Codenames Organizer


Product Description

It's no secret: with the popularity of Codenames and Codenames Pictures, what's been missing has been an elegant and economical organization solution. Get "clued in” on our officially licensed Codenames Organizer, suitable for storing both Codenames and Codename Pictures by CGE! It’s designed to accommodate at least two games and fit in either the Codenames or Codenames Pictures box, and includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Included with each organizer kit is our exclusive Codenames Pictures promo card. Add an additional symbol to your map with The Broken Token's officially licensed add-on card, only available with our Codenames Organizer.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Codenames by CGE. CGE, Codenames and their logo are trademark of Czech Games Edition s.r.o., Karla Tomana 825, 27204 Kladno, Czech Republic.

Ever so slightly confusing, still great

This might have been the loosest Broken Token organizer I've ever assembled. Wood glue was a definite must-have rather than just a good suggestion. I also wasn't expecting the left and right sides of the organizer to have different dimensions (disclosure; I'm using this organizer for Codenames and Deep Undercover, rather than Codenames and Pictures) so organizing things the way I wanted them was slightly more difficult than anticipated.<br><br><br><br>But, at the end of the day, I now have two fully complete games of Codenames stored in a single box. Assembly was quick and easy (as soon as I started gluing EVERYTHING), fitting the organizer in the box was painless. Highly recommended if you have 2 or more Codenames games, moderately recommended if you only have 1.


I am so happy with this organizer! I have now consolidated my Codenames and Pictures together in one box. Looks great, easy to assemble, and a nice space saver. I did use glue on most joins to give a nice, tight fit; however, they may not have been important since it was going to be placed in the box.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: So great to hear :D I like to glue my corners too, not necessary but it feels better!

Simple space saver

While the Codenames box is rather small compared with other board games, it doesn't really make the most efficient use of space. This organizer takes advantage of that, allowing you to merge two games into one box. The end result is that you can store both Codenames and Codenames: Pictures in one box, taking up half the space. With my copy of "Pictures" on order, I thought it prudent to consolidate the two into one, and have already put the original Codenames in the box, with plenty of space left over for the newer version.<br><br><br><br>This organizer is a bit loser than other Broken Token designs that I've built, but a small amount of wood glue and tape on the corners yields a solid end result. Overall, the simple design fits everything from the game(s) neatly, with each of the parts having a "proper location", pretty much as pictured in the product image. The instructions were very straight-forward and I didn't have any issues in the construction or fit; either getting the organizer into the box, or the components into the organizer.<br><br><br><br>Overall, this a worthwhile purchase that I can recommend to anyone who wants to merge two copies of Codenames and save some space as a result. My four star rating is a bit conservative, more of a 4 and a half, really, but there is room for improvement if more specialize slots were available for the timer and stands, thus allowing for the possibility of something better coming along.