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Castles of Mad King Ludwig Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

castlesofmadkingludwig-logo.pngWhy add madness to your castle building? Use our officially licensed Castles of Mad King Ludwig Organizer to keep all your tokens and tiles in order during gameplay and transport. The main box organizer holds tokens and safely stores larger pieces below the two removable token trays. Both trays organize the castle pieces and one features a built-in card holder to easily dispense cards (sleeved or unsleeved) during game play.


  • Two removable token trays to use during game play
  • Built-in card holder for game play
  • Supports sleeved cards
  • Accommodates Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets expansion

Arrives as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Download ORG035 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.


This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Castles of Mad King Ludwig by Bézier Games.  ©2015 The Broken Token. Bézier Games, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and their logo are trademark of Bézier Games, Inc., 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136, USA.


ORG035 Dimensions
Length Width Depth
11.297" 11.297" 2.559"
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.



Product Videos

Product Videos

How it fits: Castles Of Mad King Ludwig Organizer 03:58

In this video of How it fits, we look at The Broken Token's officially licensed Castles of Mad King Ludwig Organizer, by Bezier Games. Take a look while I show you how to organize all of your components and removable trays! 0:27 - What expansions and sets? 0:39 - Tray A 1:36 - Tray B 2:13 - Main box organizer 2:38 - Putting everything inside the game box! Get your kit at: music: Weekend In The City by Silent Partner. Move Ya by Max Surla/Media Right Productions.

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  1. Excellent design and construction

    Posted by Adam B. on 11th Dec 2015

    Of all of the organizers that I have purchased for my board games (6 so far), this one happened to be the most tightly constructed. The only loose joints I encountered were with the base portion of the design where three pieces came together into two corner joints that spanned three quarters of the box. That was resolved by a little tape, as per instructions. Given that that portion will always remain in the box, it is a complete non-issue. Beyond that, the rest of pieces fit together perfectly and tightly enough to not require any glue or tape. I expect that everything, with regular use, will remain tightly together for a long while to come and this was especially true of the two inserts.

    Overall, a great organizer, that provides plenty of space for expansions (currently there is one), as long as the expansions don't venture too far off from the original game design. It certainly helps with setup and breakdown while playing the game.

  2. Finally.. easy to put away

    Posted by Kyle on 8th Dec 2015

    The worst part about this game was the set-up/tear down. Well finally that is a breeze, especially putting it away, everything has a place and no more cumbersome bags to put everything in. The minor issues already mentioned I agree with, however they are minor and don't detract from the quality overall. The game organizer is great quality, I was surprised at how nice it is. Would highly recommend.

  3. Best insert yet.

    Posted by Steven Clinard on 8th Dec 2015

    CoMKL is a great game, but the sheer number of different sets of differently sized and shaped pieces made it a nightmare to keep organized and to set up and put away each game.

    In other words, the perfect candidate for a Broken Token organizer.

    The insert is a slightly more intricate design compared to other inserts, but the pieces fit together properly and each assembly step is fairly straightforward.

    The end result is fantastic. The organizer separates the components logically into two removable trays (room tiles, cards, money) and a static box insert (player pieces and public goal tiles). Each tray compartment is the right size and depth for the compartments and have cutouts and/or holes in the bottom to make it easy to retrieve the components.

  4. Great insert!

    Posted by Jim on 4th Dec 2015

    This is the first insert i've bought from Broken Token. It was a bit of process putting it together. There was some shedding of the wood but the instructions were fairly self-explanatory so it's just a matter of having the time to get it done.

    I'm very happy with the insert. It should cut down set up and put away by a large margin. I do have a couple of small quibbles.

    1. The divider between the 600 rooms and hallway/stairs seems to be crooked as is the swan/400 room divider. Not a deal breaker by any stretch. I've combed through the instructions to make sure I did everything right and I couldn't find any mistakes.

    2. On occasion the removable trays fall off the ridge that they sit on in the box. They just tilt over a bit in the box sometimes. No biggie.

    Otherwise it's a fantastic addition to CoMKL. Recommend!

  5. Challenging Construction, but Worth It!

    Posted by Jefrey Watts on 3rd Dec 2015

    If there was ever a game that desperately needed on of The Broken Token's organizers, this is it! I've put together several organizers before and I have to admit... this was the most complicated one yet! This was the first organizer where I had to take apart pieces and reassemble them to make them fit properly. In particular, I want to echo what Mark said... there was an off-angle piece that divided swan tokens and the 400 size rooms - until I pulled it apart, flipped a piece, and put things back together. This organizer, in particular, needed more clarification as to what orientation pieces needed to go.

    I will also echo the comment about the largest triangle piece for the game... it doesn't fit anywhere in the box except on top with rule book. Not an ideal place for it. I'll have to try the suggest for carving out a notch to help it fit.

    Though there's a lot of criticism here, I do want to be clear... I love this organizer! There's a spot for every size of room, all the cards, all the tokens. It's very pleasing to the eye with all the pieces in their places in the box now. Solid construction (again, a mallet is a godsend when putting these together) makes this a must get for this game!

    Now, with that being said... I love this insert! The rooms are organized and there is space to organize the rooms and cards.

  6. Much needed insert for a great game

    Posted by Mark on 1st Dec 2015

    Overall, I can speak very highly of this insert and would give it 4.5 stars. As with all broken token inserts, the wood is of good quality and everything fits together well. Care was taken to make sure all the little bits fit nicely with room to spare for expansions. Also makes everything accessible. Of particular note the little "cut outs" on the bottom of the compartments make it easy to "poke up" the last couple room tiles so you don't have to pry them up from above. However, I did notice a couple flaws in the design: First, I would have thought there would have been some additional dividers for the moat pieces so that they don't slide around in the bottom compartment. Secondly, the large triangular portion of the market board doesn't fit in the bottom compartment... I suspect the designers expected it would just be placed on top of everything along with the instruction book. However, there's plenty of room for it on the bottom. In fact, the "wall" that supports the component trays has a large empty area underneath. I simply cut out a small quarter-inch by 1 inch notch and was able to tuck one corner of the large triangle board into the notch and it fit flat on the bottom of the box. This to me was a design oversight. All that said, this is still an excellent product and I'm happy to own it.

  7. Another great organizer

    Posted by Charles Darlage on 27th Nov 2015

    This is another great organizer, that works perfectly. Even has room for the expansion. Highly recommended.

  8. Overall excellent with only one minor flaw

    Posted by KM on 26th Nov 2015

    If I could rate this product a 4.75 I would, but since I can't I rounded up. Overall I love this insert, the quality is the same as the other insert I have from The Broken Token which is extremely high. All joints fit together snugly and keep all the pieces well organized, something Castles of Mad King Ludwig desperately needed. The only additional securing needed was on the outside corners of the larger insert that goes into the box, tape was added to make the joint more secure. I have only noticed one downside, which is that the side walls of the big insert that goes into the box could be slightly larger to hold up the other inserts better, as they have a tendency to fall down if not placed inside properly. This is minor though, and I would recommend this insert for this game greatly as it reduces setup time by at least half.

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