Codenames Organizer


Product Description

It's no secret: with the popularity of Codenames and Codenames Pictures, what's been missing has been an elegant and economical organization solution. Get "clued in” on our officially licensed Codenames Organizer, suitable for storing both Codenames and Codename Pictures by CGE! It’s designed to accommodate at least two games and fit in either the Codenames or Codenames Pictures box, and includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Included with each organizer kit is our exclusive Codenames Pictures promo card. Add an additional symbol to your map with The Broken Token's officially licensed add-on card, only available with our Codenames Organizer.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Codenames by CGE. CGE, Codenames and their logo are trademark of Czech Games Edition s.r.o., Karla Tomana 825, 27204 Kladno, Czech Republic.

Helps To Specify Which 2 Sets It Holds

There are about 3 different groups I game with, all of whom pretty much completely agree that Codenames Pictures is a little TOO abstract for them. One group, however, likes the Undercover variant exclusive to Target, so I'd acquired this in the hopes of keeping both sets in one box. That works, sort of, but it required a pretty significant amount of fiddling to pull it off. Moving the central divider a few mm to the left would have allowed this divider to easily support just about any combination of two sets in one box much more elegantly.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: it is a bit of balancing act. Unfortunately due to the size of some cards the space is required to accommodate the larger cards - we found the best way is to avoid redundancy, if you take out components that are repeated there is more room available! With some fiddling we even got all three in one box!

Fits both games in one box

My wife loves that she can carry both games in one solid box

Really Awesome Product

So when I first got my game of Codenames, I was a little disappointment with the storage for the game. I then found this online and hope it would be a godsend, turns out it was. It was very easy to put together, feels very sturdy, and fits the pieces nicely. I'm likely to sleeve the cards and do not mind having to put them in the box differently, I prefer to keep each game to it's own box unless it comes out with a special edition storage, to chances are I'll likely buy two more of these in particular at some point for the other two versions of codenames (but I do have to buy them first ahah)<br><br><br><br>I do hope to see more games from you guys, such as Machine of Death or even Red Dragon Inn. Will probably start slowly buying what you guys have for the games I do own.

Does not fit sleeved cards.

With any party game, I like to sleeve my games with the Mayday sleeves to protect my games. Generally all the cards always fit any Broken Token organizer, however, if you get the correct sleeves, they will not fit the game and basically you will need to purchase an organizer for each (original and pictures). I wish they had put a disclaimer that says that it will not fit sleeves but now I pretty much cannot use the organizer if I want sleeved cards or I can purchase another organizer and defeat the purpose of having an all in one organizer. Very disappointed in this.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: You are indeed correct that the organizer was not designed for sleeved cards. The box was not large enough to accommodate sleeves in the configuration we wanted to create. Also due to the cost of most sleeves and the relative price of a replacement game, we decided it was not a feature we needed to support with this particular organizer. <br><br><br><br>We apologize that this was not clearly stated on the product description and we have made adjustments thanks to your feedback. Please do contact us so we can arrange a return and refund of your organizer, we always stand behind our products and want everyone to be thrilled with their TBT purchases!

Organize Codenames, Undercover, and Pictures!

My sister loves and has Codenames. I got her Codenames Undercover and Codenames Pictures as well as this organizer for her birthday. The description says it fits at least two Codenames games. It will fit all three if you do not try to store the duplicated items (timer, stand, agent color cards, etc.) Like all Broken Token organizers, this is a quality piece that allows you to condense your storage space and makes it a snap to set up and put away games.

Takes both original and pictures!

Really nice inlay that takes both games in one box! It's easy to build and easy to use


Was really expecting this organizer to fit sleeved cards but it didn't! it is a few mm too narrow! and now I'm more sad that my codename pictures are not going to fit in too.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: This is our only organizer that doesn't accommodate sleeves. We apologize for the disappointment but physics dictates there is only so much room in the box :(

Faster, neater, more efficient

Assembles easily, makes far better use of the space in the box, speeds game set-up and pack-away. What more could you want? <br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: to fit two games in one box?? OH it does that too :D Thanks for the great review!

Awesome as usual!

As expected this product is everything that you want it to be. And whats better is the pieces have numbers on it to help in the build process! Very awesome and great work!

Great Option

I can't stand having cards inside plastic baggies, so this is a fantastic way to keep things organized. I us this for both the original game and Deep Undercover and there is still room to spare, so we will see if Pictures can be added. It was easy to assemble and everything fit together well, I only needed to use glue on a small section. Great product!