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Codenames Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

codenameslogo.jpgIt's no secret: with the popularity of Codenames and Codenames Pictures, what's been missing has been an elegant and economical organization solution. Get "clued in” on our officially licensed Codenames Organizer, suitable for storing both Codenames and Codename Pictures by CGE! It’s designed to accommodate at least two games and fit in either the Codenames or Codenames Pictures box, and includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Included with each organizer kit is our exclusive Codenames Pictures promo card. Add an additional symbol to your map with The Broken Token's officially licensed add-on card, only available with our Codenames Organizer.

NOTE: Due to the box size constraints, this organizer is not designed for use with sleeved cards.

NOTE: Not compatible with Codenames: Disney Family Edition or Codenames: Marvel.


  • Exclusive promo card
  • Accommodates at least two Codenames games in one box
  • Fits in Codenames or Codenames Pictures box
  • Accommodates Codenames Duet (and one additional Codenames game). Note: approximately 0.2" of lid lift with Duet + Pictures.
  • Includes 6 adjustable card dividers

Outer organizer dimensions: 8.79" x 6.07" x 1.94"

Download ORG063 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.


This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Codenames by CGE. CGE, Codenames and their logo are trademark of Czech Games Edition s.r.o., Karla Tomana 825, 27204 Kladno, Czech Republic.

Product Videos

Product Videos

Codenames Organizer Product Tour 00:50

Introducing the Codenames Organizer. Compatible with Codenames and Codenames Pictures, and officially-licensed with Czech Games Edition. Exclusive promo Pictures card included! Just $12.99 from our web store. Order yours today at: PS: We designed it to hold both the original game and Codenames pictures, but we've seen photos from customers who've put both of them along with Deep Undercover all in one box. (Just be careful not to mix up those cards!) music by

  • Codenames Orga...
    Introducing the Codenames Organizer. Compatible with Codenames...
  • Codenames Asse...
    This is the assembly process for the Codenames organizer compa...
  • How it fits: C...
    In this video of How it fits, we look at The Broken Token's Co...

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  1. Saving Shelf Space Yet Again

    Posted by Lorinda Gayle on 4th Nov 2016

    I already have several Broken Token organizers, but this one for Codenames was the quickest, easiest assembly yet - less than 15 minutes from opening the shipping envelope to closing lid with the game contents safely inside. I have used glue on previous Broken Token projects, but I didn't bother this time because the pieces fit so snugly and the design really isn't under any stress when surrounded by the box. Another winner!

  2. Takes both original and pictures!

    Posted by Trond Klakken on 30th Sep 2016

    Really nice inlay that takes both games in one box! It's easy to build and easy to use

  3. All in one solution!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2016

    I'm all for things taking up less space, so to find out there was an officially licensed insert to put Codenames and Codenames Pictures together in one box, I was very happy.

  4. Dissapointed

    Posted by Rudy on 30th Sep 2016

    Was really expecting this organizer to fit sleeved cards but it didn't! it is a few mm too narrow! and now I'm more sad that my codename pictures are not going to fit in too.

    RESPONSE: This is our only organizer that doesn't accommodate sleeves. We apologize for the disappointment but physics dictates there is only so much room in the box :(

  5. Efficient

    Posted by Bryan Masters on 14th Sep 2016

    Have base and Deep Undercover in one box with all components. Dividers seperating recently used cards. Was easy to put together. Nice, neat and efficient.
    Another bang up job by The Broken Token.

  6. Faster, neater, more efficient

    Posted by Chris on 6th Sep 2016

    Assembles easily, makes far better use of the space in the box, speeds game set-up and pack-away. What more could you want?

    RESPONSE: to fit two games in one box?? OH it does that too :D Thanks for the great review!

  7. Allllllmost enough room!

    Posted by Andrew Hackard on 27th Aug 2016

    I was looking forward to consolidating Codenames, Pictures, and Deep Undercover into a single box tonight once I got the organizer put together.

    Sadly, it was not to be. I think there's actually room for all three in the organizer, but only if you take out all the dividers, and that makes this way less useful to me. So I have original and Pictures in one box, and Deep Undercover still in its own box (which is probably better if I want to play Codenames with my nieces and nephews, come to think of it).

    Here's hoping the next set is a Deep Undercover Pictures so I have an excuse to get another organizer!

    RESPONSE: I love your can do attitude :D It's true we had really only planned on the Original and Pictures to fit in the one box, but have been told that as long as you leave out the duplicated pieces there is room. But I think you may be right about your nieces and nephews. Happy Gaming and thanks for the feedback

  8. Awesome as usual!

    Posted by Julia S. on 27th Aug 2016

    As expected this product is everything that you want it to be. And whats better is the pieces have numbers on it to help in the build process! Very awesome and great work!

  9. Fantastic!

    Posted by Munchezuma on 24th Aug 2016

    I am so happy with this organizer! I have now consolidated my Codenames and Pictures together in one box. Looks great, easy to assemble, and a nice space saver. I did use glue on most joins to give a nice, tight fit; however, they may not have been important since it was going to be placed in the box.

    RESPONSE: So great to hear :D I like to glue my corners too, not necessary but it feels better!

  10. Great Option

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Aug 2016

    I can't stand having cards inside plastic baggies, so this is a fantastic way to keep things organized. I us this for both the original game and Deep Undercover and there is still room to spare, so we will see if Pictures can be added. It was easy to assemble and everything fit together well, I only needed to use glue on a small section. Great product!

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