriating to put together because the pieces fit so loosely. The design on those trays should be recut, no doubt about it. This system also doesn't fit into the box as well as others I have. Still, all said and done, it organized a game with a TON of pieces, and I'm glad I bought it. Just be sure you're ready for some difficult assembly with this one.

    Reponse: Due to the delicate nature of the player trays, they were designed to be looser than normal on purpose. Requiring people to force delicate pieces into place can cause breakage so it was a conscious decision. We will definitely consider the feedback though and look at ways to improve the fit in the future.

  5. A must have if you play a lot of Cosmic

    Posted by Richie T. on 13th Feb 2016

    Great insert! As other reviews have pointed out the trays that hold the spaceships is a bear to put together and will require a lot of patients and glue (I used Goop). It was worth the effort once every thing was organized in the box.

  6. Neat and Tidy

    Posted by Decker on 11th Feb 2016

    The Short Version is this organizer replaced something like 15-20 plastic baggies and has made my game look much nicer.

    The Longer version is the kit came cut neat and clean. There were a few loose connections on some of the joints, but glue straightened that out, as recommended in the assembly instructions. I found this kit to be more modular then my previous experiences, rather than a solid frame on the edges, with compartments, this is more of a collection of trays and holders that pack together neatly when put up in the box. This *is* depicted in the pictures, but it did mean that assembly took a bit longer than I originally expected, but I enjoy crafts so this was in no way a down side.

    The one hiccup I did find that one of my planetary discs was a bit puffier than the rest (previous exposure to moisture or a manufacturing irregularity are my only guesses), which prevented me from using most of the snug planetary slots for that specific color. Thankfully it still fit just fine in front slot where there is not front piece. Obviously this is not a problem with the kit, but if you have couple of discs that have encountered a few spills and a bit swollen, you might find it difficult to fit all of the planets in.

  7. Another excellent product

    Posted by Glenn Dudley on 10th Feb 2016

    I own several Broken Token organizers. In fact, they are the only brand that I purchase. If I am not inspired to create my own, which I have done several times, I turn to Broken Token.

    The only caveat I would ever mention is that the weight of the box will increase, versus a foam insert. However, as my games don't travel I don't consider it an issue.

    Other reviews of this product complain about needing to glue a couple of trays. I usually glue many of the components anyway (hey, I'm a gamer, I have OCD) so this was no different. I always use a professional-grade wood glue and never have any problems.

    One review states they had to trim parts. That doesn't really make sense as all the sheets are laser cut so there should be no variations. Mine went together with the usual ease and needed no trimming. Go figure.

    As always, as someone who has a tinkerer's mind, I'm impressed with the design work that went into the finished product. Clever and utilitarian, this organizer is yet another impressive example of what this company is capable of.

    With any luck the next organizer they produce will be for another game I have. Here's hoping!

  8. Great once assembled

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2016

    This does the job and the directions are well written. My only minor gripe is the tray to hold the the spaceships is a bear to put together. But it is great to hold the game and all expansions.

  9. Wait for a V2

    Posted by Jeff on 4th Feb 2016

    I had multiple issues with this particular organizer. I had to file down a round half a dozen tabs in order for them to seat properly. At the same time, the ship token trays are some extremely flimsy to the point of concern. There is absolutely no way that my trays could stay together by friction alone, rather I had to use copious amounts of glue. I have been extremely happy with every Broken Token product I've used so far. I think that with a second pass this could be a really great product. Until then, I'd wait.

    Response: The ship trays were designed to require glue. They were cut to fit loose so that they wouldn't break during assembly from customers forcing them together. Once glued, the trays will be extremely strong and work perfectly. If you have any concerns, please contact us via email so we can help!

  10. Somewhat disappointed

    Posted by Daniel Edwards on 3rd Feb 2016

    I love broken token organizers and I always eagerly and happily dive into building them and love the results. With this one, however, I was somewhat disappointed. The joints on pretty much all of the edges were very loose compared to the rest of the organizers I own. I was also very disappointed with the saucer trays. First they were extremely tedious to assemble and required glue. Even tape would not be sufficient to hold them together. After I let that dry overnight I was also disappointed at the difficulty of trying to get the saucers in the trays. They would easily slip through and fall through the slots in the middle. I would have preferred to have just a simple tray with 4 long compartments than the complex circular beam support thing.

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